This Changes Everything


It's the new future where things are better. Wyatt isn't evil. The Charmed Ones aren't dead. Magic isn't exposed to the world. Things are all fine and dandy, right? Wrong. At least for fourteen-year old Chris Halliwell. Wyatt is being pampered like a little prince while Chris stands in the backround. It's all about Wyatt. And then there is always being compared to the "Great Chris" who had changed the future for the better. What happens when all of this along with a few new things pushes Chris over the edge?

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Chapter 1

The ring of an alarm clock awoke fourteen-year old Chris Halliwell. Sitting up, he looked at the still sleeping figure of his older brother, Wyatt. Groaning, he got out of bed and got dressed for school.

Chris Halliwell wasn't an ordinary boy. He was the son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt. Piper Halliwell was a Charmed One, one of greatest witches of all times. Together with her sisters, Phoebe and Paige, the three witches vanquished demons. His dad was a whitelighter. Basically, a whitelighter was an angel who healed the innocent.

Instead of sleeping in on the weekends, Chris went to Magic School all day. Instead of going to movies, hanging out with his friends, and having fun, Chris spent a lot of his time vanquishing demons with his family.

Besides, Chris couldn't do too much if he wanted to. His parents were constantly afraid of exposure. They didn't want their sons to use magic by accident in public. It had already happened too many times, his parents always said. Chris never tried to even argue. Wyatt was the one who had exposed magic those times. Chris actually cared. The only sport that Chris actually got to play was soccer, and that was because he pleaded for a week with his parents to let him play.

Wyatt on the other hand.... Wyatt was the special "twice-blessed child." He was powerful which meant he had to be pampered. He was allowed to hang out with friends whenever he wanted, he could skip the family dinners, and he could even go vanquishing on his own. Chris was never allowed to do that.

Chris walked downstairs to smell the waft of pancakes that reached his nose. Smiling, he entered the kitchen.

Piper Halliwell looked up and smiled warmly at her son. "Morning Chris,"she said cheerfully. "Can you go wake up Wyatt? He can't be late to Magic School. He's very important you know."

Groaning inwardly, Chris nodded. "Sure thing Mom,"he responded. With that, he left the kitchen and slowly walked up to his room.

What Chris never got was the fact that he couldn't use magic in the house. Piper still wanted a magic-free life as possible. Hence forth, no magic used in the house when it wasn't needed. Chris was still lost on that one. Wyatt, unlike Chris, could use magic whenever he wanted.

Chris was now outside his door. He reached for the handle.

The door burst open, knocking Chris backwards. Pain started to build up into his head as he hit the wall. Chris could feel some blood flowing out of the back of his head.

"Get out of the way!"called the excited voice of Wyatt. When he saw Chris, he stopped. "Chris, are you alright?"

Chris nodded, the pain doubling in his head. "I'm fine,"he responded. "Why are you so excited?"

"Watch!"came Wyatt's command. He closed his eyes and a few seconds later he started to levitate.

"Good job,"Chris congradulated weakly.

Wyatt nodded in agreement. "I know,"he said. "I have to go tell Mom." With that, he orbed away.

The pain was causing Chris' eyes to water with tears. Stumbling into his room, he motioned towards his bed. Then, he said two words and a box appeared. Waving his hand again, the box flew open to reveal a variety of large potions.

Like his Aunt Paige, Chris was into Wicca a lot. He was much better at spells and potions than Wyatt or everyone else was, excluding Paige. Reaching for a yellow potion that would heal him, Chris prepared to drink it.

As Chris uncorked the yellow potion, he gasped with surprise. The pain had disappeared from his head!

Chris ran his hand through his hair uncertainly. Sure enough, there was no pain from his head or blood. Shaking his head, Chris did the neccessary precautions to make the box disappear. He had gained another power.

When Wyatt was seven years old, he had gained a new power. He could already create a magical forcefield, vanquish demons with his eyes, orb, use telekinesis, and summon things. The new power was energy balls. Of course, Leo and Piper were estatic. They had held a small party for Wyatt.

It was only two days later that five-year old Chris had gained a new power. In fact, it was the first in a long time. Four months after his birth, Chris had used telekenisis and orbing. Since then, those were the only two powers that he had. Chris was in his room alone one day when he froze his bed. Literally. He was sitting on his bed one moment to jump up in surprise the next. The bed was encased in a block of ice. After that, the door nob started to turn and Chris panicked. Piper walked in and set laundry down on his bed. Chris had breathed in relief as the bed was back to normal.

A few months later, Chris had gained the power to freeze time. He was in the attic alone making a few potions like Paige instructed him to. Suddenly, a demon shimmered in, staring intently at Chris. He had said something about kidnapping Chris and started to advance towards him. Chris was terrified and as the demon made to grab Chris, the five-year old boy had thrown his hands up. A few moments later, Chris looked in surprise to see the demon frozen. His Wicca instincts took over quickly, causing him to send a large shard of glass into the demon. Chris never told anyone about the attack.

When Wyatt turned eight, he had learned how to blow things up. About five minutes later, Chris was alone and discovered that he could do the exact same thing.

About a week later, Chris discovered that he had pyrokenisis. He had accidentally been practicing his cyrokenisis when he encased himself in a block of ice. He was so cold and knew that he was starting to shut down. A few seconds later, Chris' hands started to feel hot. In about five minutes, Chris was out of the ice, completely dry. He looked at his hands and saw that fire was coming out of his hands.

When Wyatt turned nine, he had a major power surge until the current day. He had the power of empathy, molecular rearrangement, premonitions, conjuring, astral projection, and the ability to know when bad things were going to happen. Levitation was his newest power.

Like Wyatt, Chris had a major power surge. But unlike Wyatt, it was even greater. He could become invisible, create invisible forcefields, create electricity from his hands, shoot water out of his hands, could control the weather with his emotions, glamouring, a power that used orbs to go into demons and kill them from the inside, the ability to create perfect copies of himself, and the ability to see people's auora's. Healing was his newest power. Like the rest of his powers, Chris was going to keep his newest one a secret.

Chris didn't like to show his powers. Instead of bragging about what he could do like Wyatt, Chris worked on the two powers his family knew he had: telekinesis and orbing. He had perfected the two powers so well that Aunt Paige said he was better than her. Chris didn't want to admit if it was true.

"Chris!"Piper's voice yelled. "Orb downstairs! Magic School starts in half an hour!"

Without hesitation, Chris orbed into the kitchen. Leo was in the kitchen with Piper and Wyatt as well as Paige. All three were beaming at Wyatt happily.

"He can levitate,"Piper informed Chris, as if she didn't know that Chris already knew. "We're going to hold a party tonight. What power is that now Wyatt?"

"The fifteenth,"Wyatt declared happily.

"Phoebe, Brian, and Mel are going to have to come,"Paige said. "Piper, you're going to have to call them." Paige was half witch, half whitelighter like Chris and Wyatt. Piper and Phoebe's mother had a fling with her whitelighter and they created Paige. She could orb like both Chris and Wyatt, she could glamour, sense, create fire balls, as well has have a unique kind of telekensis. It was a combination between telekinesis and orbing.

Brian Davis was Phoebe's husband. She had gotten married to him nine years ago after she had broken up with her old flame, Leslie. They had dated for three years before getting married. The premonition that Phoebe had at Magic School fourteen years ago was completely forgotten. They had a daughter, Melinda, who was six years old. Like her mother, she had empathy, preminitions, and levitation. Brian, who was also a witch, had a weird teleportation power that he had given to Mel. He had a few other powers.

"I can just orb them over,"Leo answered grinning. "This has to be a big celebration tonight."

Chris nodded silently in agreement and sat down. He took two pancakes, put syrup and butter on them, and started to eat. He silently counted the powers that he had in his mind and wondered if he would've had parties for them. He had seventeen powers. What if more are to come? he asked himself. Shaking his head, Chris went back to his food.

Leo grinned again. He ruffled Wyatt's hair. "This is a big milestone for Wyatt. Maybe I can take you to the Elders for some more training."

"That would be nice,"Wyatt agreed as he smoothed out his short, blonde hair.

Chris rolled his eyes heavenly. Wyatt always got to train "Up There". He was the weilder of Excalibur after all. For some odd reason, a person had to have more than five known powers to be trained. Leo, thinking that Chris only had two, never offered to take him up there.

Chris loved his family, don't get him wrong. Leo took Chris to all his favorite events while Piper cooked his favorite meals. Phoebe helped him with all his problems. And Paige trained him with his magic. He and Mel spent a lot of time together being carefree. And lastly, Wyatt and Chris were as close as brothers could be.

But a lot of things hurt Chris. Like the fact that Leo and Wyatt always had something to talk about. Or the fact that Piper would drop whatever she was doing to help Wyatt. Phoebe would stop talking to Chris about his problems to help Wyatt about his girlfriend, Julia. Paige was the only who didn't constantly let him down. She had told Chris secretly that he was her favorite nephew. Paige was even the only one who argued to make Chris a freshman in high school when his whole family didn't want him to. Chris was very smart.

"Well,"Paige announced a few moments later,"we should be going to Magic School."

Piper nodded in agreement as she looked at the watch. "Have fun,"she said. "I'll be preparing for your party Wyatt."

Wyatt smiled widely. "Thanks Mom,"he said.

"Orb you two,"Paige said in a stern tone. She winked at Chris before orbing.

"Have fun,"Piper repeated before both Chris and Wyatt disappeared in a swirl of blue lights.

As soon as Chris appeared, he quickly took in the surrondings of Magic School. Right after Chris was born, Paige had taken Magic School over as the head of the school. It had prospered quickly and was still strong. Paige was also teacher of Advanced Magic. Chris was the only fourteen-year old in the class. Everyone else was 16 and above, except for one person.

"Hey Wyatt!"a guy named Greg exclaimed. He was sitting next to a group of guys and girls who were all grinning at Wyatt.

"Greg!"Wyatt responded in the same manner. He walked over to them and sat down.

"Chris!"a guy named Harry said, walking over to Chris. He was the second youngest teen in the class at fifteen. Like Chris, he wasn't popular. The two had become fast friends.

Chris grinned. "Hey Harry,"he said, sitting down. "Anything new since yesterday?"

Harry shook his head. "Nope. Well if you count Greg and James fighting in the dormitory yesterday. I think that Paige had to be called."

Chris shrugged. "I didn't know that. Well those two always fight each other."

"Is anything new with you?"Harry asked politely.

Chris nodded. "As a matter of fact there is,"he replied. Looking around, he spoke again in a voice barely above a whisper. "I got a new power." Harry was the only person who knew about Chris' powers. Chris didn't tell anyone in his family, including his aunt Paige. He knew that she would blab to Piper and Leo about his powers, and he didn't want that.

"Really?"Harry asked in awe. "That's cool. What is it?"

"I can heal myself,"Chris whispered back.

"I envy you,"Harry said crossly. He could create fire balls, could talk in any language including that of animals, plants, and machines, shapeshift, and create life-like duplications of himself.

"Hey,"Chris said softly,"you are just as good of a witch as I am. It isn't the powers that make up a witch, but how they use them."

"Says the wise Chris,"Harry snorted. "Seventeen, isn't it?"

Chris nodded. "What worries me is that there might be even more to come."

"So which power did Wyatt receive?"Harry asked. "Oh never mind." He eyed Wyatt with disguist as he was levitating to show his friends.

"Yeah,"Chris said.

Paige entered the classroom a moment later, in the traditional Magic School teacher robes, ready to start the lesson. "Today,"she said,"we will working on advanced spells. Now these aren't the simple spells to make yourself look cool, but complex spells. And you are going to make up yourself on the information that I am going to give you. Copy this down in your notebooks." Taking a piece of chalk, she started to write on the blackboard.

Twenty minutes later, the class was done with the notes. Paige had instructed the class of twenty-two to split up into groups of two. Chris and Harry didn't even have to look at each other to know that they were working together. Wyatt, on the other hand, had to think for a long time before choosing Greg.

"What shall we create?"Chris asked.

Harry gave a huge grin. "I always thought that it would be cool to create a spell to go back into the past."

Chris nodded vaguely in agreement. He was thinking back two years ago. Chris and Wyatt were searching through the attic when they came across a box labeled,"Chris". The two brothers, being ever so curious, opened the box to find clothes. When the two children had questioned Piper about the clothes, she sighed, called Leo, Phoebe, and Paige, and told the two Halliwells the story. Wyatt was shocked to find out that he was evil, but everyone convinced him that he wasn't. Chris felt kind of proud that he did that, but deep down, it didn't really matter.

"Chris?"Harry asked, frowning in concern.

Chris shook his head to remove the thoughts from his mind. "Sorry. I'll start. Here these words, hear the rhyme, Heed the hope within my mind-"

"Send me back to where I'll find what I wish in place and time.,"Harry finished.

As the two grinned at each other, little did Chris know that this was the spell that a twenty-two year old Chris had used to go back to the future. (Maybe a few words messed up, but I forgot most of the spell..... Sorry)

While the rest of the class was making their first spell, Chris and Harry created a second spell that made a person be able to see the traces of spells through colors.

When Paige collected the spells, she grinned at Chris and Harry. "Great spells you two,"she complimented happily. "You two definetely passed this part." With that, she walked off collecting other spells.

As Chris and Harry gave each other high-fives, Chris felt that the day could only get better.

A/N: Some of you may say that Chris will be paid the same amount of attention as Wyatt in the new future, but I don't think that is true. Wyatt is extremely powerful, and if he feels as if something is wrong, he can create something, just like in Cheaper by the Coven. So my take on it is, that Piper and Leo want to spend time with both Chris and Wyatt, but because of Wyatt's powers, they will most likely spend more time focused on Wyatt, in fear that he might turn evil. It is my belief that he still has a 95 chance of turning evil because of what he sees his father do. I'll explain that another time though. And besides, that factor is a big component of my story. (Wyatt being pampered)