This Changes Everything


It's the new future where things are better. Wyatt isn't evil. The Charmed Ones aren't dead. Magic isn't exposed to the world. Things are all fine and dandy, right? Wrong. At least for fourteen-year old Chris Halliwell. Wyatt is being pampered like a little prince while Chris stands in the backround. It's all about Wyatt. And then there is always being compared to the "Great Chris" who had changed the future for the better. What happens when all of this along with a few new things pushes Chris over the edge?

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Chapter 15

Piper couldn't believe what her youngest sister was saying. "What?"she asked. "Why would you say such a thing? He belongs here!"

"Then he'll get too unstable,"Paige retorted. "He'll close up to all of you and he could even get ill. That's not what I want for him. And deep down, you don't want that either."

"But he's our son!"Leo exclaimed. "Why would he want to go away from us?"

"Because it's because of you that he acts like this!"Paige practically shouted. "He turned evil because of the things you did to him. If you haven't forgotten, he didn't attack me because I loved him. I was there for him!"

There was no response.

Paige took a deep breath and went on. "He's turning into a former shell of himself and if we don't stop it, then he'll never be the same. If he moves out with me, maybe he'll slowly turn back into the person that he once was."

"But we can't do that,"Piper whispered, tears in her eyes.

"You're being selfish, taking our son away from us!"Leo exclaimed.

Paige shook her head solemly. "Please don't think I'm selfish you guys,"she begged. "I want what's best for our family and right now I think that Chris moving out and spending less time with you is best. We're falling apart at the seams. This family needs to recooperate before we can be the strong family that we once were."

Leo and Piper shared a look before Piper said,"Fine. But Chris has to decide what to do. If he wants to leave, we'll let him."

"And if he doesn't,"Leo finshed,"he'll stay here."

Paige sighed. "Alright." So far so good, she thought.

Needless to say, the rest of the family was surprised when Paige had announced she was moving out, especially Chris. He was saddened by this. He didn't want his aunt to move out! Then he would be trapped in a house full of people trying to make up for lost time! He didn't want her to move!

Chris' heart panged as he saw Paige pack her things in boxes. She was leaving him. And he was going to be all alone.

Paige's head popped out of her bedroom. "Hey Chris,"she said,"want to help me move a few boxes over there?"

Chris nodded. "Sure."

"We're going to orb over there quickly. The landlord has already given me the keys to my new apartment,"Paige explained as she picked up a box. She motioned for Chris to do the same.

Chris sighed inwardly and took the nearest box. It was fairly heavy, but not too heavy.

"Just follow my orbs,"Paige said. She then orbed away.

Chris followed her a few moments later. When he appeared, his eyes opened widely in amazement. "This isn't just an apartment Aunt Paige,"he said appreciatively,"it's a loft!"

Paige chuckled. "Had to keep that part from you kiddo,"she responded. "This place does cost me a lot of money, but I'm glad that I get money for running Magic School. And it is quite a lot."

Chris was hardly paying attention to her words. He was looking around at everything with wonder. There was a big patio outside and Chris could see the bay from the big window. There was a big set of stairs leading upstairs towards the back of the room. In the front of the room, there was a counter, a stove, and a place for a fridge. There also was a space for a living room, another space at the patio, and a door in the back for the bathroom.

Paige noticed Chris' wandering eyes. She grinned. "Like it huh?"she asked. "I'll show you my room." She put the box on the floor and started to walk up the stairs.

Chris quickly set his box on the floor and hurried after his aunt. "Wow!"he exclaimed.

Paige's room was amazing. There was a big window and a big closet. The room was huge and Chris could barely contain his awe at the pale blue room. "It's great Aunt Paige,"he said.

"There's one more room,"Paige said. "Come on. I'll show you it." She walked out of her bedroom. She opened a door to the right of her room and let Chris inside first.

This room was just as big as Paige's room. Instead of having one big window, there were two long windows towards the end of the room. And Chris saw a very big closet as well. The room was painted green, like the color of Chris' eyes. "Who is this for?"he asked confused.

Paige looked at Chris with a glint in her eyes. "It could belong to you,"she answered. "That is, if you want to move in with me!"

Chris smiled widely as his eyes shone with excitement. "Of course I do!"he exclaimed.

Paige looked at him seriously. "I want you to think about this,"she said. "I don't want you to move in with me just because I have the coolest place ever."

Chris shook his head. "I want to move in with you." He cracked a grin. "Though it does help that you have the coolest loft ever." He shook his head. "I feel so trapped at the manor. Everyone tries to love me, but it's too late. I keep retreating away from them. If I stay there any longer, I don't know what'll happen. I need to get away from them most of the time, for me."

Paige nodded. "I figured as much. That's why I decided to move out in the first place." She hugged her nephew. "I'm glad that you'll be moving in with me kiddo. But you're going to have to be the one to tell your parents."

Chris gulped. "Okay,"he mumbled.

Chris' parents took the news pretty well. At least, that's what Chris thought. After he orbed upstairs to start packing, the two parents started to cry for they were losing their baby.

Wyatt walked in the room to see Chris taking his clothes out of his dresser and putting them in a box. "What are you doing?"he asked suspiciously. It wasn't every day that you saw somebody packing for no reason.

"Packing,"Chris responded quietly.

"Why?" Wyatt was very confused.

"I'm moving in with Paige,"Chris replied.

Wyatt's eyes widened. "What? You can't do that!"he exclaimed.

"Mom and Dad are letting me,"Chris responded nonchantingly.

"But why?"

Chris shrugged as he stopped packing to look at his older brother. The brother that he had come to admire so much. The brother that he now wanted to get away from. "I feel like I'm suffocating here,"he responded. "I need to get away from this house. And moving in with Aunt Paige will let me do that. You may not understand, but being here in this house makes me feel abnormal. Someday soon I might never come back from my depression. I need to get away."

Wyatt nodded. "You're right Chris,"he said,"I don't get it. All you need is the loving family that you have right here."

Chris shook his head violently. "You don't understand!"he exclaimed. His voice grew louder. He then looked at the ground and his voice grew very soft again. "I turn into a shell when I'm around you guys. I don't want to be here. I just don't. I need to escape. You would feel the same way. The love I once felt from this family, well it isn't here anymore. It disappeared a long time ago and not staying here is going to make it never be able go come back." Chris orbed away, leaving Wyatt standing there alone with his thoughts.

Chris hadn't moved out for another three weeks. And by that time, it was summer vacation. Paige had to legally become Chris' guardian so he could live with her as a minor. New furniture had to be bought for the loft, as well as decorations, a phone, other items needed around the house, food, and some other things. Chris also had to pack all his belongings as well.

It wasn't helping that everyone except Paige decided not tohelp him. Piper always said she had things to do. Leo would say that the Elders were calling him. And Wyatt said that he was doing something for school.

Chris knew that they didn't want him to leave the manor, but he felt that he had to. He had told them millions of times why he felt like he had to leave, but they didn't seem to understand.

"Hey son,"Leo said, sticking his head in the door,"want to go 'Up There?'"

Chris couldn't look at Leo so he looked at Wyatt's bed. Chris shook his head slowly. "No,"he muttered quietly. "Just take Wyatt." There was an edge of bitterness in his voice.

Chris heard Leo sigh. "Fine. See you later." The door closed.

That's why he needed to get out. That's why he needed to get away. He couldn't be in a home where every minute he was bombarded by his family. He couldn't live with that.

He needed to get out.

And living with Paige was the best way to get away from his family, but at the same time, not to cut himself off from them completely.

Piper stood in the doorway of Wyatt and Chris' room, well now it was Wyatt's room. Chris had packed the last box and was about to orb them over to his new home: Paige's apartment.

Piper was sad. Her little baby was leaving. Of course, he wasn't a little baby anymore, but a small part of her heart felt that way.

"Got everything packed?"she asked nervously.

Chris turned around slowly and nodded. "My stuff won't even fill up half my room,"he joked quietly.

Piper nodded. She had seen Paige's apartment as well as everyone else. They all were amazed. It was rather odd that a Magic School headmistress and teacher could afford a place like this, considering the fact taht the school was Magic, but Piper didn't ask howher youngest sistermanaged it.

"We're going to miss you,"Piper whispered softly.

"I know that,"Chris replied. "But I'll still come around." He avoided looking at his mother's face.

This distressed Piper. He hadn't looked into her eyes for at least a month now. She hated it. Her baby boy was avoiding her the best that he could.

"Then why leave?"Piper asked. "You'll still be around here."

"Because it hurts too much,"Chris murmered. He looked up and Piper saw his eyes were full of tears.

Piper started to cry as well. "Then stay here,"she said, her voice all husky.

Chris shook his head wildly. For the first time in a month, he looked her straight in the eye. Piper saw that his eyes were full or sorrow, anguish, and something that looked like....hate. But she didn't know if it was at her or for himself. "I can't,"he whispered harshly, orbing away.

Piper's eyes watered some more as she sat down on Wyatt's bed, staring into the space where Chris' bed used to be. "He's truly gone,"she whispered to herself.

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