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Fate of Two Worlds

Chapter 1

One warm spring day in the small town of Sariyashiki, a boy with mid-back length cherry red hair and emerald eyes walked down the street.1 He was wearing an orange jacket, a grass green t-shirt, and blue jeans. He also seemed to have a distant expression on his slightly feminine-looking face, as if he were pondering a great question.

At that time, a girl with sky blue hair flew down from the sky on an oar. She landed next to the boy. "Konnichiwa, Kurama," she greeted, "have you seen Yusuke?"

Kurama gave her a curious look, "No, Botan; why?

"Koenma has another case for him; this time, it's a big one," Botan replied.

Kurama nodded, "I see. I was planning to visit Yusuke at his house this afternoon anyway. I will tell him then. What is this case, just out of curiousity?"

Botan sighed, "Well, there's a boy who carries a very powerful item called the Millenium Puzzle. It contains the spirit of a dead pharoah. Yugi is the boy's name and you all are supposed to protect him and the item."

Kurama blinked, "What are we supposed to protect him from?"

Botan looked up into his emerald eyes and replied, "I'll let Koenma answer that. First, gather everyone and meet me in the park in an hour, OK?"

Kurama tilted his head to one side in confusion, then shrugged and nodded, "All right."

With that, Botan took off for Spirit World and Kurama left to go to Yusuke's.

Once Kurama got there, he rang the doorbell.

A moment later, Atsuko answered the door.

"Oh, hey Shuichii," Atsuko greeted, "Yusuke's in his room. Want me to get him?"

Kurama looked at her oddly, then shook his head, "No, I'll go talk to him. Do you know if something's wrong?"

Atsuko shrugged, "I don't know. He never tells me if anything's bothering him. Guess he figures I'm not much help."

Kurama smiled and nodded, "I see. Well, I'm going to go talk to him."

Atsuko responded, "OK."

Kurama knocked on Yusuke's shut bedroom door, "Yusuke? Are you there?"

Yusuke walked to his bedroom door, "Yeah, what do you want?" He asked this in an uncharacteristically harsh tone.

Kurama winced slightly then answered, "I want to talk to you. It's very important."

Yusuke sighed and opened the door, "Let me guess. Koenma has another case?"

Kurama nodded, "Yes, and it has something to do with a boy named Yugi and a powerful item called the Millenium Puzzle. we are supposed to protect them. Why, I don't know, Botan wouldn't tell me. We're supposed to meet her in the park in a little less than an hour."

Yusuke cracked his knuckles, "All right, some more demon butt to kick."

Kurama chuckled lightly, "Yusuke, it may not be a demon after the boy. It may be that we are protecting him from something else."

Yusuke shrugged, "True, but why else would Koenma pick us? I'm sure he could assign some of his lackeys as bodyguards."

Kurama smirked at Yusuke, "You can be quite a genius when you put your mind to it. I think it may have something to do with the spirit housed inside the item."

Yusuke nodded, "Ah, OK. So, where's Hiei?"

Kurama shrugged, "You know as well as I do that he could be anywhere. However, I can try to find him by his ki."

Kurama then closed his eyes and focused on finding the fire apparition's ki.

He found Hiei's ki. He was in the park already, sitting in a tree as if waiting for something.

"He's already there," Kurama told Yusuke.

Just then, there was another knock at Yusuke's front door.

Atsuko answered it and saw Kuwabara, "Ohayo, Kazuma. Yusuke's in his room with another friend, but you're welcome to come in if you want."

Kuwabara walked in and closed the door behind him. He then walked to Yusuke's room and saw the two, "Oh, hey, Kurama. Why ya here?"

Kurama sighed, "I came to inform Yusuke of his next case."

Kuwabara nodded, "Oh. 'bout time, really. Urameshi's been restless since the end of the Makai Tournament."

Yusuke blinked, "I resent that. Anyway, let's go now that we have everybody."

With that, the three boys left Yusuke's house and went to the park.

Once they got there, Hiei jumped down from his tree.

"It's about time you three showed up," Hiei greeted them teasingly, "I was beginning to think the detective had backed out of this case."

Kurama smirked at Hiei, "Hiei, you should know that Yusuke would never back down from this. Anyway, shall we meet Botan?"

Botan then flew down on her oar, "That won't be necessary. I'm here."

Yusuke nodded, "Hey, Botan. So, Koenma want to meet us or what?"

Botan sighed, "He wants you all to come to Spirit World to meet him. Says he doesn't have time to come down here."

Kurama nodded, "That is fine. Can you create a portal to his office?"

Botan smiled at him, "Yeah, I sure can." She then started to blush a little, still staring at Kurama.

Yusuke blinked, "Hello, Earth to Botan. We're waiting for the portal."

Botan shook herself and said, "Oh, yes. Gomen nasai, Yusuke." She laughed a little, then blushed. She created the portal to Koenma's office and soared into it with her oar.

Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei, and Kuwabara all jumped into the portal.

A few moments later, they were at Koenma's office.

"Ah, you four. I was wondering when you would get here," Koenma said to them.

"Cut to the chase, Koenma. Kurama told me you said to protect a boy named Yugi and a special item called the Millenium Puzzle. Why are we supposed to protect him, what the heck's the Millenium Puzzle, and why am I here?" Yusuke said all in one breath. (A/N: Wow, he's talented. I couldn't say it all in one breath. O.O)

"Breathe, Yusuke," Kurama stated, then he looked at Koenma, "he asks a legitamite question, though, Koenma. Why do we need to protect him? Isn't that what his friends are for?"

Koenma nodded, "Yes, but they haven't been seen for over a week. No one knows where they are."

Yusuke gaped, "Surely you're joking, Koenma. Normal people don't just vanish. Something must have happened to them."

Koenma nodded, "The rumors are that his friends were captured by two demons and I believe you will recognize who they are." He then pulled out Karasu's and Kuronue's files.

Kurama got wide-eyed, "What? But...how can it be? They were killed. Both of them, I saw it with my own eyes."

Koenma sighed, "I know, but something's unusual. Someone brought them back to life in some kind of ritual apparently."

Yusuke looked confused, "Ritual? You mean like something off Buffy or something?" (a/n: No offense to Buffy fans, was just using an example.)

Kurama nodded, "Yes, but only demons can bring back other demons. Do you know who brought them back, Koenma?"

Koenma shook his head, "No, but I do know that if you don't protect Yugi Mouto, his world will come crashing down, because he is the One."

Kurama froze, "You're joking surely, Koenma."

Koenma sighed, "I wish I were."

Hiei looked at Kurama, "Who the heck is he talking about, Kurama? Who is this 'One?'"

Kurama answered, "The One is the one who will bring peace and happiness to two worlds rather than just one." He then looked back at Koenma, "What makes you sure this boy is him, Koenma?"

Koenma replied, "He carries the Millenium Puzzle, and it is said the one who carries the Millenium Puzzle carries the key to peace."

Kurama nodded, "Oh, I see. Anyway, how will he get here? He lives in an entirely different dimension from us."

Koenma sweatdropped, "Well, I've actually made a few adjustments." He pushed a button and a door just under his big screen opened. A few moments later, a short boy with tri-colored hair walked out.

Yusuke blinked, "You brought him here? How?"

Koenma sighed, "I can create dimensional portals, but only for a brief time. I felt the boy would be safest here until you all agreed to take him."

Kurama nodded, "What's his name?"

The boy walked up to them, "Yugi. Yugi Mouto."

Kurama saw the gold Millenium Puzzle and backed off.

"Kurama, you OK?" Yusuke asked.

"Perhaps Hiei and I should not be in this case," Kurama answered.

"And why not?" Koenma asked.

"Because we would be more likely to steal the Puzzle than protect it, Koenma," Hiei answered.

"I thought you reformed your ways," Koenma told them.

"I did, but I do have to fight a mental battle with Yoko every time I see something shiny," Kurama replied.

Hiei nodded, "I did. I was only toying with your mind."

Koenma shook his head, "Then you two are my best bet. Please do this."

Kurama sighed, but nodded, "All right, Koenma."

Hiei smirked, "Fine, but only because I'm bored."

Yugi sighed, "I miss my friends."

Koenma nodded, "I know, Yugi. We'll get them back, don't worry. Oh, Yusuke, that's the other part of your case. Rescue his friends then bring them all back here once you've rescued them, so I can send them home."

Yusuke replied, "All right. Will do."

Kuwabara finally spoke up and said, "Hey, where's the kid gonna stay anyway?"

Koenma answered, "I believe he should stay with Kurama. Yusuke might accidentally beat up the boy when he gets frustrated at Keiko and Shizuru probably wouldn't be comfortable with two boys staying with her at her apartment. I'm sure Kuwabara's enough to deal with. Hiei doesn't really have a home and Genkai has students now, so, Kurama's the only one who can. Will you let him stay with you until the case is complete, Kurama?"

Kurama nodded, "Sure, that's no problem."

Koenma responded, "Good thank you. Oh and see to it that he gets enrolled at your school, Kurama. He is a high school freshman."

Yusuke gaped, "Geez, and I thought Hiei was short."

Hiei snorted, but made no comment.

Yugi laughed, "Well, can we go now, Koenma?"

Koenma nodded, "Yes, and Yugi..."

Yugi turned to look at Koenma, "What?"

Koenma answered, "Please stick close to Kurama. He and the others are your only protection from the demons that captured your friends."

Yugi nodded, "I will. Thanks, Koenma."

With that, Yugi, Kurama, Hiei, Yusuke, and Kuwabara all went back to the living world.

--------------------------------------End of Chapter 1----------------------------------------

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