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Fate of Two Worlds

Chapter 3

Yusuke ran back to his house, holding Kurama's body, tears still in his eyes. He burst through the front door and saw Yugi, "There you are. Come on, I'll take you to Genkai's so I can kill the bastard that killed Kurama."

Yugi nodded, "Kurama's a hero. He may be dead, but he died a hero's death. Let's not forget that."

Yusuke looked down at Kurama's body and nodded, "Don't worry, buddy. I'll make sure your death wasn't in vain." He set Kurama's body on his bed and sighed, "Come on, kid, let's get you to safety."

Yugi and Yusuke walked in silence to Genkai's. Neither one had anything to say, as the loss of Kurama was a big shock to both of them.

Hiei met them on the way, "Detective, Yugi," he greeted, "have you seen Kurama?"

Yusuke clenched his hands into fists as tears formed in his eyes, "He's...dead."

Hiei blinked, shocked, "What? How?"

Yusuke replied, "That bastard Karasu attacked Kurama and hurt him so bad that he bled to death."

Hiei clenched his fists, "I'll help you kill him, Detective. I think that he was as much your friend as he was mine. Maybe a little less, I'm not sure."

Yusuke nodded, "Thanks Hiei. I've gotta run Yugi by Genkai's first, cause Kurama said, rest his soul, that Karasu was chasing him. I think he wanted Yugi's Puzzle."

Hiei answered, "That would make sense. Let me take Yugi to Genkai's. If you'll wait, I will help you kill Karasu."

Yusuke responded, "That'd be great. Thanks Hiei. I'll wait, I suppose."

Hiei nodded, then knelt down next to Yusuke, "Put the boy on my back. It's gonna be quicker if I carry him and run. I think we all know how slow humans are."

Yusuke smirked, but nodded, "Sure, Hiei." He then picked up Yugi and placed him on Hiei's back.

Yugi shifted a bit on Hiei's back, then held tight to Hiei's shoulders.

Hiei told Yusuke, "I'll be right back." With that, he took off, only a set of black blurs as he ran.

He arrived at Genkai's and stopped, "Off my back, boy. Now, stay here. You've got Genkai and Kuwabara to look after you. Let's just hope it doesn't take more than that." He then took off to meet Yusuke again.

Yusuke stood against a street lamp, waiting for Hiei to come back.

A moment and a couple black blurs later, Hiei was standing next to Yusuke, "Let's go, Detective. I want to kill that damned Karasu for killing Kurama."

Yusuke nodded, "Sure, let's go. Do you know which way he went?"

Hiei replied, "I sensed his energy heading for a cave approximately 2 miles out of the city. We should follow his energy."

With that, Yusuke and Hiei both took off for the cave, following Karasu's energy signature.

Meanwhile, with the other Yu-Gi-Oh characters------------------------------------

Joey winced and nearly lost consciousness. Kuronue had beaten him to a point where he could barely stay conscious. Joey's blood now covered the whip, but Joey didn't give in.

Serenity closed her eyes. She couldn't take seeing him beaten so badly.

Tea nearly cried, "Darn you, monster. Stop it! If you're gonna beat on anyone, beat on me. Haven't you had enough of him?"

Kuronue turned to Tea, "You're right little missy. I think I'll start on you now." He dropped Joey and walked to Tea. He unlocked her manacles and pulled her down, "You're gonna regret wishing it were you."

Kuronue then began to beat on Tea.

Serenity yelled, "Somebody helps!"

Karasu walked in a moment later, "Oh, but lovely, no one's gonna help you three. You're too pathetic to help."

Serenity smirked, "You're wrong. When we're united as friends, no one can stop us."

Karasu smirked back, "We'll see about that." He then walked to Serenity and touched her face tenderly, "You know, you're very beautiful. Maybe I should have my own share of fun with you before I kill you."

Joey spoke up, though somewhat weakly, "Leave...my sister...alone."

Karasu replied, "You're in no shape to make demands. I'll do what I want." He took off Serenity's manacles, "I'm going to enjoy this, I can tell." He stroked Serenity's brown hair.

Serenity shuddered. What did this monster want with her?

Karasu smirked as he saw Serenity's expression change from one of courage to one of utter fear.

He turned to Kuronue, "Send this one to my room. She'll be my guest."

Kuronue smirked as he knew what Karasu was planning, "Sure thing." He dropped Tea and the whip, then grabbed Serenity's wrist, "Let's go."

Serenity was then dragged off to Karasu's room.

Tea winced from the beating she had taken, and then turned to Joey, "Save your strength, Joey. We'll save your sister, somehow."

Yusuke and Hiei------------------------------------------------

Yusuke blinked. Had he just heard someone scream for help? He turned to Hiei, "D'you hears that, Hiei?"
Hiei nodded, "Indeed. It may be Yugi's friends. We've found their hideout."

Yusuke replied, "Right. Um, who's hideout?"

Hiei sighed and shook his head, "Karasu and Kuronue's, detective. Or did you forget that it was them that captured Yugi's friends?"

Yusuke nodded, "Oh, right. I knew that. Let's go then. The cave looks friendly enough."
With that, the two Reikai Tantei (Japanese for Spirit Detectives) walked into the cave.

Yu-Gi-Oh Characters--------------------------------------------

Karasu turned to Kuronue and nodded, then walked off.

Kuronue nodded back to Karasu then turned back to Tea, "Now, where were we? Oh yes, I was beating you senseless."

He then resumed beating on Tea.

Tristan finally spoke up, "Stop it, monster! If you're gonna torture anyone, torture me. Tea's not done anything to you."

Kuronue smirked, "I would like to get revenge on you for wounding me. Very well, I'll leave her alone." He dropped Tea and started for Tristan.

It was then that Hiei and Yusuke found them and came running.

Yusuke hit Kuronue hard, knocking him away from Tristan, "Stay away."

He then turned to Tristan, "You all right? You look pretty hurt."

Tristan shrugged, "I think I'll be okay. Thanks, man. How'd you find us?"

Yusuke replied, "We followed Karasu."

Tea broke down in tears, "Guys, we've gotta save Joey's sis!"
Hiei growled, "I'll get her. Yusuke, stay with them. I'll be back."

However, Karasu sensed Hiei coming and put up a barrier around him and Serenity.

Hiei was bounced back by the barrier. He caught himself to keep from falling and clenched his fists, "Are you a coward that you hide behind a shield?"

Karasu smirked, "No, I just want to finish what I started."

Serenity cried out in fear. She then kicked Karasu hard on the back of the head.

Karasu grabbed her foot, "You'll pay for that." He then snapped her foot.

Serenity then cried out in pain.

Hiei growled and managed to break through the barrier with his Fist of the Mortal Flame, "Leave her be, Karasu. Unless you harbor a death wish."

Karasu told Hiei, "You realize that this is pointless. You know that the only ace you have is that Dragon of the Darkness Flame, however, you haven't quite mastered it again, have you?"

Hiei flinched. Karasu was right. How had the explosion demon figured that? It wasn't something that was obvious on the surface, so how did he know?
Karasu smirked, "You look surprised, Hiei. Did you really think you could hide anything from me?" He then threw a bomb at Hiei.

Hiei dodged, went behind Karasu, and put his sword to his neck, "Now, surrender and come with us, or I'll kill you."

Karasu then touched Hiei's sword arm, and created a bomb inside it. He then blew it up.

Hiei fought a cry of agony as blood poured from his arm, "Damn you." He said a hand on his bleeding arm.

Hiei sighed. How could he beat this guy? He had taken out his right arm, which was the arm that he used the Dragon with. He smirked as he thought of something. Why not use it with the left? Granted, his right arm was his strongest usually, but now it was his left that was strongest. So, Hiei decided he would try it with the left.

Hiei smirked, "You've just signed your own death warrant, Karasu! Dragon of the Darkness Flame, left-handed!" The dragon tattoo moved from his right arm to his left and the dragon flew out of his left arm and headed straight for Karasu.

Karasu gaped. No one had ever beaten the Dragon of the Darkness Flame. Sure, Bui had managed to divert it, but in the end, he was beaten by it. Surprised that Hiei would use such a powerful technique with his weaker arm, he stood there.

The Dragon consumed Karasu almost instantly. However, there was still some of him left.

Hiei smirked, "I can...finish him. Fist of the Mortal Flame!" This attack finished off Karasu.

Serenity smiled. The one who had kidnapped her and her friends was dead. So...everything would be okay, wouldn't it? She then cried again as pain shot through her foot.

Hiei turned to face Serenity, panting, "Are you okay?"

Serenity nodded, tears still draining down her face, "I'll be fine. Let's go get the others."

Hiei nodded back and told Serenity, "Let me carry you. Considering what Karasu did, I think that you will need more rest than I."

Serenity replied, "Yes, thank you." She then swayed and nearly hit the ground.

Hiei caught her and steadied her. He then knelt next to her, "Get on my back. You're too weakened to walk."

Serenity nodded, "Okay. Thank you." She then climbed on Hiei's back.

Once they got to the others, Serenity got off Hiei's back. She then limped to Joey, crying profusely.

Joey tenderly held his sister, "What happened, man?" he asked Hiei.

Hiei replied, "Karasu broke her foot."

Yusuke said, "I thought he was dangerous, but didn't think he would break somebody's foot."

Hiei shrugged, "Anyway, now that we have everyone, I will take everyone and leave. Yusuke, you can handle Kuronue, correct?"

Yusuke nodded, "Yeah, I've got him. You just get these guys out of here."
Hiei responded, "All right, Detective." With that, Hiei walked out of the cave, the others following him.

Yusuke declared, "All right, Kuronue, I know you're here, so show yourself."

Kuronue flew down from the ceiling, "You're smarter than you look. Shall we dance?"

Yusuke smirked, "Sure, ready when you are."

Kuronue answered, "You're confident. Maybe I should take you down a notch." He then threw a scythe at Yusuke.

Yusuke easily dodged, "Please, don't tell me that am all you've got." He then ran super fast at Kuronue and threw a Spirit Energy-powered punch.

Kuronue was caught off-guard by Yusuke's speed and got knocked into a wall by the punch. Panting, he told Yusuke, "Very good. You've managed to injure me. You're one of the few who has managed to do so."

Yusuke smirked, "So, very few manage to get past your defense, eh? Well, be ready to die, because I'm gonna bury you for capturing innocent people."

Kuronue shrugged, "Try, I dare you."

Yusuke got a confused glare on his face. Why was Kuronue so confident? From what he read about him in his file, he was no more powerful than Yoko. Granted, Yoko was pretty powerful now, but...surely he hadn't gained that much power!

Kuronue could tell what Yusuke was thinking by his expression, "You'd be surprised. I might even be able to surpass Yoko now. You can't tell, because I am hiding my energy from you."

Yusuke smirked, "Why? Cause you're scared I can beat you?"

Kuronue shook his head, "Quite the opposite."

Yusuke gave yet another smirk, "Really? Prove it."

With that, Kuronue's pendant began to glow a red color as he poured his spirit energy into it.

Unbeknownst to Yusuke, the pendant could power up Kuronue's attacks.

Then, Kuronue endowed his scythe with the power from his pendant, increasing its rate of attack.

Yusuke blinked, looking at the scythe; surely Kuronue hadn't done what he thought he had done. If he had powered up the scythe with his Spirit Energy, the rate of attack would be increased and it would be harder to dodge the scythe.

Kuronue smirked, sensing Yusuke's thoughts by his expression, "Heh, yes, Yusuke. I endowed the scythe with my Spirit Energy. Have fun trying to dodge it."

Yusuke nodded, with slight fear showing only in his eyes.

Kuronue then threw the scythe at Yusuke again.

Yusuke barely dodged it, but it came back after him like a heat-seeking missile and hit him, straight on, on the shoulder.

Yusuke fell to the ground, wincing as blood poured from the wound, "Think that's gonna stop me!" he yelled, "Spirit Gun!"

The blast from Yusuke's Spirit Gun was a lot bigger than anyone thought possible from him and was visible outside the den to Hiei.

Hiei blinked, taken aback by Yusuke's display, "This is amazing…" he muttered.

Joey noticed the blue glow from the Spirit Gun and blinked, "Whoa! What the heck is that?"

Hiei turned to Joey, "That is Yusuke's strongest attack. Now, if you'll follow me, I shall reunite you with your friend, Yugi."

Tea looked delighted, "You mean…Yugi's okay?"

Hiei nodded, "For the most part."

Joey smiled, "That's great man. Thanks for saving him."

Hiei shook his head; "It's not me you should be thanking…" he looked down at the ground for a moment, then back up at Joey, "you should be thanking my friend, Kurama. You can't however…the same demon that broke your sister's foot killed him while he was trying to protect Yugi and the Millennium Puzzle."

Serenity nodded, "Thank you for that information, and we are grateful for your friend's sacrifice." She then winced again as more pain shot up her foot.

Joey looked at Serenity, "Maybe you should let me carry you sis. Your foot is broken."

Serenity nodded, "Good point, Joey." She then stopped so that Joey could pick her up, and stood obscurely with most of her weight on one foot.

Joey knelt down in front of her, "Climb on my back, sis."

Serenity obliged and climbed onto his back.

Joey stood up and turned to Hiei, "Take us where we're going, shorty."

Hiei narrowed his eyes at Joey and had his katana to his neck in a second, "Don't call me that again."

Joey gulped, "Okay, okay."

They arrived at Genkai's a short time later.

Meanwhile, Yusuke finally defeated Kuronue, but could barely stand because he was so exhausted and the wound he got from the scythe was still bleeding.

Hiei, left Genkai's again and rushed to the den where he found Yusuke on the ground, about to slip into unconsciousness, "No sleeping yet, detective."

Yusuke managed to look up, "Hiei?"

Hiei nodded, and helped Yusuke to his feet, "Yes, detective?"

Yusuke looked down at Hiei once he was on his feet, "Thanks for coming back for me."

Hiei gave a nod, and then took off for Genkai's.

Yusuke and Hiei arrived a short time later.

Joey and the others were there waiting for them.

Joey blinked, "Uh…so where's Yugi?"

A moment later, Yugi walked out of Genkai's, not looking very happy, and answered "Right here Joey."
Joey smiled at his best friend and walked over to him, placing his hand on the shorter boy's shoulder, "You okay, bud? You don't look so good."

Yugi shrugged, "Kurama was killed right in front of me, trying to protect me. I can't help but feeling that I should've…done something to stop it."

Joey sighed, "Yug, it wasn't your fault and there's nothing you coulda done. Heck that dude managed to bruise Tristan, and we all know how hard that is to do."

Yugi nodded, "That's a good point, Joey."

Yusuke nodded, "Yeah…meanwhile, can we get those of us who are hurt inside and healed, please?"

A moment later, Yukina and Genkai walked out of the temple.

Genkai commented, "That won't be necessary, Yusuke. What'd you do this time?"
Yusuke glared, "Hey, it wasn't my fault this time…not really."

Hiei nodded, "He's right for once, hag. The demon he was fighting managed to power up his attack rate faster than Yusuke could see."

Genkai sighed, "Okay. Well, Yukina, you know what to do. I'll do what I can for the girl's foot, but I think that it will need further attention."

Joey nodded and set Serenity on the ground to let Genkai do what she could for his sister's foot.

Hiei set Yusuke down next to Serenity to let Yukina heal both his and Yusuke's battle wounds.

Yukina healed them, though it took most of her energy, then went inside and rested up.

Yusuke sighed, "Much better."

Hiei nodded then sighed, "We'd better get hold of Kurama's mother somehow. Let her know that he's…"

Yusuke sighed, "I'll take care of that, Hiei, after we get these guys back to Koenma."

Hiei nodded his response, not really in the mood to talk much.

Genkai looked up at them, "I did what I could for her foot. I eased the pain, but that's all I was able to do."

Joey nodded, "Thanks, ma'am."

Genkai nodded back and replied, "You're quite welcome."

Yusuke spoke up and said, "We need to take them back to Koenma, Genkai."

Genkai asked, "Do you mean right now or later? If you called Koenma and explained that there will be a slight delay because of the girl's broken foot, I'm sure he'd understand."

Hiei sighed, "We don't need delays."

Joey answered, "Hey chill out, little dude. My sister needs help, and she's gonna get it, got it?"

Hiei glared, "Is that a challenge?"
Joey just glared back, "No, but if you take it as one…"

Yusuke sighed and stepped between them, "Let's not have arguing amongst ourselves. Kurama wouldn't want that."

Yugi nodded, "That's what I was about to say. Kurama didn't die just so we could argue."

Hiei shot Yugi a look, then looked back at Yusuke, "You're right, Yusuke." He then went over and sat on the window sill, looking almost forlorn.

Genkai helped Serenity to her feet, "I'm taking her to the hospital to get a cast for her foot then you can take her to Koenma, if you want."

Yusuke nodded, "Don't take too long."

Genkai nodded back, "I'll try not to."

Genkai then left to take Serenity to the hospital.

Hiei sat in the window sill, looking up at the sky, which was changing hues from the deep, bright blue to a subtle pink as the sunset.

End of Chapter 3---------------------------------------------------------------
A/N: Well, let's hope Genkai doesn't take too long, and that the Yu-Gi-Oh characters get home okay. Next time in Fate of Two Worlds: Yugi is sent home, and though he will always remember the Reikai Tantei, he may not ever see them again. Kurama's body is laid to rest and a mother grieves for her lost son.