Raven sighed slightly. She had been reading her latest book when BB came in. He was humming a familiar song. She had stiffened and then sighed. Which brought her back to where she was now. Sitting on the couch in the living room, listening as BB turned on the radio and sang the song that was playing.

The last line rang through Raven's ears.

What do you see?

Raven closed her eyes and let the music wash over her. It seeped into her mind, her very soul. When it ended the man announced:

"That was What do you see? From the brand new singer: Silence, whose hit CD hit stores today. Next is.." But the man was cut off by an excited BB.

"Did you hear that Rae? Silence's new CD came out! I got to go get it! Tell the other Titans where I am, ok?" He rushed out the door before she could answer. Raven smiled slightly. Who knew that the Titans would be interested by her CD? That's right, behind their backs, Raven was the new hit singer Silence. Well, not behind all of their backs. Abbi knew because she had hooked Raven up with the only ,in Raven's opinion, manager would could keep her secret: Abbi. They made a good team, Raven had to admit. Abbi understood that Rae didn't want her identity to be known, or do concerts. Raven didn't like attention, or showbiz. She did like to sing though.

Rae was caught off guard by the named person coming in. Abbi yawned. She was dressed in jeans with a pink long-sleeve shirt the said "Nothing is impossible." on the front and "The word itself says I'm possible." on the back in white. She grinned.

"I heard BB rushing out to buy your CD." she commented slyly. Raven quickly looked around. When she noticed that no one was there, she turned and glared at Abbi.

"Don't talk about it in the Tower." She hissed. Abbi winced.

"Sorry. Come on, we have to go to the studio." She said throwing a white coat on and tossing Raven a long black coat with a black baseball cap. Raven sighed once again and unclipped her cloak, letting it fall away to reveal black cargo pants and a tight black long-sleeve shirt. She tucked her hair into the cap and put on sunglasses, so that no one would recognize her. This was her typical Silence outfit, sometimes replacing it with a skirt or a different shirt. Abbi put on sunglasses and her hair in a cap also. Abbi handed Raven a silver pin that was shaped like a Raven. Together, they walked out the door.