( Mew-Xena is sitting at her desk typing franticlly. She stops and rubs her temples with her pointer fingers. Knocking over numerous pop cans and goldfish boxes, she grabs her carton of Ben and Jerry's ice cream.)

Xena: Mmmmm. Cookie dough and brownie ice cream! What? I have to have something to keep me awake and inspired!

(Audience falls down with the whole anime sweatdrop thngy)

Xena: Welcome to the extras chapter of Silence: Raven's Song! First, I must apologize for the long, long, LONG hiatus. You see, this stinking computer of mine got a virus. So I had to completely reboot it AGAIN! And I lost EVERYTHING! Including all my stories! AKA Silence: Raven's Song and Demon Spawn! AND 'WISHING AGAINST HOPE' THE SEQUAL TO SILENCE! AUGGHHH! So here I am, surrounded by thinking food (AKA ice cream and pixie sticks) trying to rewrite the sequel! Ugh.

Okay, I have some good news and some bad news.

Bad News: Lost my stories cause my computer broke down! And the songs I was planning to use. So I really need more songs please!

Good News: The sequel should be up very soon! YAY!

See, I have the entire sequel planned out and everything, I just really need songs! Now, a few chapters back I promised you a list of songs used in this story. And, so I couldn't get in trouble with Fan here they are in a convenient chapter where Silence puts on a concert! It's also the 100 review party, so the fans are in the audience! (Hope you don't mind!)

Dark lights flash and the crowd cheered as a lavender-haired beauty decked out in black entered the stage. She wears a black dress that clings becomingly to every curve in her body. The neckline goes down a bit too far for normal common courtesy, but black lace lays delicately under the dress until about the shoulder blade, easily solving the problem. The girl holds a microphone in her nimble fingers, with their black nails. Her quick azure eyes scanned the crowd, taking in the masses of fans and the numerous 'We heart Raven' signs. A rare smile graces her pale features as the music starts up.

There's just something about you

That's different to me

It's something exciting

Like we're meant to be

And I think...

You're an angel

From heaven above

Taught me how to love

You're an angel

Cause when storms come from the sky

I don't feel the rain

I'm protected by your wings

Life has been so different

Since I met you

You're everything that I've dreamed of

And I won't let go

Of something that feels so real

A love that I can feel

A single glance is all I want

And still I believe

When the world turns cold

I know you won't let go

You will keep me warm

Throughout the storm

And when I'm filled with fear

You will dry my tears

There's no doubt in my mind

That you'll be by my side

You're an angel

From heaven above

Taught me how to love

You're an angel

Raven did a little twirl at the last drum beat, the end of her ruffled dress swirled around her knees.

"Ladies and Gentlemen that was 'Angel' by Matching Laces. Matching Laces isn't here today, but let's all give her a big hand anyways!" The crowd roared. "Now, here's the next song: 'What Do You See?' By our very own author, Mew-Xena!" She closed her eyes as the band launched into a slow rock beat.

You come to school

What do you see?

A Bunch of jocks

And flat-out freaks?

Maybe you see like me,

Just some people,

Struggling to fly free?

If you change your sight,

Look at us in a new light,

Then you'll see,

I'm just being me

Every sound I make,

Every move I take

Puts me in a category.

Every sound I make,

Every move I take,

Makes me me.

What do you see?

"Can I hear it for the author please?" The stadium filled with cheers. (Not really for the song cause it's not so good, but just because I'm making the story: P) "Now, here's 'Why Do Angels Cry' by Rini Suichi. And I'm going to have her come up and sing it with me! Come on up Rini!"

Rini, with a huge smile on her face walked up the stairs to the stage. She grabbed the mike that Robin handed her and went to stand near Raven. Raven nodded at her as the music picked up. (Note: Bold is Rini Plain is Raven and underlined is both.) (TO RINI: I'm sorry if you didn't want me to have you sing this. I figured, you were such a loyal fan and your song has two parts, so let's have you sing it! And in this, you have a great voice! So, if I insulted you, SORRY! Forgive me please.)

Rain, rain
On my face,
It hasn't stopped
Raining for days.

Cry, cry
All you want,
But the sound is drowned
By the rain.

Why, why
Does the rain
Moan so?

You ask.

Rain drops
Are angels
I say.

Why, why
Do angels
Cry so

You ask.

Angels cry
For every
Lost soul.
I s Angels cry
For every
Kind word
Left unsaid.

Angles cry
For every
Murdered babe.

Angles cry
For every
Lost moment
Spent in hate.

The earth
Must be full of turmoil
To make the angels
Cry this way.

You say.

Indeed it is
I say.
While rain, rain
Falls down on my face

Rini walks down the stage to thunderous applause. The song sounded incredible. And how could it not, with two wonderful voices? Raven nodded towards Rini Suichi in the audience and lead the fans in one more round of clapping.

"The next song is… 'She's Dying' by Raven A. Star. I'm sure you remember this song and power it held. This one is for Starfire."

'Her smile
So fake,
Yet no one sees the truth about her.

Her eyes
Lost glow,
Her world doesn't seem to shine anymore.

How can no one see the truth about this girl,
How her world is falling apart?

At night she falls on her knees,
Begging for mercy to be free.
No one really see the tears that fall,
Cause no one really knows that…
She's dying.'

'Her heart
So kind,
Yet it's so full of scars and pain.

Her soul
So numb,
From everything that she has become.

Why am I the only one who can see her pain,
How the tears fall when no one's around?'

'At dawn her soul is awoken to the ache,
She begs and pleas for mercy.
Yet no one hears her cry,
Cause no one really knows that…
She's dying.'

'Her life is on the line,
So fragile, ready to break.
Yet no one seems to know,
Or perhaps they don't care.
I want to help her so,
But all I can do is watch in vain,
Watching as her tears fall with the rain.
After all this time why can't we see that…
She's dying'?

With a bow, Raven exited the stage for intermission. The crowd continues to cheer and stamp long after she's gone.

Backstage, Raven collapsed into a chair. Starfire hurried over to her, a cup of hot tea in her hands.

"Friend Raven!" She cried. "That was wonderful, simply wonderful!"

"I don't know how long I can keep this up Starfire!" Raven gasped, voice horse. "The cheerfulness is killing me!" She gratefully sipped the hot drink. "Herbal tea." She said in a fully restored voice.

"Oh, but you mustn't despair Friend Raven. Author Abbi has requested only three more songs. The end is near."

"Right, right." Raven waved it off. "Thanks for the tea." With a sigh she shoved the cup back into Star's hands and strolled towards the stage. Starfire's voice floated back to her.

"Do the kicking of the donkey Friend Raven! It only took Raven a moment to realize what she meant and she chuckled. 'I thought Cyborg was going to stop swearing around her.' She thought.

The beloved audience welcomed Raven back warmly. She bowed to them and spoke again.

"The last song of mine before the Titans take the stage is 'Ranagram', by Blackfire-the-best! A cheer for Blackfire-the-best!"

The crowd yelled and cheered as the music entered. But this time, the beat was quicker and more of an R and B tune.

R ed, Power, Darkness, Evil,

A nger, Hatred, Burning, Boiling,

V iscious, conscious, awakened, rising,

E nters the mind, attacks the soul,

N ever ceasing, always attacking,

T rigon, Powerful, arisen, striking,

R aven, helpless, vulnerable, (Raven's voice dropped) alone,

I nfecting emotions, driving them out,

G one is Happiness, Hope and Love,

O nly Depression and Evil remain,

N othing but emptiness, deep inside,

'S omeone, somewhere, help me...'

D oomed, there's no-one coming this time,

A nger, Hatred, Burning inside,

U ntil there's too much, it's released

G one are her friends, destroyed, by her

H er own hands, her own power,

T ogether destroyed them,

E verything that ever mattered is gone

R evenge. On the one called Raven.

Raven bowed again and hurried to the piano. During intermission, the 'Titans' had set up and they were all ready to play their only song of the concert. (Of course, they had been playing the instrument's for Raven's songs.) Robin grabbed the mike that was near his guitar.

"This is a song by RoBeN. Here we go. A one and A two and A three!"

The music started to play and Starfire started to sing.

"Old gray suit, bean worn through the years,

bought with such hope, stained with the tears,

same one he wore when Emily died,

same one he wore to the hospital with pried,

the day Jim's son was born "Don't hear from Jim now,

Don't know where he is,

wonder if he's still got that old dog of his

Old dogs, well, seems kind of strange...

that old dog and me,

we're almost the same."

Old dogs get slow and then they get gray,

old men wear gray suits day after day."

"Hotel Lincoln, dust on the chairs.

Front windows yellow, out it he stares,

walk slow to the docks, sea gulls stark cry,

ships whistle sounding, sailor walks by

sun glints off dark water, cigarette butts on the street,

people don't talk to the people they meet,

nobody knows nobody, ain't it a shame,

cities start young, and then they turn gray,

old men wear gray suits, day after day.

Now if it's true each will reap what he's sown,

one thing to remember when your out on your own,

when you are a young man, and your limbs are strong,

remember that old man that helped you along.

for some day like old dogs, and cities gone gray,

you may wear a gray suit, day after day.

"We are most gracious that you have traveled to witness this wondrous event!" Starfire exclaimed before taking a bow.

'Thank you starfire!" Cried an unseen voice. "And thank you Titans. Let's give it up for them one more time, shall we?" Mew-Xena appeared out of thin air to lead to applause, mike in hand. "Thank you all for coming tonight! Okay, so we have a surprise for everyone. Here's a sneak peek into the sequel of 'Wishing Against Hope'! By the way, if any one has any suggestions for titles after they see this, lay them on me!"

There is one thing missing from the Titans.

(Raven is running through fog as if in a dream.)

Their friend.

(The Titans are all shocked and huddled around Raven.)

Their teammate.

(Raven stares amazed at the never-ending army before her.)


(Raven kneels in front of an elderly women who whispers in her ear.)

But evil has her.

(A fat portly man sits on a throne and laughs.)

And it won't let go.

(Guards are chasing the Titans, excluding Raven, down a long twisting hall.)

Not without a fight.

(Two humans, one in rags and the other armor, fight.)

Wishing Against Hope:

Some things survive the test of time…

(Raven yanks her hand out of Beast Boy's and points down the hall, screaming.)

Some things don't.

"How did you all like it? Excited? Don't worry, those who are about to kill me, Raven doesn't betray them or anything! Sheesh! And we know that I'll keep it BB/Rae! Raven loves Beast Boy more than anything in the wor- AH!" She runs screaming.

"I'm sorry Raven! Ah! Put the chainsaw away! NO!"

Well, that's it! You want to hear a better summery for Wishing Against Hope? And a more accurate one? Well, you'll have to wait! HA!


TO DARK KITSUNE OF RA: If you happen to read this and not get my e-mail, can I use a bunch of your songs from 'Lost in the Shadows Without A Light'? They fit perfectly in my story! Please?