SUMMARY After the big drama propelled by our Chris appearance in a good future. They save the reincarnation of the goddess of wisdom. The elders proclaim that she has to help Chris fulfill his magic destiny. Only, none of them could care less about what the "Oh mighty elders" have to say. Sequel to "When Two lives collide" Though you can probably understand it fine without reading it.

DISCLAIMER Yeah.. I know you guys will have a really hard time believing me in this one.. but I don't own Charmed. As shocking as it can be. And as much as you think I am lying, I am not. I am sorry.


Chris sat down heavily on his bed. He didn't look that good.

-" Maybe you should rest a little. I am sure the others won't mind" Said Wyatt concern.

Chris looked at him angry.

Why did his brother had to be always so self sufficient? Why did he always had to pretend to be stronger than he was? Wyatt sigh. The biggest fear in the family when it came to Chris, was not that something might happen to him; but that if something happened he would never tell them until it was too late.

Wyatt walked to his brother trying to place his hand on Chris' forehead. Chris leaned his torso back, avoiding his touch, and looking at him angrier than before. Wyatt was sure that meant Chris knew he had a high fever.

Wyatt grabbed Chris' wrist and pulled him up; At the same time, he sat down beside him and applied the yellow tinged glow. Chris tried to cut loose for like 2 seconds, but he was too weak to fight Wyatt. Still the fever wouldn't go down.

Chris looked at him sad and slightly shook his head.

-"I'll be fine! As Paige said, it might take a couple of weeks."

-"Yeah, but you should be taking it easy. It's like the diseases non magical folks have, you know? Its not like you can do whatever you want, and then one day, you will wake up fine. If you don't take it easy, you wont get better"

-"I AM taking it easy, Wyatt. Now.. if you excuse me, I am going to take a shower and then go celebrate my birthday" he said as he walked to the bathroom.

-"Call me if you need me, k?"

-"yeah, Wanna come and rub my back too?" said Chris annoyed while he disappeared behind the bathroom door.

Inside the bathroom his knees failed to support him. He felt to the floor. The contact with the cold floor felt so good against his burning body.

This is going to be such a long day! He thought

He came down 20 minutes later. Hoping to look better than he felt. The faces of his relatives told him he didn't. He hated the worried looks. He hated being weak.

His dad came to help him down the stairs. He looked at him angry. But Leo didn't seem to care. He placed him on a chair. His mom had made his favorite food. All his loved ones were there. Well, all except Bianca. He couldn't help thinking. It was his first birthday without her since he was 10. "I wish she could be here" He mumbled to himself.

-"What did you say, honey?" Ask Piper.

-"I just wished she could be here" he said somber.

Everybody quiet down and look gloomy. Piper caress his cheek while saying.

-"We all do, honey. We all do. But, my god Chris, you are burning up. Please go to bed."

-"You promised"

-"yeah, that is why I am begging you and not ordering you." She was still caressing his face.

He was so tired... he lean on her abdomen and close his eyes. His mom was caressing his hair and he was so tired. His eyelids felt more like eyeleads.

-"Baby, what.. if you lay on the couch, for just a while? We will be here, we won't go anywhere and you can still talk to us from the couch, ok?" She could feel Chris' futile attempt to stay awake. She signed Wyatt to help her.

Wyatt, carefully lift his brother. When he saw he couldn't really stand up, he scooped him. Chris complained with an understandable moan. He was walking orbing out.

-"NO, lay him on the couch" said Piper "If he wakes up on his bed, he is going to give me hell for not keeping my word" Wyatt smiled "What? You know he will"


Chris woke up hearing familiar voices. He smiled. He didn't open his eyes for a while, wanting to just enjoy their sounds, their laughs. He knew how it was to live without them. He sprawled on the couch, and open his eyes with a beatific smile.

-"Hey Kiddo, how was your nap?" His Grandpa smiled at him. While he sat down beside him caressing his leg.

-"Hey Grandpa" He answer sleepily. "So you are all still here?"

-"Yep, Piper wouldn't let us leave. She said that if you woke up and didn't see everybody, she would have to pay the consequences."

Chris looked at her mother and smiled. She smiled back at him with so much love Chris almost shivered. He remembered how it was to be without her. Or to be with her, having to hide who he was. Not being able to take care of her, pay attention to her, confide in her.

-"What did you see?" He heard Matt asking, everybody turned around to look at Phoebe. She looked shocked and was grabbing Tatiana's arm. He knew she had had a premonition.

-"It was in your hospital" she said looking at Tatiana "There was this girl. She was dressed as a doctor. She had long, brown goldish, wavy hair, brown eyes, pretty.

This guy stabbed her. You run to her, you yelled: "Dr Frigg., Sophia", you were trying to heal her, but it wouldn't heal.

You looked at the guy that stabbed her. His eyes looked completely blank and he had an athame in his hand, and was just staring at her. Suddenly this demon leaves his body. Like he had been possessed or something. The demon smiled at you and said

"Too bad Whitelighters can't cure this type of magic" and he shimmered away.

You looked at Sophia, she smiled at you, and died."

-"Yeah, I know who she is" Said Tati "She moved to San Fran about a week ago. She is, apparently, this super gifted girl. She became a doctor when she was like 13 or something..... Like amazing!! Though she has been really reserved since she moved. She doesn't talk to anyone. I mean, when she has to talk, she is polite and all but as distant as she can be. A very weird person. My shift starts in like 2 hours. Do you think that will happen tonight?" Phoebe nod

-"Well then, we 3 will go with you tonight. You Leo come too. We will need your invisibility and in case someone needs healing..." Said Piper.

-"What about us?" Said Chris.

-"You mister, go to bed. The rest can check the book for demons that possess human beings"


-"Shh" Said invisible Piper, from the corner she was standing. Luckily for her, all the rest were invisible too, so she couldn't see the annoyed stares that flew in her direction. They've been there for over two hours.

A few minutes later they saw her walking by. And just as Phoebe had anticipated, this orderly walked behind him. He looked around, as to make sure that there was no one near. And ran to her. Knocking her to the floor.

At that moment Piper shouted "NOW" as Phoebe grabbed the orderly from his back, and she froze the room. "Athame" called Paige and the knife appeared in her hand in a glow of white-blue lights.

They moved Sophia out of the way, and Piper unfroze the room. The orderly fought with Phoebe and she let go. He looked at his hand angry and then at the 3 sisters and Leo that were leaning towards the girl. Tatiana was running towards them too.

-"You were lucky this time, witches" The demon said while he abandon the body he was possessing and shimmered away.

Sophia looked at the demon, and then stared at the athame in Paige's hand. Phoebe was trying hard not to bend and start crying out of pain, since the pain she was perceiving from this girl was overwhelming. After all this years of being an empath, she had learn to control being over affected by other peoples emotions. But the pain she felt was almost too much to control. She felt sorry for the girl. Sophia said without any emotion.

-"You should have let him kill me"

Tati said she had to go back to work and they orbed to the manor.


In the attic...Patty was swelling in front of the book. Wyatt sitting on the couch condescendingly listening to his cousin, who seemed way to happy to be in charge, to spoil her fun. Penny was pacing around, half listening at her twin sister.

"Where is Chris?" Asked Piper when they arrived.

"Grandpa is doing his best to entertain him and keep him in bed" Wyatt answered "Prue went to the store. They needed to get some school supplies and the store is closed on Sunday. Jake and Matt, went to magic school to see if they find something there"

Sophia moved to the couch and sat down as far as she could from Wyatt . As she proceed to stare at the wall.

-"Well, she definitely doesn't seem very surprised about the whole magic deal." Said Penny.

-" Honey, do you know who tried to kill you, and why?" Asked Piper

-"Not really" She again with a dead voice.

-"Ok, you and Jake go up there, to see what you can find out" Piper said to Leo who orbed away on the spot. "you don't worry, we will solve this"

-"I don't want you to solve it" She said angry "I told you, you should have let them kill me"

-"Great, we have to save an innocent with a suicidal tendencies. Yeay that's fun!" Said Paige sarcastically.

Prue entered the room, and she bent moaning in pain, tears start flooding her eyes. She hadn't had as much practice as her mom in controlling getting overwhelmed for what other people felt. Penny and Patty started getting upset too, since they shared a special empathy with their cousin.

Sophia rushed to Prue quicker than anyone.

-"I am so sorry, sweetie" She said worried, caressing her hair. Everyone else looked shocked "I didn't mean to cause you that. We'll find a way to block me out. I am sorry." Prue was nodding at her.

Phoebe went to Prue and help her out of the room. "Why don't you go help your dad at magic school for a while, without Jake he might use a hand. We'll figure this out, ok?" They heard Phoebe said lovingly to her daughter.

-"What just happened here?" Asked Piper

-"She wants to die! Do you think that means she is feeling super cheerful?" Said Phoebe pointing at Sophia "It was hard enough for me not to get overwhelmed by her pain. Prue still can't control the not getting so affected by other people emotions very good. She just canalized her pain"

-"And you knew that" Patty said to Sophia.

She had sat down again and just looked at her. Wyatt tried to touch her, to comfort her. But she backed away.

-"Ok, tell us, who the hell are you? And what is going on?"

She sigh

-"Whatever, you are going to find out anyways. My name is Sophia Frigg. I am the reincarnation of the goddess of wisdom. I don't know who those guys were. And it seems pretty obvious they were trying to kill me. Why? I donno, since I was born evil powers and sometimes even supposedly "good powers", had try to kill me, kidnap me, or whatever. Usually for different reasons. When they try to kill me, is usually cuz they see me as a threat. Right?" She said like she didn't care.

-"Why are you so bitter and hurt, Sophia?"–Ask Penny in a concern way

-"what do you care?"

-"We want to help you. We honestly do" She said sweetly.

Sophia had no more strength to fight. She put her elbows on her lap and grabbed her temples with her hands, staring at the floor.

-"Those demons killed my father two weeks ago. If you wanted to help me, where were you then?"- Her eyes were filling with tears- "He was all I had left... How come they always kill them... and they never kill me?"- She was talking quietly as if she had been drained of all her energy, her face full of tears- "The freaking powers took everybody away from me. Everything... everyone I ever cared about .....They are all gone. My mom, my bothers, my love, my friends and now my dad is also gone. The only person they didn't kill was my step mom, so I could have the pleasure of watching her deal with cancer for 5 years before she died. So don't tell me not to be bitter. And You"- She said pointing to the door-"could you please leave the room? cuz your memories are killing me. I am sorry" She really sounded sorry

Everybody turn to the door to find Chris, that was crying too. He knew how it felt watching all the people you love die, one by one. God, he even had to watch his grandpa deal with cancer for years. He understood her, her bitterness, her anger, he knew how it felt to be in so much pain that you get forced to block every emotion to survive. And he couldn't avoid remembering, at least he had the comfort of having everybody back. She didn't.

-"Chris, what the hell are you doing here?" Said Piper angry "Since when are you at that door?"

They heard someone running up the stairs yelling for Chris.

-"God, Here you are. Don't you EVER scare me like that again, kid" Said Victor relief. Everybody was confused. "I think he froze me to come here" Said Victor angry.

-"So you froze your grandpa? And you made yourself invisible...only you got overwhelmed by emotions and, since you are weak, you didn't even realize your invisibility was gone, right?" Said Piper aggravated "And you have been here for how long, mister? Knowing you, since before we arrive, for sure. You have NO idea, how angry I am right now. I am so disappointed on you, Chris. GOD! Freezing you grandfather. And what about personal gain? You are always giving us all this speeches about how to use our magic, and you do this? I can't believe it." Piper seemed like she was going to keep on ranting forever.

Wyatt went to his brother that looked hurt, scared and ill. He knew how much it hurt Chris, to hear his mom saying she was disappointed on him. And everybody knew how scary she could be. He orbed his brother to the couch in the living room, summoned some blankets and pillows.

-"You stay here! Watch some TV... sleep... read a magazine... stare at the ceiling blank... do whatever you want to do, but don't you DARE move! I'll try to calm her down" He said covering his brother with the blanket protectively and adjusting the pillows. When he was satisfied, he looked at him lovingly and sigh

-"You are such an idiot sometime, Christopher"

He saw Chris was already falling asleep. He caress his hair.

-"You have no idea how it would hurt us, if something ever happens to you" He said sadly, when he was certain he didn't hear him. Kissed his forehead as he orbed back to the attic.


He woke up sometime later.

He saw Sophia sitting down in a chair near him, watching TV, and eating redvine candy. Completely absent minded.

She looked completely uncaring about whatever she was watching on TV. Even more about the fact that there were demons that wanted to kill her, or people that were doing their best to protect her in some other room.

He felt drawn to her. Something about her not caring attitude, about her power, something about her made him really curious. Besides, he was dead bored and nobody let him do anything.

Wanting to say something but not knowing what.

-" does it feels to be a goddess of wisdom?" Ouch, that was a stupid question.

-"Like crap" She said munching on another redvine, still staring at the TV and paying no attention to him.

"It's so unfair. Just like Wyatt, they have all this power and they get all upset by it and don't want to have it. I would give anything to have a power just like that! I mean she might be even more powerful than Wyatt. I wish I could be a god" he thought

-"Please. Feel free. Do you have any spell that can transfer my powers to you?" He looked at her quizzically "Yeah, it is unfair. Everybody wants what they can't have, you envy us cuz we have so much power, we envy you cuz you don't. Ironic, right? Don't look at me like that! Didn't you study me in that book of yours? Doesn't it say that among other things, I am an empath, telepath and I can read minds?" Still sounding completely apathetic and a little angry

-"Yeah, but empath can only feel what I feel, not hear my thoughts! Telepath, well my cousin Prue, can only hear your messages when you focus on sending her a message telepathically. And reading minds, you are suppose to force yourself into the person's mind to read it, is not like it comes natural. Are you getting into my mind to know what I am thinking?" Not knowing whether he should feel flattered or angry

-"Right, wrong, right. And there is no WAY I would try to read your mind, I hate reading minds! I guess your cousin Prue is lucky. I get to hear everybody thoughts. It's Hell on earth. I eventually got the hand of it and can block most people most of the time. But I guess you are easy to read."

-"And why do you hate reading minds? My cousin and my aunt say I am really hard to read."

-"I hate reading minds because, I get to see other's peoples life, and all their pain and all that, its like you have to "search" into their brains to find what you want. And what you see during that search is not always nice. And I have enough bad memories as it is. I don't need to add more. Well maybe you are hard to read with empathy, not to mention you've taken an empathy blocking potion, so technically, we can not read you. But you'd make a fair telepath. Or maybe, we have a special bond or something . Then, it just could be cuz I like you and you like me. One way or the other, I can't avoid hearing your thoughts, sorry. "

- "AHH?" said Chris, shocked, angry, confused, etc.

-"Relax, I didn't mean it like that! You find something intriguing in me, I find something intriguing in you."

-"And this is how you treat everybody you like?" He said, since throughout the conversation she had act like she couldn't care less and made a distinctive effort to piss him off, while staring at the TV.

-"Yes" she answer, biting more candy.

-"You don't have a lot of friends, do you?"

- "No if I can help it"

-"You avoid having friends?" He asked confused. This girl was definitely weird.

- "Usually, and since two weeks ago, most definitely." She was still showing no emotions.

-"How come?"

She turned her head slowly to look at him and said without any emotion

-"I told you, cuz everybody I love dies, and, usually, in front of me" While she was saying that, Chris could see that she was trying to avoid showing any feeling. But her eyes were fighting to fill up with tears, at that moment she stand up and left the room.

Chris' head filled up with memories, a different life time. Where he avoided getting emotionally involve with anyone, because the fear of loosing them was just too immense. Because everybody he loved disappeared, died, got brain washed. Chris discovered himself crying. Suddenly he found himself overflowed by other thoughts, happy memories.

-Happy thoughts- he heard Sophia say firmly, smiling sympathetically - Until I figure out a way to block you out. Only happy thoughts around me. I have enough bad memories of my own.

She was still trying to look uncaring. But something inside Chris told him that she had changed his memories more to cheer him up than for herself.

He smiled back at her.

-"What about you?"

-"What do you mean?"

-"You know what I mean. Do you follow your own advice? You look like you could use some cheer up"

-"Are you trying to outsmart the goddess of wisdom? And defy our beloved wise Elders?" She said teasingly with a wide smile. He laughed.


That night, she was restless, she didn't even wanted to sleep. She was use to nightmares, after all she didn't remember a night without a nightmare. And she remember everything since the day she was conceived. But she knew she would dream about her dad again, and it was too soon. She wander around the house.

She stopped near the stairs that lead to the attic. She wondered what was up there as she could hear Chris' mind going over different names of demons. God, they had to do something about that! Chris' thoughts were driving her insane. Somehow she could hear
his thoughts a lot clearer than anyone else's she could remember. And seeing all his memories? Or changing them? That wasn't normal, to get do that she usually required a lot of concentration and focus and it demanded a lot of energy. With him, she couldn't even help tapping into his memories, and it had been really easy to change them. What was up with that? She knew there must be a reason for that. But she didn't care. She didn't really care about anything right now. She walked up.

-Hey! She said.

-Couldn't sleep?- She saw her tired face- Nightmares? - Chris knew all about nightmares.
She smiled

-What about you?

-I couldn't sleep. Nightmares, too.- He said absentminded. After all that time in the past, he became and expert in making up excuses. "With everybody so overprotective of me, this is the only time I can do some work without everybody telling me I should rest." He thought

-You know, you shouldn't lie to me until we solve the whole "I can't help hearing your thoughts" thingy. Or at least, avoid thinking about what it's true.

Chris, once again, didn't know whether to smile or get angry. But she was smiling, so he smiled back. Though, it was annoying to have someone hearing your every thought.

-"Yeah, tell me about it! We need to do something that, FAST!" She said.

Chris shake his head.

-"So... you are checking the book, for what? The demons that are after me? Can I take a look? After all, I was the one that saw them."

She went to the book and he sat down on the couch heavily. He was exhausted.

She flipped the pages at a rate of 1/2 second per page.

- "You cant possibly see anything that fast!" he said. Grabbing his stomach

-"I can actually read everything that fast"

-"I don't believe you!"

-"Yet... somehow...I fail to care!"- She said, turning again into that uncaring zombie bitch she was that afternoon.

-"Whatever, I'll do it"- He said walking towards her and moving her aside.

She looked at him angry, flipped the book to the first page and, without looking at the book, started reciting word by word what it said.

-"How could that be?"

-"Christopher, after being born in this house, you ask me that question?" She answered way too angry.

-"Why are you so angry?" He asked. God, his head was killing him. And his stomach was burning so badly

-"Sorry. I guess, every time I am reminded of the supernatural things I can do, it also reminds me of all the things that I lost because of that. And the fact, that I will never be able to forget."

He looked at her sympathetic while he sat down again. Or actually, almost threw himself on the couch, massaging his temples.

-"You don't look so hot, dude" "Though, god, he IS hot" she founded herself thinking and she mentally punched herself. She hated being attracted to men. Attraction leads to caring. Caring leads to pain.

-"I am fine"- A little angrier than necessary.

She walked to him and touch his forehead. He was so tired of people doing that!

-" Dude, you need some serious rest"

- "I said I was fine! " he yelled trying to get up. The world started spinning and he couldn't see through the tunnel that was involving him. He felt something holding him, and gently putting him down. He landed on something soft. He couldn't faint now. He needed to find the demons. God, his mom would kill him if she found out he went to the attic, demon hunting. He would be babysat 24/7!

He heard a sweet voice talking to him from far, far away.

-"Don't worry sweetie. I'll find the demons, your mom won't know that you were here. You just get some rest, everything will be fine."

He needed to close his eyes so badly. "close your eyes, Chris" the voice said. And he did.


He woke up, sweating from his nightmare. He had seen Wyatt, snapping 12 year old Penny's neck with his hand, while he was telling him how he didn't even need magic to kill powerful beings. He looked around him and felt relieved, knowing he was safe. His eyes wondered around the attic and he saw Sophia in a corner, squatting, her arms hugging her legs, and she was rocking back and forth, trembling, staring at him terrified. There was so much fear and pain in her eyes, Chris couldn't help feeling terribly sorry for her. He stand up and kneeled in front of her.

-"I am sorry for what you saw"- Said Chris softly, putting his hand on her shoulder.

She snapped out of her trance, she was still shacking though.

-"It's ok, its not your fault to have those memories. I bet you would rather not have them either. Though.. do you mind telling me, why do you have them? I mean it's pretty obvious those memories are not from this life. Yet, it's also obvious, those are part of your memories. How come?"

-"Oh.. the all mighty goddess of wisdom doesn't know something? WOOW" he said teasingly.

She smiled timidly.

-"yea, yea, yea.. whatever. Are you gonna tell me?"

-"Not only that. But she CARES! She actually showing an interest on something!" He teased her again.

-"What-ever dude" her smile grew bigger.

-"See.. its nice to see you smile for a change!"

-"yeah. Don't get use to it, mister "I am SOO perky myself"!

He explained the whole story to her.

-"So...It's all courtesy of the adorable powers to be, right? And thanks to them, I will have that too, stuck in my head forever, just like everything else. In there, unable to forget. Everything with the same clarity as if it would be happening right now. You wish you would be powerful as me, but you don't know what it is, not being able to forget ANYTHING. Not the slightest detail. In a few years, you will come to me, and my memories of what happened to you, would be clearer to me than to you. You, somehow, will be able to forget some things and that will help you mitigate the pain. I won't. Every memory in my head is stuck as if it just happened. All the feelings, all the pain. It drives you insane eventually, you know?" She was saying all this calmly but tears were rolling down her face.

Chris knew what was to have horrible memories and how much you want to forget them. He felt sorry for her. He pulled her into a hug. She started crying.

-"I miss them so much. Everything feels so unfair!" she sobbed.

-"I know it does, I know" He said, grabbing her tight and rocking her back and forth. "If someone knows is me. You know that" He stayed there consoling her for a long period of time.

He was in such a sleepy, feverish state that he didn't even realized when she lead him to the couch and covered him. She lean her head on his torso and he instinctively caressed her head.


-"Chris, Chris, Wake up. Come on, wake up" he heard.. He rolled over trying to avoid the shaking. But it kept going.

-"Go away" He moan

-"Come on Chris, it's seven o' clock. People might start waking up at any minute. I can't carry you to your bed!!"

He open his eyes, he was in the attic. Asleep in the couch. Not that that was unusual. He was covered by a blanket and a strange girl was shaking him. His whole body was aching. He looked at her sleepy and confused.

-"Ok, sleeping beauty. Now, we need to get you to your bedroom. Cuz if your family finds you here, they are going to be very mad. So.. help me lift you up... good... now we need to go downstairs. Yeah lean on me. Good boy..Here we are... Ok, sweet dreams."

-"Don't go"


-"I think it's just fair, that since you know everything about my life. I deserve to know about yours, don't I?"

-"No, not really"

-"Oh, come on"

-"Chris, why do you want to do that to yourself? And to me?"

-" Well...I guess on the one hand, I feel like I have been striped of my privacy and I deserve to have the same knowledge. On the other, I tortured you with my memories, so I deserve to suffer a little from yours. And then, I think it would be cathartic for you."

-"I am sorry, but I can't"

-"Why not?"

-"Future consequences?" She smiled quizzically

-"Don't steal my line! Come on, spit it out sista. Its going to help you. And its going to help me to understand why you are such a neurotic freak.."

-"Excuse ME.. looks who is talking!"

-"yeah, that is what I say! We can help each other with our little mental problems. Now pretend I am Freud. And let it all go."

-"I can't tell you ALL now, Chris. I couldn't go through it. I am sorry"

-"Well, Ok. Tell me just some of it... Tell me.. which was the worst day of your life?"

-"Nice question, dude! You know... When you ask those things around here, is not like the normal people. "Ohh I went to the mall one day and I found out my shoes didn't match" kind of stuff... worst days are really worst days! "

-" Sophi... Cut it out! You know almost all my worst moments. I really feel I need to know at least some of yours. I don't know why. But I know I do"

- "Ok, Ok, Shit. It was mid June, 8 years ago. Mike, Tommy, Alexis and I were driving to our house in the mountains. We were in the middle of this deserted highway. The radio was playing my song" she smiled weakly "Alexis, hated to hear himself on the radio. But he left the station because it was my song. He smiled at me with so much love" Her expression turn somber once again.

-"Alexis, as in your boyfriend, right? And Mike and Tommy?"

-"Alexis was the love of my life, Mike was my older brother, Tommy was my baby half brother. But it was more like my son, since when he was born, my step mom was already dying of cancer, so I took care of him...We were all mortals, so, I guess the demons wanted to make it "look like an accident" or whatever. This truck appeared out of nowhere. And literally "appeared and out of nowhere" that is how I know it was magical. It hit Alexis side of the car, the car went flying and turning. Right before it starting spinning out of control. I felt myself orbed out to safety. They orbed ME, just ME. They left everybody else in the car. Why did they do that, Chris? WHY? It would have been so easy for them, to just take us all out of the car. But no, those selfish bastards just orbed me.. again. So I saw the car spinning and crashing and there was NOTHING I could do. Alexis flew out of the windshield. I ran to him, and saw him, dead. He had cuts all over his body and this massive piece of glass was stuck on his forehead. I run to the car. Mike's head was bleeding profusely. He seemed completely disoriented, but other than that, he seemed fine. I helped him out of the car, and sat him down on the grass. I went to look for my baby, I couldn't see him anywhere.. And then.." she swallowed soundly "there he was... at the front of the destroyed car, the Gearshift crossed almost his entire little 6 year old stomach. His eyes were wide open. I ran to him.. Oh my baby!! I grabbed him tightly. I begged them to help me. To help him. I mean, I knew they wouldn't do anything for Alexis, because he was already dead. And because they hated him, Alexis was just a hindrance. But my baby, my sweet little baby. What did they care if he was dead or alive? I plead, I begged, I cried. I swear I would do whatever they wanted to. I would leave my family and go to "elderville" for training for the rest of my life. I promised to do anything if they would spare my baby's life. But no one came, no one helped me.

My baby smiled at me. "Don't worry Sophi. My mom and your mom will take care of me. I will get to know my mommy and yours. It will be fun" He tried to smile... My darling baby...I could see pain transfiguring his perfect little face. He extend his tiny arm and caressed my face. "I love you Sophi, you know that? You are my big sister, you are were almost my mommy, and the best mommy I could ever wish for. But my real mommy is calling me right now. She says that everything will be fine. That I have to go with her now. That she wants to take care of me. Would you mind if I go, Sophi? I wanna see my mommy. Would you hate me if I go?" What could I answer? What could I tell my sweet little brother? That I couldn't live without him? That it wasn't fair, that I raised him and I should get to keep him? I couldn't do that to him. I was 17... and I still wanted my mommy. "How can I hate you, my darling boy? Go with mommy and tell her I love her and I miss her". "She says she is very proud of you. That they both are. Your really mommy is there too." I kissed my baby's forehead one more time, and he was dead. My sweet little baby wasn't breathing anymore, and they never came to help me.

I moved towards Mike, that was sitting, leaning on a pole. I wrapped some clothes around his head trying to stop the bleeding. I knew "they" wouldn't come to help. So I called 911 on my cell phone. I lean my head on my brother's lap, who was still resting on the pole. And started crying. He said "Everything will be fine, Sophi. Everything will be fine. I love you very much." And he kissed my hair. I didn't think... I just.. should have done something.. I just laid there crying on my brother's lap.. how could I not know? By the time the ambulance got there... Mike had died, and I didn't even realized it.. GOD! I was leaning on his dead BODY and I didn't even realize it! He had a concussion.. He felt asleep and he died in his sleep, while I was crying instead of helping him. Instead of keeping him awake. I am a DOCTOR! I should have known! After I went back home. My dad, that had always been a workaholic, became even worst. He wouldn't eat, he wouldn't sleep. He would just work, work, work. He ignored me. Never talked to me. And why should he? Once again. I couldn't do ANYTHING to save the people I love."

Chris' tears were blocking his view. Somehow he felt like he had lived that story, he felt it a lot more intense than any other narration he ever heard.

-"You asked for it, dude" She said.Her pretty face transfigured by pain.

-"I know, and at one point I am glad you told me... but it was so... real"

- "Of course it was. Now go back to sleep, and try not to have too many nightmares"


-"sweetie, do you want some lunch?" He overheard his mom whisper to him in his sleep.

He opened his eyes slowly..

-"Uh?" She was caressing his hair. He smiled at her. She smiled widely back.

-"Don't we look a lot better?" She said giving him a pill and some water.

-"What is that?"

-"A revolutionary concept! It's call medicine. It's to lower the fever. Sophia, being that she is a doctor and all, was like, I don't understand... he is burning in fever, why don't you give him something to lower the fever? And we were.. but is a magical wound. And she was like.. so? He still has a fever. It doesn't really hurt to try. And apparently she was right. Smart girl, that one... When she decides to talk, that is."

Chris kind of laugh while swallowing the pill. Piper placed the tray she was carrying on his lap.

-"Thanks mom, but I am not hungry. I could kill for some orange juice, though."

-"You gotta eat, baby. You barely had anything in the past 2 days."

-"Ok, I will eat if I can go downstairs" Piper looked at him like "don't push it"

-"Mom, I'll lay down in the couch and eat there. I won't even get up. Promise. And someone can orb me there. I don't even have to move" he looked at her with big, beautiful green puppy eyes. "Yes, mommy, pleeease?"

-"Wyatt, hon. Can you come here a sec?" She said giving up. Instantly Wyatt was there.

-"Hey, bro." Smiling widely.

-"Can you orb him to the couch on the sitting room?" Wyatt looked confused "What can I say? Your brother here its pretty good at making deals"

When Piper walked down the stairs, she smiled at the sight of her sons talking affably while Chris had his lunch.

Paige and Phoebe walked in with the 3 girls and Sophia. Apparently they came from the mall, because they were carrying tons of bags. When they saw the guys , they all run to them.

-"Look, look what Mom bough us for next week. You know, Alexa Wingfield is giving this HUGE party.. is going to be SOO COOL . Like almost EVERYBODY at school is coming. And she hired..."Penny kept on talking at a speed of 500 words per second for like 5 minutes, and then showed this small mini-skirt and this cute, but tight and provocative tank top.

-"WHAT?" said Wyatt "You are going to let your daughter wear that?? What about you girls" he said to Prue and Patty "What are you going to wear, a couple of leafs and go all Adam& Eve style?" he looked at Paige. "You can't let them wear that!!"

-"Chris, help me!" Said Penny and Paige at the same time. Chris was the only one that could get some sense into Wyatt when he got like that. But then, Chris wasn't a very big fan of his little cousins in provocative clothes either. And even though they didn't needed Wyatt permission to dress up however they wanted. "Upset Wyatt" wasn't the funnies character of the century.

-"Hey, don't look at me.. I am sick! And besides, I thought we were suppose to be protecting her" He said pointing in Sophia's direction "Not taking her SHOPPING!"

-"Hehehe. And NOW you say you are sick. How convenient!" Said Paige.

-"Hey, she needed a distraction.. And what girl doesn't like SHOPPING?" Phoebe said.

At that moment Jake and Leo orbed in.

-"Well, apparently she is a reincarnation of the goddess of Wisdom, Metis. The goddess of wisdom reincarnates whenever a great source of knowledge and wisdom is needed. Usually she is born to help a great leader in his magical quest. And to help with the balance of great powers. In Greek mythology, Metis ("wisdom") was a Titaness who was the first wife of Zeus and the mother of Athena. She was the goddess of wisdom and deep thought. The Titans tyrannized the world. And the only way the elders could stop them 3000 years ago, was to infusing some mortals with a hell of a lot of power. Metis was born to help Zeus overcome the tyranny of the Titans. And to help Titans and humans to coexist peacefully. "

-"Only, when the mortals strapped the Titans...The power went into their heads, declare themselves gods, and force the world to worship them. Why does this sounds familiar?" said Chris (and if guys don't know, its cuz I plagiarized took that line, straight from the our cute Chris' mouth in Oh my goddess part 1") .

-"yeah.. Kind of, but Zeus got all self consumed with power and fear, and got all paranoid so he killed me and took my daughter. Way to go.. right? " She said sarcastically.

-"Athena?" Asked Piper surprised.

-"yeah thought the whole turning me into a fly and her being born from his head, is not exactly true. You know? There are a lot of inaccuracies there. I mean the mythology doesn't even said that the whole purpose of Metis existence was to help Zeus and the Titans to coexist peacefully. But Whatever..." Said Sophi

- "But.. why she reincarnate now? And why those demons are after her? "Asked Wyatt.

-"My bet, the purpose of my reincarnation was to save evil Wyatt from himself. To turn him back to good, and then to use his power for a good cause. But then, Chris there outsmart the "Ohh so NOT wise elders", and beat them to it. And turn his brother back. And why did I still reincarnate? Cuz they screwed up, does that shock you?.. I didn't think so... The world had been save but I was still condemn to be born and have a miserable existence."

-"Is that so?" Piper looked at Leo. He shrug.

-"No.. she is not entirely telling the truth, I can feel it"- Said Prue.

-"Yes, she is hiding something."

Fucking empaths, Sophia thought. She knew she was lying, yeah it was probably true about Wyatt in that other life. But if the purpose of this life was still that one, she would have the strange connection with Wyatt. And she knew that she had "the weird connection" with Chris.. But she didn't want it to be true. She was sick and tired of the powers to be and their machiavellian plans. Of them messing with everybody's lives, while they stay up there untouched, unaffected. She didn't want to have a magical destiny and she didn't have the strength to fight anything. She had lost too much, and she didn't care what she was "suppose to do".

They all stared at her inquisitive.

-"What? I don't care. I don't want to fulfill any magical destiny for those psychos up there.."

-"That is why she has that strange connection with me, that she can't block me no matter what. That is why her memories felt so real to me, as if I was living them". - Said Chris thinking out loud- "But that can't be, cuz she is destined to help great leaders, with great power. And I am not. Wyatt is the one with the power. So it's not logical."

He stopped mumbling when he realized everybody was staring and that he had actually said all that out loud.

-"What? I am sorry. I was just thinking out loud. I know, it sounded ridiculous" He said blushing. As if the thought of considering himself predestined for something that great was embarrassing.

-"Actually, it's not" Said Leo "It makes a lot of sense. Is he right Sophia?"

-"Why are you looking at me?" She said "You are the ones in touch with the freaking puppeteers up there ! How should I know?"

Leo looked at her like "we know you know"

-"FINE! YES it's probably that. But he figured it out by himself. We can see he is smart enough. He doesn't need me"

-"But I don't understand. I am not powerful enough. I am the LEAST powerful of all of them. That is not right, there must have been a mistake"

-"AGHH" Sophia said angry "As much as I would love to just tell you, YES, you are right, it is a big mistake and leave. So we don't have to deal with the whole prophetic crap. I can't let you do this to yourself. Can't you see? You defeated Wyatt.. the most powerful being, and not only that. You turned him to good, instead of vanquishing him. That is even harder and wiser than killing him. You are the leader of team. You are their strength and brain. You say, they follow. YOU are the center! They might have the powers but you have the control. That is why you are the chosen one. Because the powers will follow YOU! You are the one that thinks, almost obsessively in vanquishing evil. That does the research and the strategy. That leads the battle. And still, you don't see it!"

Chris was processing the information. He couldn't help feel kind of proud and happy .

-"YAY!" he said "Who is the most powerful NOW?" He asked Wyatt, jokingly, sticking his tongue out

-"me" said the aforementioned calmly, smiling. "But you are sure the most neurotic obsessed freak, if you want"

-"Yet somehow... I failed to grasp that as a compliment!" he said laughing

-"Gee.. Beats me why!" laughed Wyatt.

Sophia took advantage of the general laughter to walk to the door. But she wasn't fast enough.

-"You are not going anywhere, missy" Instructed Jake orbing in front of her.

She walked back towards Chris. And looking him straight in the eyes

-"Do you REALLY want to risk everything AGAIN? To put yourself through another quest like that, without any guarantee of success. Without any guarantee of anything but pain and abandonment, and the knowledge that when you need "THEM" they are not going to be there for you. But when "THEY" need you, you will have to act as their lackey? Didn't you go through enough? Aren't you tired of fighting? FOR WHAT? Look at you, you almost died, you are sick and tired, physically and emotionally . And it wasn't even one of the bad guys that did it. It was one of "THEM".

I can remember all my incarnations, and they all lost everything. I lost everything already, and I don't have the strength to loose anything else.

Getting back in the quest means bonding with you people. And that will hurt.

You just got them back. Are you ready to put them at risk again?

Fighting means caring, and I can't care anymore. Cuz it ALWAYS hurts. You know how the comfort of numbness feel... you, more than anyone knows...

I don't want to go through hell on earth, cuz some "super beings" that I despise, that never helped me with ANYTHING and always ignored my pleads. Decided I was the fit one for the job.

I don't have the strength to fight any longer and the battle haven't even started yet"


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