The next day, Chris was working on his desk. Books scattered all over. After a week of missing school, he had so much to catch up with. Sophia has been standing on the door frame of his room for almost ten minutes. Wondering if she should talk to him or not.

-"So.. as my personal adviser" he said without lifting his eyes from the books "Are you allowed to do my papers for me?"

She ran to him, hug him from his back and kiss his cheek.

-"Thank you" She said with a big smile.

Chris at her looked confused

-"Uh? Thank you for what?"

-"Thank you for allowing me to talk to my family, thank you for waiting for me outside the door, thank you for not sleeping to avoid the nightmares, thank you for talking to me, thank you for preventing me from... you know... the whole incident in the bathroom, thank you for welcoming me into your house, thank you for offering me your family for support, thank you.."

-"Wow wow wow" He interrupted her "Stop it there girl, cuz soon enough you will be thanking me for the creation of the world" He smiled

-"Didn't I thank you for that already?" She smiled back.

Their eyes crossed, they stare at each other for about ten seconds and their smiles grew bigger. Suddenly she got serious.

-"They are going to want us to be together you know? And I can't do it. And you can't do it either. I mean, Bianca's death is still too fresh in your mind and.. well.. I am still not ready for that kind of commitment. Don't get me wrong, you are an awesome guy... but.."

He stopped her. He had become serious too.

-"No, I know. I can't go through that right now either. We don't have to. I mean we can save the world, just as friends. We don't need to get into anything else. That is not set on stone."

-"But they will expect us.."

-"Whatever, they expect a lot of things. The opposed my parents marriage and look what they would have lost, if they would have listen. Look at what happened with Arthur cuz they expected stuff."

-"Aha.. They will make our lives a living hell, you know?"

-"Don't they already?" He laughed.

-"Yeap, pretty much.." She laughed too.

-"So.. Are you ready to save the world now?"

-"Are you?"

-"Not really... but I am great at pretending." He smiled

-"Well, then, we'll be two pretending" She smiled back.


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