"I can't believe I let myself be so fooled."

A crack came against a fresh tree as a bright flash filled the sky. A young girl sat against the tree as rain droplets began to fall, landing on her raven black locks, her clothes and the surrounding grass, leaves and other brush. A few stray salty tears mixed with the water as they streamed down her cheeks. Her breath flustered in the cold atmosphere, it was just cold enough for it to be seen. She was out of breath from running from the Crane mansion. She had just witnessed the worse sight she possibly could…Fox and Whitney kissing. More tears fled from her eyes as she moved to her feet, running again. She had to get away, away from this despair, this pain, the one she loved most. Theresa found herself, later, standing at the edge of a large lake. Looking in, she saw the most hideous creature, herself. Falling to sit, she began to shed more tears before she started to reminisce.


A loud clash rang from the hall and Whitney shot from the kitchen to see what had happened. She later found Fox and Theresa in a heated argument. She sighed and pointed to the kitchen. The two pouted in shame and crept past her into the kitchen.

"Can't you two get along for one day?" Whitney exclaimed then put a hand to her head.

"Here I have a proposition for you two. You have to spend one week together, hanging out and just getting to know each other. Then maybe you can see how much more you two have in common. Then after that, you can fight and hate each other again, as much or as little as you need." She stated, her brown eyes glaring at the two.

"One week with that damn Crane! Whitney, are you nuts?" Theresa exclaimed, glaring at the one she sat next to.

"A week with that filthy girl." Fox snarled, glaring right back.

"It will do you both good." Whitney said, and then moved out the room. After a few moments of glaring they decided to do it, just for Whitney. Oddly enough though, she was right, it had done them both a lot of good.

Later that week

The two had been spending a lot of time together, noticing the things that Whitney had said. Then one night, when the two were returning home (A/N: Theresa lives in the Crane mansion also), it began to downpour. They both ran for cover under one of the large trees that lined the path to Crane's home. Theresa's mind was off wondering. There was something she really needed to tell the other…she needed to tell him she loved him, but she didn't know where and when. Even since she was young, she had always envied..loved Fox, but she would cover it up with this fake hate. It was odd to her now, she thought of Fox as more then a friend, and he was someone she couldn't live without. She didn't need him to survive, but to live. To truly live, she needed Fox. She needed to tell him; maybe Fox felt the same way about her.

"Fox... there is something I need to tell you..."

She looked to the other, and then Fox did something unexpected, he pulled Theresa to him and roughly placed a kiss on her lips. Fox, too, had been thinking about how to tell Theresa he loved her. He, too, had loved the other since they were children, always envious about of the attention that Theresa got from her family. He had forgotten about the feelings for her until she moved into his home. Then this week they spent together caused those small feelings to grow and he couldn't take it, it made his heart throb every time he was with the other. A blush came over his face as he ran his tongue over Theresa's bottom lip. Theresa moaned a little, pulling him closer to her body as she allowed the other access to the confines of her mouth, their tongues meeting in a flash of passion. The two split the kiss, breathing heavier now. Fox moved down and placed kisses along the others neck, a small moan slipping from Theresa's lips, his warm breath washing over the other's wet skin.

"I Love you Fox...." Theresa muttered softly as she clung to him. Blue eyes fluttered in surprise and then his features smiled softly.

"I love you too Resa..."

The heavy rain slowly came to a stop and the two were able to leave their spot, talking along the way. They came to an agreement on Theresa coming up and sleeping in Fox's room, both wanting to learn more about each other, falling deeper into the beautiful thing called love.

End of flashback

Theresa's tan fingers clawed at her hair, at her mind, how could her beloved do this to her, after all the things they had learned about each other, what about the love they have been between them. As the tears fell from Theresa's brown eyes, an old thought swarmed into her mind. What if this was all just a joke to Fox, to see how badly he could hurt her. Her brown eyes became glazed over and tears still seemed to fall as she just stared motionless. The one thing she wanted at the moment was somewhere with another where he belonged. A shimmer caught her eyes and her fingers felt for it. It was a piece of broken glass, maybe she could find it there. She slid the glass against her skin, piercing it as the dark liquid poured from the skin, mixing with the mud that was on the grass. Theresa felt no pain, regardless of the depth she cut on both her arms. She then just laid back on the ground, letting the blood mix with rain and mud. She couldn't breathe. Her vision was going blank. Is this it? Am I dying... I'm sorry Fox.... maybe we'll met again, someday...


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