Theresa stirred awake, blurry brown eyes glancing around. Am... I in heaven? She inquired to herself and then she felt a sleeping form next to her. All she saw was blonde hair. Fox... A gentle smile fell on her lips as she ran a hand through his hair. Fox stirred a little, then lifted his head.


His eyes now brimmed with tears and in a swift motion he was hugging the other, pinning her to the bed. Theresa winced a little, then looked to her arms, where stitches could be found. Then she too began to cry.


Fox lifted his head, looking deep into brown eyes.

"..Resa... I thought you would never wake up..."

He began placing small kisses all over Theresa's face.

"Im so sorry about what you saw..."

He said, talking about him and Whitney, Fox began to sob harder.

"She told me she loved me... I told her I loved someone else... Then she kissed me... Im so sorry Theresa... Im so so sorry I pained you... even unintentionally..."

Tears began to flow heavily from his eyes as he grabbed Theresa's dirty shirt. Her brown eyes filled with pain as she held Fox close.

"Its alright... I just jumped to conclusions.. Im the one that should be sorry..."

She slid a finger under Fox's chin and forced him to look up. Then Theresa kissed the tears from Fox's face and then placed a kiss on his lips. Fox parted his lips, giving her access. Moments later, he pulled back.

"Let me make it up to you... please.. let me show you how much I love you..."

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Fox brought Theresa's face down for a kiss, but before that.

"Promise me Resa, that you will never leave me like that again..."

Brown eyes met blue and she nodded.

"I promise..."

Fox's heart fluttered with joy and he kissed Theresa. Breaking the kiss, Theresa collapsed next to Fox and pulled the covers over them. She laid her head into Fox's as the others body curled up against her own.

"I love you Theresa..."

Fox whispered, slipping into a slumber. Theresa smiled.

"I love you two Fox... forever..."

Fox's lips repeated those whipsered words.


A smile formed on Fox's lips and he went to sleep, joining his one true love, his soulmate, his life.


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