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Bathing in Blood

28. The End

Be patient for one more day of misery;

I ask for no longer.



It was all he could see, all he could sense and touch and smell in this bloodthirsty fantasy. A vicious, pulsating, perpetual red it was, ever-flickering between bright and brighter. It pounded against his eyelids; burned and seethed as if it had a life of its own.

Yes, it was all he could see, and yet all he couldn't see. Because if he imagined he was squinting, he might think for just an instant that there was a tinge of pink behind the crimson wash. It was familiar, much too familiar; a pink that whispered vaguely sinister things in a vaguely sinister way. It trailed in his vision like a lone, lost little puppy.

Like a little puppy with fangs.

But of course he wasn't seeing these things; it was just a dream and nothing more. It wasn't real. It couldn't happen if it was real, because he knows that the dog you feed won't bite you and the dog you starve won't either. He knows it's just a dream, just a pathetic, twisted, distortedly misfortunate horror of a dream, he knows—

Only five percent of people dream in color. Isn't he lucky?

Kakashi didn't seem to know anything anymore.

"Something odd's happening in there."

The man's posture echoed his drawling voice as he leaned lazily against the chain link fence. His mop of black hair, graying subtly, shaded his face from the freckles of sunlight that dotted the shadow. A normal reasonable-looking kind of guy, not the type to get worked up over nothing. Or anything, for that matter. And yet...

"'Odd'? What do you mean by 'odd'?" The female jounin standing next to him whirled around suddenly. Her words were clipped machine-gun-bullet noises, the sounds made by frayed nerves when they snap. "You know what they said! Anything that might be dangerous, even the slightest hint, should be taken seriously!"

The man sighed, rubbing his temples absentmindedly. "You take things waaay too 'seriously' for your own good. This test would be pointless without a bit of uncertainty and risk mixed in." He laughed at her still-anxious expression, the drawn brows and pursed lips that made her look like a human storm-cloud, and decided to alleviate her fears.

"Besides, all I said was that something odd is happening. I didn't say 'threatening' or 'scary', or that precious word,'dangerous'." He stared complacently into the wall of green foliage that surrounded the tower. Shaking her head, the woman mumbled something under her breath. It was hard to believe that this man was a proctor sometimes.

Then again, it was hard to believe that she herself was a proctor as well.

"But still! This exam is important! We should at least investigate it further; maybe contact Hokage-sama--" She felt her colleague's strong hand grasp her retreating shoulder. She turned.

The wall of green had become a wall of fire.

"I knew those fire-proofing jutsus would come in handy this time!" He smiled easily, unmoved from his place against the fence.

"Dear God!" She nearly sank to her knees; steadied herself before she fainted. Instructions first, instincts later. "We must tell Hokage-sama! Now!" Once again, she tried to run. Once again, she stopped. Her colleague wasn't moving. Instead, he was gazing serenely into the crimson blaze.

"Look." With her eyes she followed the tanned finger pointing into the midst of the flames. Three figures were beginning to emerge. "Who are they?"

You had to squint to see them.

"Umm..." Forgetting both instructions and instincts, she racked her brain for the information. "Kakashi's Team Seven. Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, and...that pink-haired girl. What's-her-name. Haruno something, wasn't it?" The man nodded sagely, calmly, half-listening, seeming almost proud as he watched the children approach.


His tone as unfettered as eternity, gleaming with a hint of satisfaction.

"Always knew those two boys had potential."


Bathing in Blood

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