There's only one thing Mai loves more than her vanities. Her name is Shizuka. shoujo ai MaiShizuka Dedicated to Shuuichi's Kindred Spirit


The brush glided against a long, firm nail, as the owner of said nail stared coolly at it, admiring the luster and sheen. The brush dipped down once more, to complete its job, but was harshly jammed against a neatly trimmed cuticle as the buxom blonde's chest knocked it down. The source of the shove grinned impertinently at the livid Mai, ignoring the telltale throb of a vein in her creamy throat.

"Sorry, Mai-chan…" Shizuka sang, as she threw her arms around the blonde. Mai ignored her.

Sighing, Shizuka waltzed around the chair, and plopped into the chair opposite her. She gazed into Mai's deep, slightly furious amethyst eyes, while twirling a blonde lock around her finger. Leaning forward, she whispered into her koiboto's ear. "I love you…"

Crimson tinged eyes cleared, turning into sparkling purple gemstones as those three words took an effect. Shizuka smiled to herself as she watched Mai's anger dissipate. "Shiz…" Mai murmured as she wrapped a slender hand around Shizuka's waist, and brought her in for a kiss. The blushing pink nail polish pooled on the floor, but Mai didn't mind. She was with Shizuka.



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