Colors of the Wind

Title: Colors of the Wind
Author: kazeko
Show: Power Rangers
Rating: PG13
Couples: Tommy/Kat (past), Kimberly/Steve (OC) (past), Tommy/Kimberly, Jason/Kat
Multipart: yes
Series: no
Chapters: ?
Time: about five years after MMPR 3 "I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger"; also, Kim wasn't involved in that Turbo Movie thing
Summary: yet another random take on The Letter, this one without other planets
Disclaimer: I don't own these people; you should know that by now, 'cause if I did, Kimberly would never have left and there would be no Letter and Tommy woulda' married the girl. So there.

Chapter 8: Revelations
For the first time in years, Kimberly's dreams took her back to her days as a Power Ranger, to their battles, defeating the greatest evils, thwarting Rita and Zedd's plans, saving her friends and her family from certain death. She dreamed of the karate tournament where she first saw Tommy, of the day they saved him from Rita's influence, of the day he became the White Ranger . . .

She let herself wake slowly, the warmth and love in Tommy's arms safe and secure. She sat up slowly, slipping away from her sleeping fiancé as she found a robe to slip into and walked to the window. Outside, a brilliant sun warmed a familiar landscape, and she knew for the first time in more than five years that she was finally home. Where she belonged. Outside, a white falcon soared above the trees, hunting for his morning meal, landing on a nearby tree as he paused his search. As Kimberly watched, the bird turned his head, eyes sparkling in the sun. The Falcon soars alone no longer, it seemed to whisper. Kimberly nodded, and the bird raised his pale wings. And the Crane . . . the Crane has finally come home.

As he closed his wings, the shadow of a larger bird enveloped him, but the Falcon seemed to welcome the visitor, beak open in a greeting. He took to the sky as the shadow resolved itself into a crane, white feathers tinted pink, and they vanished together, white and pink mingling with the winds, the sun finding the slightest gold highlights as the pair vanished, one at last.

"I was wondering when they would show up."

"You knew about them? I saw them in Australia."

Tommy wrapped his arms around Kimberly's waist and smiled. "That's the Falcon spirit that took your necklace."

"That's the Crane from my dream of Jason, the one that told me I was needed here. I think they knew us better than we do." Kimberly turned around in Tommy's arm, a smile lighting her face. "I love you, Tommy Oliver."

"I love you, too, Kimberly Ann Hart Hilliard," Tommy smiled. "I don't think I told you that enough before. Now that I think of it, I never said 'I love you' the last time we spoke before the letter. I'm sorry, Kim."

"It's fine," she purred, leaning against her fiancé. "I know you meant to. Shall we go see if the others are up? I hear that there's this reunion of Power Rangers soon that needs to be planned, and I know you want it to be perfect."

"I was hoping you'd ask," Tommy grinned, giving Kimberly the sudden feeling that she had just volunteered for a very unpleasant duty. "But first, I promised our daughter that I would take you shopping."

"Oh! Yay!"

"Yes, Chief?"

"Lieutenant Farkas Bulkemeier, I need you to do me a favor." The large man, father of two and very happily married, tilted his head.

"What favor, Chief?"

Arissa Sparrow handed Bulk a paper, an address typed across the bottom. "I need you to follow the movements of these people and keep an eye on the dojo owned by Tommy Oliver, Jason Lee Scott, and Rocky DeSantos. The address is at the bottom."

Bulk, Arissa's most trusted and most efficient officer—a far cry from his Junior Police days, according to Lieutenant Stone—shook his head. "Why these people? I know them all; they're my friends and would never do something illegal." One name on the list caught his attention—Ann Hilliard. He remembered something about a woman with that name being injured in that hotel fire, though he had no idea who she was.

"Well, Bulk, I am currently trying to discover the true identities of the Power Rangers and I think these people can help."

Bulk began to laugh, shaking his head in wonder. "I thought that fetish died years ago. We know who the Power Rangers were—they showed themselves, remember?"

"We know who the last Power Rangers were, true, but there were at least seven teams and eighteen different men and women carrying the power. I want to know who the other ones were."

"No, you don't," Bulk whispered. "They've kept their secret for eight or nine years, since the first attack on Angel Grove, and they must have a really good reason for doing so. Skull and I used to search for their identities all the time, but we finally realized that we had no right to know. They risked their own lives again and again to protect us, and we weren't all grateful all the time. They did it because they loved us, and they deserve our love and gratitude in return. We shouldn't pry into their lives, we shouldn't ask them questions they don't want to answer. If they wanted us to know the identities of the Power Rangers, they would have told us long ago. Let the legend of the Power Rangers rest in peace, and let the eighteen people who carried that burden for so long live the lives they fought for so desperately. I won't help you ruin their lives."

"Bulk!" Her call stopped him as the man turned to leave, and the captain smiled at his impassioned speech. "You know who they are, don't you? All of them?"

"Skull and I figured it out long ago but swore each other to secrecy. We won't tell you or anybody else, no matter what."

"The Power Rangers are lucky to have a friend like you. Very well, I will do this on my own. Thank you for being honest about your feelings, Bulk."

"Captain, just leave them alone."

Kimberly grinned as she tied the last ribbon, pink. There was a ribbon for every color ever worn by a Power Ranger strung across the ceiling, matching balloons tied to tables and chairs. Tommy helped her down from the ladder as Shana carried a stack of Power Rangers paper plates to "Uncle Rocky" as she called him. They had been amazed at the amount of Power Rangers paraphernalia still available in Angel Grove after all that time, including plastic figurines of all of the teams, the old ones becoming more numerous as the big Power Rangers Celebration approached. Tommy's students were spreading table cloths and moving chairs, washing windows and sweeping floors in preparation for the big event. Aisha, Trini, Tanya, and Kat were in the corner sorting invitation responses as people from all over the country flocked to Angel Grove for the big event. The President herself was coming the morning of, and the media would beat her by two or three days. Even newspapers and networks that operated primarily on the east coast were sending teams, and they were welcome during the speeches but not during the reception in the dojo. The ex-Rangers had voted that it would be easier if they kept media presence to a minimum. They were still trying to decide who would be in costume to deliver the speeches. Tommy, naturally, and all of the Space Rangers had agreed to find their old morphers so Billy could recharge them enough for one last morph, but no one else had decided if they would participate.

Billy and Jason walked up with a clipboard, the genius smiling. "We finally figured this out. Kim, you, Jase, Trini, Zack, and I will represent the first team; Rocky, Aisha, Kat, Adam, and Justin will be Turbo; Andros and the rest of the Space Rangers will be the Space Rangers, and Tommy can be White. Rocky will be playing the part of the Red Turbo Ranger for anyone who was wondering."

"I figured," Kim murmured.

"Why the White Ranger?"

"Because, Bro, you were the White Ranger for so long that it almost seemed like you had been there from the beginning. You were there for a long time as the Green Ranger, but I think you were more popular White. There's a lot of White Ranger action figures, in any case, and only a few of the Green Dragon Ranger."

Tommy raised an eyebrow at Jason's explanation, and his fiancée chuckled. "I guess you're White, Handsome. Billy, why no Zeo Rangers?"

"I can't do anything with the Zeo Crystal. I've got the rest figured out. Oh, and the cakes are done. Zack and Adam went to pick them up. The Zeo Rangers do have a cake, in any case."

"This party's going to be insane."

"I couldn't agree more, Kimberly," Jason laughed. "Back to writing my speech, I suppose. Don't forget to work on yours."

"We won't," Kimberly promised as the pair left. "It'll be weird looking out through that helmet again. I thought that the Power Ranger part of my life was over for good."

"Once a Ranger, always a Ranger, Beautiful. Let me go help Shana carry those cups." As he dashed over to the girl's side, Kimberly smiled, amazed at how quickly he had adapted to the father role with their daughter. And Shana loved him so much. She was glad that she had finally come home.


The brunette turned at her name, shocked to see Bulk and Skull standing in the doorway, both dressed in police blues, hats in their hands. She smiled at the two who had become her friends. "Hi Bulk, Skull. How have you been?"

"We didn't know you had come back to Angel Grove!"

"It was pretty sudden."

Bulk reached out and embraced the tiny gymnast, stepping back to let Skull hug her, too. "We missed you, Kimberly," Skull sniffed.

"I missed you guys, too. What bring you here?"

Bulk glanced over Kimberly's shoulder at Tommy and the girl in his arms. "We came to talk to Tommy about something, but I guess you need to hear it, too. Is she your daughter?"

"Yeah. Shana. Tommy, Bulk and Skull want to talk to us."

Tommy joined the trio at the door, moving into the side office to be a little more private. "What is it, Bulk?"

"It's just that Captain Sparrow has been researching the Power Rangers recently and she thinks she knows who they are. I thought we should warn you before she confronts the ex-Rangers."

Tommy and Kimberly exchanged a shocked glance, their conversation from the hospital rushing back into their minds. "Why are you telling us, Bulk?"

"We know, Tommy. Skull and I finally discovered the identities of the Power Rangers but we respect you guys enough and are grateful for you risking your lives for so long that we made a pact that we would never tell. The only thing we ever wanted to do was to thank you guys."

"You actually figured it out? After all those years of following us? What finally gave us away, Bulk?"

He smiled. "Well, it was a number of things. We never really thought of any of them as strange until the Space Rangers revealed their identities, but we knew that they had not been the originals. That was when we remembered that we had never seen some of you when the Power Rangers were around, and you traveled in a group all of the time. When someone would leave, another would join. It seemed like the Power Rangers changed every now and then, but what really convinced us was when we remembered the day you left, Kimberly. That was the last day we saw the little Pink Ranger. She was replaced by one a lot taller, and we realized that it had to have been Kat. The rest of you just fell into place. I guess we should have seen that the White Ranger seemed to know all of your moves, Tommy, but I think there was a part of us even back then that realized that no one really needed to know the identities of the Power Rangers. It wouldn't make us popular or famous, it would only make your job harder. So we never told anyone."

"Thank you," Kimberly whispered. "Thank you both." She leaned forward and kissed each of them one the cheek, letting Tommy wrap his arm around her waist. "Who did you say was trying to discover our identities?"

"The Police Chief, Arissa Falcon," Skull supplied. "We can tell you where she lives if you want to go talk to her."

"I think we need to."

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