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Summary: AU. Harry Potter is the new boy at the university, and he has no idea what to expect. So what happens when he finds out that his roommate is an angel in disguise? Not to mention a boy?

Pairings: Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, and possibly more to come.

Rating: R for future sex themes, slash, language, and possible violence.

Warnings: In case you missed the warning in chapter one, this fic has Slash, aka malexmale pairings. Which means boys are gonna be kissing, groping, and getting it on with other boys. Not your cup of tea? Then don't read.

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"bla bla bla" flashback


Draco Malfoy walked briskly back towards his dorm room from his afternoon class, English, grumbling under his breath. Even though his favorite teacher Ms. Jen Knight taught the class, it didn't change the fact that he shared the class with a very annoying "fan girl" of his, also known as a Pansy Parkinson. Normally he could successfully ignore her and she would give up around halfway through the lesson, but today he had no such luck. Apparently she had found out that he was getting a roommate today.


"Dddrrraaacccooo!!! Why didn't you tell me that you were getting a room mate?!" whispered Pansy shrilly during a lecture on symbolism in Shakespeare's Macbeth.

"Because it's none of your business what goes on in my private affairs, Parkinson," whispered Draco back coldly.

"But is Drakie! I need to know everything about my future husband! Now, is this roommate a boy or a girl? It had better me a boy, because if it's a girl then I'm going to have to demand that she switch rooms. I cannot allow another girl to be anywhere near you when I'm not around!" replied Pansy.

Draco snorted. "Listen Parkinson. What part of 'I do not like you even as a friend so please leave me the fuck alone besides I'm gay I don't like girls that way' don't you understand?"

"Ah Drakie, you just think you're gay. You're really just a very confused young man who needs a good woman in his life to steer him in the right direction is all. Like me!" the pug faced blond replied.

"Miss Parkinson. Is there something that you'd like to share with the class that you feel is so dreadfully important that you had to not only interrupt my lecture but also distract other, more attentive students?" asked Miss Knight sternly.

Pansy blushed. "No Miss Knight. I'm very sorry for interrupting."

"Yes I'm sure you are. I'm also just as sure you will be interrupting me again in about ten minutes. Therefore I will have you moved to the front of the room, seeing as it will be less distracting for the rest of the class when you are asked to leave the room," stated Miss Knight.


"No buts Miss Parkinson. Sit here, now!"

Draco smirked and whispered a "thank you" to his teacher, who just smirked back.

-end flashback-

Draco smirked again at the memory. 'Oh well. I guess being annoying out of my mind has its benefits. At least now I won't have to listen to that girl's mindless chatter every Thursday,' he thought as he made his way across the white wooden bridge that led him over the stream that rippled along around 100 meters before his dorm building.

The blond whistled happily to himself as he entered the quant white and blue building and walked briskly up the two flights of stairs that led to the floor his rooms were on. 'I don't think I've been this excited since September when school started! (a/n: this is taking place in late October. Sorry for the confusion, I thought I'd put that into chapter 1.) I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Living alone in a dorm really isn't all its cracked up to be. But then again, having a roommate might not be all it's cracked up to be either. What if he snores really loudly? Or he's prematurely balding so his hair clogs up the drain in the shower? Oh screw it. I'm acting like a bloody girl. First things first: Got to meet the roommate.'

Putting his slender pianist hand on the doorknob he found the door to be unlocked, so entered the room. Draco sighed in relief as he ceremoniously flung his heavy book bag from his shoulder onto the nearby black leather coach. Rubbing his sore joint as he bent down to undo his rather plain black sneakers. While pulling off his right shoe he noticed another pair of white sneakers sitting a little bit off to the side, and grinned. 'Yes!! He's here!' the blond thought happily as he tugged off his left shoe and stood back up, fully intent on going off to search for his new roommate.

As he looked down the hall he realized that his search had ended before it had even begun.

There, standing not 5 meters in front of him stood one of the best looking boys Draco had ever laid eyes on.

A good half-foot taller than himself (Draco hated to admit it, but he was rather short for an eighteen-year old young man, standing at only 5'6'') with night black hair, beautiful emerald green eyes behind sophisticated yet charming glasses, a straight nose that had no hook at the end, a slightly small but oh-so luscious mouth that was at the moment open slightly, and an even, golden tan that would make any Hawaiian surfer jealous, his room mate was, at least in Draco's eyes, a fallen angel. 'Oh god oh god oh god I've died and gone to heaven I know it! He's gorgeous!' was all the blond could think as he continued gaping at the beautiful boy in front of him.


'Oh my god just kill me now! I'm living with him?! How bloody lucky could a guy get?! He's got to be a bloody model!' Harry thought as he consciously suppressed his tongue from flopping out of his mouth and drooling all over the posh carpet beneath his feet. Just down the hall stood a rather short boy who, judging by the way he stood, more than made up for his lack in height with a bold if slightly arrogant personality. Silky, platinum blond locks with matching ivory pale skin, deep grey bordering on silver almond eyes, feministic high cheekbones, and a beautiful full mouth with the softest of pink shaded lips made up this prince's facial complex.

Looking his apparent room mate up and down, Harry took in the other boy's lithe body, with its almost girlish curves and firm arms and abdomen that simply screamed in masculinity. He was a character out of a wet dream, he was Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, he was Hercules. He was everything Harry could ever dream of.

Somehow the green eyed young man managed to snap out of his love struck daze and blushed when he saw that the beautiful deity in front of him was staring at him. 'Oh shit, I bet he's thinking that I'm some sort of perverted stalker,' he thought as he sheepishly walked over towards his room mate.


'Oh my god, he's coming over here! Ack! Quick mental check over; is there anything in my teeth? Any zits? Is my breath okay? Aaahhhh I can't check those last two! But at least I know there is nothing in between my teeth that I can see,' spazzed Draco in his thoughts (a/n: and he's supposed to be so calm and dignified too. Tehe) as the angel came closer to him.

Silvery grey eyes almost glazed over in a combination of panic, shock, and adoration as they took in the light flush that spread gradually across the other man's cheeks while the space between the two closed gradually. 4 meters, 2 meters. It was all Draco could do to not faint in anticipation of the inevitable confrontation that was about to take place. 'Damn it! Can time move ANY slower?! Mmmm he looks yummy. His hair just is so shiny, I bet it's silky too. Mmmm silky hair. And look at those muscles! He's gotta work out to get those. Mmmmm muscles. Oh screw this. Take me you sex god!!! I'm yours!!!!!!!!'

The raven-haired youth stuck out his hand at that very moment. "Hi, um. I'm Harry Potter, and you're my room mate I guess. I just got here, and um…yeah. I guess we'll be living together for the year."

Draco blinked for a moment, clearing his brain of unwanted pleas to be taken by this angel named Harry before taking the offered hand. "Hello, it's nice to meet you. I'm Draco Malfoy." 'Even his name is beautiful,' thought the blond wistfully. 'Why do I get the feeling that this year is going to be very interesting?'

Harry suppressed a sigh of relief. For a minute there he thought that the other boy was going to turn down his hand. "That's a really nice name. It's so…exotic, I don't think I've ever heard of anyone named Draco. I like it."

Draco blushed. "Thank you. I'm afraid I can't say the same for you though, my uncle's name is Harry."

The green eyed boy grinned at this. "Yeah well I don't mind. Having a common name isn't all that bad. Means that nobody turns their head to look at you during role call, and teachers don't stumble over my name on my first day."

'Oh but I bet they do turn their heads to look at you, you're so perfect and beautiful, how could they not?' thought Draco while he laughed and answered, "Yes I suppose you're right. That is one of the downsides to having a unique name, that and that everyone always remembers it, which is not always a good thing."

Harry laughed along with the blond at this before grinning again. "Well, I'll just go and unpack the rest of my things. It's amazing how many things I got into my bags. I mean, it's taking me forever to get all my stuff out and into my new room. I don't remember spending this much time packing, ever!" he exclaimed dramatically as he moved back off and down the hall again towards his room.

Draco jumped at the opportunity that Harry unwittingly presented to him and practically ran to catch up with the taller man. "Let me help you. I have no homework left to finish that's due tomorrow, which is quite literally a miracle in itself, and it'll give us a chance to get to know one another. After all, four hands are better than two, and what better way for us to bond than over where the trousers go."

Harry grinned again at his room mate. "Thanks so much, you're a life saver. No really, you are," he stated as he led the way into his new room. "And by the way, the trousers go in the second drawer on the left," he replied cheekily as he leant over to pull out a few pairs of socks from his duffle bag.

The blond gulped at the once again unwitting view Harry gave him of his arse before going over to the un-opened duffle bag that contained the other man's school supplies. Picking up a rather large pile of books, he called out "Where would you like these?" from behind the giant mountain that completely obscured his vision.

"Oh, just over on the desk is alright. I'll organize them later," replied Harry as he placed the folded socks neatly in the top drawer, not noticing the stumbling blond approaching him unknowingly from behind.

A second later Draco found himself walking face first into a solid yet rather soft object and tumbling to the ground. Blinking down he felt a light pink blush creep up along the sides of his neck as he discovered that that "solid yet rather soft object" was Harry, and that he was now sprawled on top of him. "Errrr…sorry?" he managed to say sheepishly down at the confused green-eyed youth.

Harry, mimicking Draco's actions earlier, blinked for a few seconds before he too blushed and began laughing. "Look at us. Two minutes into unpacking and we're already all over each other and making quite a mess too at the same time!" he exclaimed in between laughs.

Draco began to laugh too as he some what reluctantly picked himself up and off of Harry and offered him his hand. Harry took it, and the blond pulled him to his feet, both still laughing like goons. 'Oh yes, this is definitely going to be an interesting year,' thought Draco as he knelt down to help Harry pick up the books that lay haphazardly on the floor around them.


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