A Day in the life...
The continuing Journal of Amy Rohrbach.

Personal note: there will be no more dates in my diary. My therapist says that the time and date do not matter. To free my inner self, I first must come to terms with all the circumstances that make up my life, and decide whether I allow it to carve me into the person I want to be or chisel me to nothing.
Me, I think I picked the wrong day to begin playing with sharp objects.


Well this is the end of another day. I can't understand what it is about my new partner that makes me trust him, when all logic says he is one of Mac Arnot's cronies. I found myself telling him stuff that I have never told anyone but you. I always thought writing in a Diary was stress relief. You've always got the brunt of the stuff I couldn't deal with in this
Godforsaken town. Now it seems I found a new outlet. You remember the kid don't you? "My Pet Rookie." Hair the color of a raven's wing, eyes as blue as the sky. No...Bluer. And the stature of a Greek God carved in all five foot ten inches of him. Geesh, I sound like a schoolgirl. At first, like everyone else, I thought that since Arnot had pulled all those strings to get him hired he was one of his insiders. Still after months of talking to him, I find it hard to believe he is anything but upfront to me. He does ask a lot of questions about this hellhole and its keystone cops. I almost didn't have to worry about it. Almost lost my first rookie.

We were called to a disturbance at the harbor. The real bitch is we were on the other side of town. But we have come to expect that kind of Bludhaven bologna from the dispatchers. By the time we reached the response area, I expected the ruckus to be over with. Nope. It had only just begun. Something hit the windshield as we came into the blue light district. Actually, I heard it more than saw it, what I noticed was my partner get slammed backwards and his head smack into the plexiglass partition that separated the front seats from the back. Then our tire blew and another impact shattered the rear window, call me quick, but it was about this time I realized we were in big trouble. I managed to get the car under control and to a stop with the larger part of the car between the sniper and us. I also I pulled my semi-conscious partner across the seat and down to the ground. At the same time, I had my radio in my hand screaming 10-24:Officer down. Shots fired. Officers need assistance and for anyone who didn't realize it, you can do all that in one breath. I got a glimpse of a shadow on top of the Goldberg building and manage to report it just before it began to rain bullets again. At this point I decided to keep my head attached to my shoulder so keeping it down out of target sight would be the better part of valor.

With the gunfire still biting the other side of the car, the kid rolled to his side coughing and sputtering on stale air that was being pushed aside with every attempt made to breathe. I tried to turn him on his back, but he pushed me away and himself back to his side eventually he pulled himself to a tight-seated ball.

C'mon kid, let me take a look at it, " I growled but he remained coiled holding
on to his chest. I finally coaxed him out of his defensive posture by doing something I have never done for any rookie. I said please. He looked stunned but before he knew it his arms were down at his side and I got a good look at what should have been a mortal injury. Unconsciously I touched the area and his arms quickly tightened to his chest

"Oh God that smarts," he coughed. There was a large rip where the bullet struck him at center mass. All I could think was: he should be dead. Thank all that is holy that Rookies are required to wear bulletproof vest. I nearly choked when he responded to what he saw. I was expecting him to pass out or something, but instead he just looked down and said. "Shit, looks like I'm gonna have to pay for another uniform."

He almost acted as if this was an everyday thing for him. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Smart-ass kid somehow knows how to get to me. I ripped open the shirt to make sure it didn't penetrate the breastplate of the body armor. Bludhaven is not exactly known for its quality equipment. Couldn't believe my eyes his body armor wasn't Bludhaven
Issue. It was top of the line like big time cops in Metropolis and Gotham use. Have a friend who works it Metropolis metro. It saved his life on more than one occasion. He must have seen the curious look in my eyes; because he answered my question before I could ask it.

"My girlfriend's father is police commissioner in Gotham city. He gave it to me as a graduation present, " He coughed. His girlfriend is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon. The man is a legend. Hell any good cop that lives long enough to make it through the ranks the hardway like he did has to be. But it just gives me another question. Why is a kid like him working in a cop killing town like Bludhaven if he could probably go anywhere he wanted.

I finally made out the sounds of sirens in the distance. I remembered thinking "bout damn time." Still dodging an occational spray of bullets as well as broken glass.

I confronted him with the curiosity of why if he was that close to the Commissioner of Police in Gotham, he is a Bludhaven cop instead of a Gotham cop? He laughed.
For the longest moment I thought he was shell-shocked or something. Then he repeated the question. And laughed some more. I remember thinking I was going to choke the answer from his throat just before he answered. He said "I didn't want anyone to think I had got the job because of my connections. Or any other deceitful means."

As one of the many who thought he was one of Arnot's boys I think I see the joke. Boy, did he pick the wrong town, or what.

When the gunfire stopped, we found our selves surrounded buy Bludhaven's elite terrorist squad. Another, not so clean-cut group of this towns meanest and ugliest cops. Two ground assault tanks took up point in front of our Swiss cheese cruiser. And without any warning, fired on the building the suspect was on. The Building exploded and came crashing to the ground. Then before I knew what was happening, I had 15 cops armed to the teeth and two paramedics between my partner and me. He was shuffled off to a waiting Rescue truck, shoved dramatically into the back of the unit, and Lieutenant Larimore was in my face. "What the hell happened here? "

I remember his face in mine. Then the next thing I knew, my face was in his. To be honest, I don't know what I said but whatever it was it had him backing up, yelling at me to watch my mouth. Ha. One block from my destination and my windshield was shattered. My partner was bounced off the back of the seat. Our tires were shredded wheat and my car was Swiss cheese, and he wants me to "watch my mouth". I matched
him glare for glare and when the silence got too much to handle I turned and walked away.

I found my partner giving the paramedics a hard time and still holding his own against Arnot who seemed to be getting on his last nerve. If this is one of Inspector Brain Dead's ass kissers, he ain't working on brownie points tonght. By the time I got there, the conversation had stopped and if looks could kill we would be short one bad cop in Bludhaven.

I am not sure whom I thought I was going to save by walking in on their conversations but hell he was my partner. I f his butt is going in the "sling", my butt should be right there with him. God, what a thought.

"How you doing partner? " I asked. Talk about your stupid questions. I was staring at a bruise as large as Texas that blemished his perfect body. For some reason, I couldn't get my eyes to move from that spot. He must have said something cause the next thing I knew I was seeing a flash of a hand being waved in front of my eyes. Man, I didn't think I could get that many shades of red. He looked at his own chest then up at me smiled and repeated himself. "Despite what everyone wants to believe, I am just fine. It's just a bruise. "

This is when things got worse Arnot put his hands on my shoulder. "Well Sergeant, your partner was lucky. You damn near got the kid shot right out from under you."

I wasn't ready for that and I suppose I should have been. I still can't believe he said that and more important that I didn't cold cock him right there but something in me agreed with him. I screwed up.

The one thing you don't let people like Arnot do is see that they have the upper hand. Something dad taught me and his dad taught him. Like any other dog he knew the smell of fear and took full advantage of it. He pulled me in to his grasp as if to hug me, then informed me that he was "pretty sure," that I was not solely at fault since I was probably not train correctly myself. Besides the kid was still in one piece so it was "no harm, no foul. Then announced that my partner and myself would be going to the hospital and then after all the right forms were filled out we would be put on temporary leave with pay ending investigation I showered for two hours trying to get the sensation of that scum's hand on my shoulder off. I am still not sure I can face the kid come the end of the investigation.