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The bell rang to signal the end of the school day. Sakura packed away her books and turned to her best friend.

"Tomoyo, can you come round my house tonight? There's no way I'm going to be able to finish that homework with out your help." The raven haired girl smiled.

"Of course you could Sakura! But I'll come anyway." The two girls smiled and walked out of the classroom side by side. The school hall ways were packed with students leaving. It was a Thursday, which meant they had one more day left of school before the summer holidays. Two whole months free of school, teachers, homework. Eight weeks to themselves. 56 days of no bullies constantly harassing them. To say Sakura and Tomoyo were looking forward to it was an understatement.

Sakura and Tomoyo were classed as nerds. Not because they were but because they didn't fit into any other category with their schools student body. They were to quiet to be in the popular crowd, their interests didn't place them with the drama, science or computer geeks and they weren't Goths or stoners or part of any gang. Most people saw them as just being there.

"Sakura, if you just told them who you are then maybe the bullying would stop." As Tomoyo spoke a tall, blond football jock pushed by both of them making them fall to the floor. Sakura laughed as she helped Tomoyo up.

"Do you really think me telling people who I really am will get everyone off our backs?"

"Who you really are Kinomoto?" A voice called out. The two girls turned to be greeted by a pair of crimson eyes.

"Hi Meilin." The honey haired girl looked down rather than at the tall black haired girl in front of her.

"Aren't you going to answer me?" Sakura just shook her head in reply and stepped away from the girl.

"Hey Meilin don't scare them away, we need them remember?" A brunette called out from behind the Chinese girl. She pulled Meilin back before smiling at them.

"Hi, I'm Hikari Kamiya but you can call me Kari. This is my friend Yolei Inoue." She pointed to a tall, purple haired girl to her left who smiled.

"Sakura Kinomoto and Tomoyo Daidouji." Sakura replied with a nod of her head. Kari smiled and Sakura knew instantly that this girl was different from the others. Tomoyo stepped forward.

"Excuse me for being rude, but what do you need us for?" Kari smiled then motioned for them to start walking.

"It's a long story but...we want you to join our gang." Sakura stopped dead.


"Why don't we get something to drink them Meilin can explain everything." Yolei suggested and the four other girls agreed. They talked about various other things on the way to a small café and once there, Meilin chose a table outside and further away from the others.

"It started when me and Syaoran moved here from Hong Kong. We're cousins and I'm currently under his mother's care. We moved here because of some family problems she didn't want us involved with. Once we had moved here Syaoran and some of his friends started a gang, The Killer Sting. After a fight that me, Kari and Sora got involved with we decided we wanted to join. But its an all male gang. So we decided to start our own gang. We are The Queen Bees. And we want you to join us." Sakura and Tomoyo looked at each other then at the three girls in front of them.

"Why us?" They asked in unison. Kari smiled.

"We've been watching you, for quite some time now. You've both got great potential. Plus we need more members and we'd like you to join us."

"We would have asked you sooner but we decide important things as a whole gang, some of our members we out of town so we had to wait." Yolei added.

"But why now?" Meilin sighed.

"My cousin is recruiting too many new members into his gang; we have to do the same to survive."

"So," Yolei leaned forward, "do you want to join?" Silence settled around them as Kari, Meilin and Yolei stared at Sakura and Tomoyo. The raven haired girl suddenly smiled.

"Of course we'll join! But I need to know something."


"Do we have costumes and if we do can I design some?"

"Tomoyo!" Sakura exclaimed as the other three girls stared at each other.

"Another Mimi." Yolei muttered as Kari leaned forward.

"Sure." Kari's agreement made the amethyst eyed girl squeal in delight. Meilin sighed then brightened.

"Now you can come to or headquarters."

"Headquarters?" Sakura asked as they paid and left the small café. Yolei nodded.

"Yep, the place where we meet and train and generally hang out."

"Its like a second home." Kari added as the five girls walked back to school. Once there Meilin led them towards a red Porsche.

"This is your car?" Sakura asked as Meilin pulled at her keys.

"Yep once you've properly joined the gang you'll get your own cars too."

"Properly joined?" The girls climbed in and Kari explained as they drove away. About ten minutes later and they pulled up in front of a large warehouse. Meilin pulled into the driveway and pulled out a remote control from the glove compartment. Pointing it at the brown doors in front of them you could see a red laser before the doors slid open. The black haired girl drove into a small area marked out for cars, an underground car park. Sakura and Tomoyo followed the other girls to a door in the corner to the right of the entrance. Kari indicated a keypad to the side of it.

"You'll get a code so you can enter. Everyone's is different but the system accepts them all." Yolei typed her four digit code into the little box and the door opened a moment later. It opened unto a very large room, with an open plan design. There was a staircase directly opposite them leading to a second floor. In one corner was a kitchen, with a long rectangular shaped dining table running down one side of the huge room. In the corner at the end of the table was a huge T.V screen built into the wall with chairs and sofas around it. The corner to their right was a padded area with benches in a square. And the fourth corner was full of sports machines like treadmills, rowing machines, exercise bikes and weight lifting machines. Sakura and Tomoyo just stared at their surroundings.

"Bathrooms and bedrooms are upstairs. There's a phone in the kitchen and there's a computer with an internet connection by the T.V." Meilin instructed as she made her way towards the kitchen.

"I expected it to be more ... lively." Tomoyo commented as she stepped away from Sakura and into the sofa area.

"The others will be here soon." Kari replied. "In fact someone's on their way in now."

"How do you know that?" The brunette turned to point at a flashing green light above the door they had entered through.

"The green light signals when someone we know is coming in. However, the red light signals when someone's using an old code or forcing their way in." The black door slid open as she finished talking and in strode a girl with bright pink hair.

"No need to fear, Mimi's here!" She declared as she walked past the two new members and started up the stairs. There she paused and turned back round.

"New members?" She asked as she stared at Sakura and Tomoyo. The older girl didn't wait for an answer and ran over to hug both of them.

"Oh I love new members! We can have a fashion show!"

"You like fashion?" Tomoyo cried and the two began a very fast conversation about their likes and dislikes. Sakura sighed and glanced at Kari.

"She won't stop talking for hours now."

Neither will Mimi." Kari laughed and Sakura smiled. They started to walk over to Yolei and Meilin when a high pitch squeal started and the light above the door flashed red. The door slid back twice as fast as usual and a figure stepped into the room, pointing a gleaming black gun.

"LOOK OUT!" Kari pushed Sakura to the floor as Yolei shouted the warning. Mimi and Tomoyo dived behind the sofas as the gun went off. Bullets flew everywhere as Meilin and Yolei sheltered behind the table, leaving Kari and Sakura in the middle of the open floor. The shooter turned to them.

"Kari!" Yolei slid a silver gun across the floor which the brunette picked up while Meilin kept the shooters attention on her. Turning to their attacker Kari began to shoot as Sakura stayed behind her. More gunshots filled the air as Yolei and Meilin backed Kari up. Sakura found it amazing that no one had been hurt yet. As she watched she noticed that Kari seemed to be the target of the shooter.

Another gunshot and Sakura suddenly pulled Kari to the right as a bullet whizzed past them. Both girls stared at each other before another gunshot brought them out of their daze. It was quickly followed by a thud. All six girls watched as the shooter crumbled to the floor and another girl stepped out from behind her. Her auburn hair shone, as did her brown eyes.

"Sora!" Yolei cried out as Mimi and Tomoyo ran to Kari and Sakura. Meilin came out from behind the table and joined the group.

"If you hadn't moved Kari when you did she would have been shot." She added bluntly to Sakura as Kari nodded. Sora smiled.

"New members huh? Well, welcome to The Queen Bees."

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