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A/N: Train rides sometimes are very inspirational.

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No Superman

He can make everyone feel great about themselves just by giving them his trademark smile. He has reserved one especially for me. One that makes my heart flutter even after the two years we have been together.

He knows exactly what to say or what not to say to me when I'm in one of my characteristic moods. He's not afraid to call the wrath of Sara upon himself when he thinks I should put things into perspective. Many others choose to stay clear instead of challenging me, but he doesn't. He keeps pushing me until I realize how unreasonable I have been.

We both need our sleep, but he senses when I'm wide awake, tossing and turning, nightmares hunting me night after night. Instinctively he reaches out to me, strokes the hair out of my face, kisses me on my head and holds me close, stroking my back until I fall asleep.

He is always ready to help you out no matter if you are his best friend or a stranger he's just met. Ready to carry your burdens for you on top of his own. If he could carry the burdens of the entire world he would do it in a second, without hesitation.

But he is no Superman. Everyone likes to think he is. He likes to keep it that way, but I know better. He spends many nights trembling in his sleep, crying out for me when the demons from his past infiltrate his dreams once again.

Once he hit me while trying to fend off one of the demons in his nightmares. He kept apologizing, even though I told him it was okay. It was not like he had done it on purpose. Unlike my past boyfriends he would never think about hurting me. I'm convinced he would rather die before he would touch me in such a violent way.

My co-workers didn't make it any easier. Sending him angry looks. Some of them wanting to get physical with him until I told them I walked into a closed door. The relief on their faces became visible almost instantly. I think it was mostly based on the fact they got their Superman back.

Our problems weren't over though. He told me he wasn't good enough for me. He said he wanted to slow things down. He would hurt me if we would stay together.

When I told him I didn't need him to be my Superman hurt flashed across his handsome face. I told him Superman was a fictional hero and nothing about him was fictional.

He is and always has been my hero. I just have to share him with many others, but that is okay.