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Chapter six

Frankie had just watched Face leave the room when he signed in frustration, Face was a difficult man to understand. Frankie was so caught up in his thoughts, that he failed to hear someone enter the room. He failed to notice the armed man holding a gun in his hand.

Frankie only realised something was wrong when he felt a hard blow to the back of his head, knocking him unconscious before he could even react. Frankie had just fallen to the ground when Face reappeared.

Face looked at the unconscious form on the ground and immediately knew something was wrong, but his reaction was too slow as he soon found himself on his knees, with a gun pressed down hard the back on his neck, forcing him to look up.

Face looked up to see that there were two armed men, one holding him down the another standing right in front of him. However, he noticed the leader of the two 'goons'.

The man was in his early thirties, well groomed man, wearing an very expensive suit. Whereas the there armed men were in cheaper suits.

Face had to smile when he noticed that they were all wearing black. He just didn't understand the thing that bad guys had with the colour? was it the bad guys uniform? he didn't know. He thought it best just to keep quiet at the moment, not really knowing what exactly they wanted. He just prayed that the little girl would not come down the stairs.

"Who are you? and where is Hobson and his brat?" the leader asked.

Face suddenly knew that Angela was in danger because he knew that they would search the house.

"I don't know what you are talking about?" Face lied.

"I don't have games, who are you and what are you doing here?" the leader demanded.

"I'm Gary, Gary Wilson, friend of Robert," Face lied, hoping that they would believe that.

Face didn't exactly want everyone to know that the A-team was on the mission, and he certainly didn't want them to know that he was apart of the team.

"Then who's that guy?" The leader asked as he pointed to Frankie.

"That's Mr Johnson, a friend," Face quickly made up.

He just couldn't believe that making up stuff was so hard at the moment. He suddenly wished he had stayed back, where he could be resting.

"David, check upstairs," the leader ordered.

Face watched as the one goon leave, leaving him alone with the leader and just one goon. If he had been in a better condition he would have been able to take them on, but at that moment, he didn't think he could take on a puppy.

"I ask you again Mr Wilson, where is everyone?" the leader asked.

"You know, I didn't catch your name?" Face asked, hoping that he could at least try and figure out who was behind this.

"That's because I didn't say it," he snapped.

Face watched as the leader turned his back so that he could see the stairs, knowing that this was his only chance, Face quickly turned, knocking the un-expecting goon to the ground.

The leader turned, but without his gun draw, that gave Face just enough time to act fast by striking the man hard in the face sending the man to the ground.

Face quickly turned to see the goon he had just knocked down trying to get up again, Face grunted as he picked up the one keyboard, sending it down hard against the man's head, knocking him unconscious.

All those moments caused unbearable pain in his stomach which would have made him pass out, lucky for him, his army training came in to play, which allowed him to block out the pain.

Sweat covered his face as his breathing was ragged. He felt as if he had just run a mile. He knew that with his condition, he wouldn't be able to last much longer.

He snapped out of his thoughts as he heard a girl's scream.

"Angela," Face gasped as he quickly made his way to the stairs.

He had just reached half way when the one goon appeared, holding a squirming little body in his huge masculine arms.

"Where's the boss?" David demanded as he repositioned Angela in a threatening way.

Face looked up to the pale little girl in the man's arms, he could see the fear in her bright blue eyes.

"Downstairs, he wanted me to fetch you," Face lied.

David didn't seem so convinced, as he pointed the gun to the little girl's head.

Face raised his hands up in defeat, showing David that he wasn't going to try anything. Hoping that David would point the gun at him rather than the petrified girl's head.

"Come down stairs, I won't do anything," Face said with a straight face, hoping that David would fall for his lie.

David moved down slowly, making sure that his eyes were always on Face, and that his gun was always pointing at the girl's head.

Face reached the bottom of the stairs and could hear movement from the other room and knew that he was in deep trouble. He couldn't try anything with David because he knew that he would kill Angela, and he knew that if he didn't do anything, the boss and the other goon would appear and that would mean deep trouble.

With a no win situation Face knew he couldn't do anything, not yet. He just prayed that he would have another chance to act.

Face didn't have to wait long as the 'boss' appeared, holding a bloody hankie to his broken nose.

"Roy, you ok?" David asked in concern as he saw his boss.

"ys, git him," Roy replied as he wiped his nose.

David pointed the gun to Face, who once again raised his hands in defeat. Even if he could reach David in time, he would still have to worry about Roy.

"What we going to do Roy? they said there was a possibility that the A-team was going to be involved!" David said in a panic.

Roy looked at Face with a sudden interest. He came closer, this time, with his gun drawn.

"Mr Wilson? If that's your real name. You part of the A-team?" Roy asked.

Face said nothing.

Roy looked at David who was still holding the little girl in his arms, when an idea struck him.

"Lets go," Roy said as he pointed to the open door.

"What about Jack?" David asked as he looked for his missing friend.

"Jack is useless, expendable, we already wasted enough time, we need to go," Roy ordered.

Knowing that he was just as expendable as Jack, David headed for the open door, carrying the struggling child in his arms.

Roy watched David leave before turning his attention back to Face.

"Move slowly to the car, any sudden moves and it will be your last!" Roy ordered.

Face moved slowly, knowing that Roy wasn't joking. At least he would be with Angela, and now he wouldn't have to face Hannibal. A smile formed on his face when he pictured Hannibal's face.

o o o

Hannibal couldn't help the weird feeling he was feeling. He didn't know why, but he just knew something was wrong.

"Hey Hannibal, why did we leave Facey and Frankie?" Murdock asked.

"So that Face can get some rest, and that they can look after Angela," Hannibal answered.

Murdock smiled, he knew that Hannibal would do anything in his power to protect them, especially Face. Too bad he didn't do such a good job at protecting his brother. Guilt tore at him when he pictured the terror in Face's eyes when the bullet hit. No matter how hard he tried, he could never get that picture out of his head. Not even his usual hiding place could make him forget that look.

BA, who had been driving, couldn't help but feel like he was forgetting something. Maybe it was because he was driving away from where they left Face, but something was bugging him. It was an eerie feeling, almost like a sixth sense.

"Hannibal, you feel like something's wrong?" BA asked.

Murdock was surprised to hear BA ask Hannibal about a feeling, something must be up.

Hannibal looked at BA, both knew that something was wrong.

Without any words, BA made a sharp turn, sending everyone flying, as he made his way back to the house.

Hannibal just prayed that it was just a bad feeling, that nothing was wrong.

"How much longer till we get there?" Murdock asked in concern.

"What's happening?" Robert asked.

"We are heading back, something's wrong!" Hannibal explained as BA went through a red light, causing cars to hoot as they braked.

"Hang on, we'll be there in five minutes!" BA growled as he put his foot down harder on the accelerator.

Those five minutes seemed like five lifetimes as they finally arrived at the house. As soon as the car stopped, everyone jumped out, hoping that everything would be the same as they left it only moments ago. But to their dismay, they could see that they were wrong.

They could immediately see that something was wrong as they saw the once secure locked door was now, wide open. They could see the damage and knew that someone had managed to break open the door.

"ANGELA!" Robert yelled as he began to run to the house.

"NO!" Hannibal shouted as he tried in vain to stop Robert.

But it was too late, Robert had managed to pass them as he headed to the house. Knowing that danger could still be in there, BA, Hannibal and Murdock quickly followed Robert.

Murdock ran up the stairs after Robert as BA and Hannibal headed for the lounge to find an motionless Frankie, lying on the floor.

Hannibal knelt down by Frankie, quickly checking for a pulse.

"He's alive," Hannibal said in relief.

"Good, but here's Face?" BA asked in concern as he looked around the bare room.

"Hannibal, the girl's gone," Murdock said as he walked into the room.

"So is Face," Hannibal said worriedly.

Silence filled the room, no one knowing what to say as their minds wondered where their missing brother was.

"You said she would be safe, my little girl is GONE!" Robert yelled as he entered the room.

Hannibal turned to see Robert, he could see the tears running down Robert's face. But his focus drifted as he noticed a note which was pinned to the wall just above Robert's head.

"Hannibal?" Murdock asked as Hannibal walked dangerously close to Robert.

Robert didn't know what to expect as Hannibal walked up to him, he tightly closed his eyes as he saw Hannibal's hand raise. Robert turned his head for the blow that was bound to happen...

But it never did.

Not knowing what Hannibal was waiting for, Robert opened his eyes to see Hannibal reaching for the note that was hanging on the wall just above his head.

Everyone gathered around as Hannibal read the letter.

"Well?" Murdock asked.

"They have Face and Angela, and they want to trade Angela for drug," Hannibal said as he finished reading the letter.

"Then they can have it," Robert said quickly.

"What about Face?" Murdock asked nervously.

"If we try anything, they will kill him,"

o o o

To be continued...