Author's Notes: Just one more historic note. During the Yuan dynasty, the Khan's didn't have any use for the scholars of the time, so the teachers who'd been stripped of their jobs turned to writing, making that dynasty the start of Chinese novels and operas.

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Chapter 4: Legend


The scholar lifted the brush, his eyes looking over the blank page before him. There was not much for him to do; now that the Mongols have overthrown the government his teachings were restricted. And so, like the other knowledged men of the time- he began to write a novel. A tale of fated love.

There once was a beautiful woman of high class. A noble woman with flowing lavender hair that she adorned with flowers.

But the floods and plagues came upon her village. And even those of youkai blood were not spared nature's wrath. Leaving her a lone survivor, left to fend for her own in the world.

With the lands filled with invaders, she knew her strength would be her vice. And being as such, she began to train herself.

Years passed and she became a master of illusion and controlling minds of weak men. Both of her powers were only strengthened by her great beauty, which caused quite the distraction to her opponents.

On hearing of a clan of moth youkai near the seas, she journeyed there. And was set into a duel against other strong women seeking to earn the honor of serving the great Hyouga-sama's son.

At the same time, another woman ventured forth from her home. Her clan that of mostly women, raised as fighters who had no need for men.

But with the intrusions they'd made a pact. One that she couldn't agree to. So she killed the man she was to please, his blood staining the spear she carried.

And without a thought otherwise, she fled. Her path drawing her towards the moth youkai clan of Hyouga-sama in hopes he'd give her sanctuary from her heinous deeds.

It was there on a battlefield the two women met, their piercing eyes speaking of how they longed to be the one who served the youkai's son. Their fight was to be 'til the death, but the very son they fought for the sake of serving found himself enlightened with a better plan.

He requested of his father that the two both serve under his care. He could see the way they fit together, the way they would work best as one.

But little did he know how correct he would turn out to be. The two women then found themselves drawn not only to the battle as one, but to one another.

The woman fleeing her life and the one seeking one. The noble beauty and the rogue brute. Together, they would find a love that could not be denied.

And as their love grew, their strength become even more fearsome. For when faced with the possibility of losing your love, your heart will fight all the stronger to save them.

They were known simply as the Sword and the Spear. The weapons with which they fought. And under the prestige of the moth youkai prince, they began to reclaim the land by the sea for the peoples of the land.

But Hyouga-sama had greater visions, visions that spanned that ocean to the land across the way. And so, after many years of battling, he set his sights on conquering that other land for himself. An island for him and his subjects to dominate for years to come.

And so across the waters they ventured, their hopes high and their confidence full. They would not and could not lose. That one thought being their greatest flaw.

Upon the shore waited another army, the formidable inu-youkai lord and his servants ready to defend their lands.

The battle lasted for many a day. Blood was shed and the ground was painted crimson, but never once did either side back down.

An urgent message arrived back to the prince that his father was in need, and so he went forth with the two lovers to save his father's pride.

They had no idea what awaited them on that shoreline. No inkling of what dangers they would face.

And after that, they were heard from nevermore. They vanished without a single trace.

But to this day there is a saying, a legend, which spans throughout the land. A legend of two warrior women who died on foreign ground, their last moments spent hand in hand.