This is my collection of drabbles. It will be updated whenever I write any ficlet that I won't be putting in the "By Your Side" collection. Let me know what you think!

Title: Transience

Genre: Drama/Angst

Word count: 217

Summary: A memory of childhood- young InuYasha and his mother Izayoi talk beneath a cherry blossom tree.

"Well InuYasha, cherry blossoms are also a symbol of transience."

"Transience? What's that?" The young hanyou asked, the word slipping off his tongue awkwardly. Izayoi laughed lightly at her son's stumbled question.

It means it's only around for a short while, so it's used to signify," She paused and glanced over to her curious son, voice lowering to a whisper. "When people die…" InuYasha looked up to the blooming sakura tree he and his mother sat beneath.

"Mama, you won't ever need cherry blossoms will you? You won't… die, right?"

"Oh InuYasha," She wrapped her arms around the boy in a warm embrace and smiled sadly. "Everyone dies sometime."

"Everyone?" Izayoi nodded. "That's not fair Mama…"

Deftly, she kissed his cheek and brushed a sakura petal out of his thick silver hair.

"No InuYasha… no it's not."

There was never a time that InuYasha wished his mother were wrong more than that one. For in the brevity of that same spring- he lost her.

Like a blooming sakura tree, Izayoi was to her son. Only there for fleeting moments, before she left him to the scorching heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter.

But he could never resent her, only love her and cherish her memory. As we all do the precious blossoms of spring.