Author's Note: Yes, File 7 up! Enjoy!

File 7 – Second Murder

Among the crowd in the theater as well were Shinichi and Ran, Heiji and Kazuha, Shiho, Ang and Dr. Agasa, having just arrived not long ago. "Wow, I didn't think there will be THAT many people," said Ran, looking around.

"Eh? Isn't that Nakamori-keibu?" Dr. Agasa suddenly asked, pointing.

Shinichi looked down. There was a large troop of police near the stage, and Nakamori-keibu was in the middle of them, shouting something. "Isn't he in charge of catching Kaitou Kiddo?" he murmured. He turned to Ran. "Ah, Ran! You take everyone to their places, I'll be right back!"

"Ehh? But---Shinichi!" Ran exclaimed, but Shinichi had run off. She sighed. "He's always like Where's Ang-chan and Hattori-kun?" she asked in surprise when she turned around. Kazuha shrugged in reply. Shiho just smiled down the theater.

"Nakamori-keibu!" Nakamori-keibu whirled around, and immediately turned sour. He was not at all pleased when he saw Shinichi walking up to him. He turned back to his men. "You heard my order, now get moving!"

"Hai!" the force called in unison before rushing to their posts.

"What's up, Nakamori-keibu?" Shinichi asked, watching as the police force hurried off. "Is Kaitou Kiddo coming?"

"If you know, you don't have to ask," Nakamori-keibu grunted.

"But it can't be...A is the one who's showing up, not Kiddo."

Both Shinichi and Nakamori-keibu were taken back by the voices. Shinichi turned with a sour look on his face. "Chirudo, Hattori! What are you doing here?"

Heiji grinned, but Ang looked thoughtful. "Kaitou Kiddo is the well-known phantom thief, isn't he? But there's nothing to steal today," she continued. "There's only the crystalline tonight."

"Who cares? He's the one who sent the two stupid messages," Nakamori-keibu retorted. "And don't mess with police business!"

"Hang on! Two messages?" Shinichi exclaimed.

"Yeah...and I told you, DON'T INTERRUPT IN POLICE BUSINESS! I don't care whether you're meitantei or not!"

"But it wouldn't hurt if we see the messages, that isn't interrupting," Heiji pointed out.

Nakamori-keibu grumbled, but he put his hand into his pocket and fished two crisp papers out. "Here, take it. I don't want them anyway."

Shinichi grabbed it and held one above the other, reading, "'During the 25th from the 20th of 17th 8th, I will take the crystalline. But tomorrow night one person will rest in peace, before it is actually released. So keep a close watch, for the white eagle has arrived'...the second one is 'On the same time and day of the first message, I will try and take the crystalline. But tomorrow night I will stop one person from doing things that even you will regret. Be careful'. This is strange..."

"No, it's not!" Ang snapped after reading over his shoulder. "That first message is from A! He's going to kill someone tonight! Kiddo wrote the second message, and he's trying to stop A! It's dangerous!"

Heiji winced. "Looks like the two decide to go against each other. But when are they going to steal the crystalline?"

"'25th from the 20th or 17th 8th'...what does that mean?" Shinichi muttered.

"What date is it today?" Ang suddenly asked.

Shinichi cast her a strange look. "It's August 17th, why---" Then it dawned on both him and Heiji.

"17th 8th!"

"So if 20th means 20th hour, it's 8 o'clock tonight," Heiji said quickly, pointing at the message. "And if 25th means 25 hours after 8 tonight..."

"He's going to steal the crystalline tomorrow night at 9," Shinichi concluded. "That's easy! But there's one more thing---when's he going to kill tonight?" he asked Ang.

Ang looked as if she was pondering. "Today is a Saturday," she muttered. "Saturday is---a gun. He's going to shoot someone with a gun, and it could be at anytime!"

Suddenly, the lights dimmed in the theater. Almost everyone had taken their seats, and the presentation was starting. A man stepped up to the stage and started to speak.

Meanwhile, a white figure stood at the far top corner of the theater. He held up a white gun and aimed at the man on the stage. He narrowed his eyes as he started to pull the trigger.

Suddenly, a poker card zipped out of nowhere and knocked the gun out of his hand. A shot rang out from it anyway, and the bullet struck a light, shattering its bulb. Everyone below gasped as they looked up in shock.

Shinichi was the first person to find out where it came from. "Up there!" he shouted, pointing at the white figure. But there was not one now---but two white figures standing at the top. His eyes widened. "K-Kiddo?!"

"IT'S KIDDO! GET HIM!" Nakamori-keibu roared.

"NO!" He spun around in surprise when he heard Ang saying. Her eyes seemed to be burning with determination, and they stopped him from doing anything else.

One was holding a gun---Kaitou Kiddo. His monocle reflected the light as he smiled. The other's suit matched Kiddo's, only he was completely in white. He wore a mask that shielded half of his face. He smiled as well. "Well,'s true that there's a Heisei Lupin in Japan," he said with only a very slight foreign accent.

"And what are you, Heisei Zorro?" Kid said with amusement, lowering his card gun.

The mysterious person chuckled. "Sorry, I don't play good guys...I'm only the first white devil you'll see in this world---A."

"Well, I'm glad to finally meet you."

"Yes...but a piece of advice, Kaitou Kiddo---I may look like I'm just another Arsene Lupin or Kaitou Kiddo like you, but I'm better."

Something snapped up behind A---a hang glider. Kid's eyes widened as he remembered. "White eagle!"

A smiled as he whipped out another gun. "Exactly. And there's a rule to phantom criminals, Kiddo---they never fail a mission."

He aimed at Kid and fired. Kid dodged quickly, missing the bullet just in time. He looked up to see A taking off, aiming downward. "Uso!"

"EVERYONE GET OUT OF HERE! A doesn't just target anybody!" Ang cried.

But the crowd was already in frenzy, beginning to pile out of the theater. Ran, Kazuha, Shiho and Dr. Agasa were pushed out in the process too. "Shinichi!" Ran exclaimed before she disappeared from sight.

A shot rang out suddenly. Someone screamed. Heiji ran up the steps to where he saw someone collapsing. He came to a sharp halt when he saw a man on the ground with a wound in his heart, already dead. "DARN! He got him!" he shouted down to Shinichi and Ang.

A landed on the stage. The spotlight came down on him. "Ladies and gentlemen...thank you for watching!" he announced in English, bowing dramatically. "Master of murder, A, bids you goodbye till then," he finished in Japanese, smiling as he tipped his hat down.

"Don't you dare!" Kid shouted angrily as he set up his own hang glider and sprang for A. He saw him aiming the gun at him, and quickly steered away to avoid another gunshot.

"Darn it!" Shinichi cursed as he sprinted up to the stage. He was getting close to A when a puff of smoke burst out from nowhere. "Huh?!"

"He knows magic tricks! Don't go too near to him!" Ang shouted.

What?! Kid couldn't believe it. He quickly looked around until he saw someone disappearing through a door at the back of the stage. He let go of his glider and landed with a soft thud on the stage, but he did not stop there. He bolted through the door after A. Noticing him, Shinichi quickly rushed after him too. Ang was stunned for a second. "No! S-stop!" she shrieked before hurrying after them.

Kid panted as he ran up the countless of stairs. He could hear Shinichi's heavy breathing not far behind him. Footsteps padded on ahead of him. It was only seconds before he finally reached a door that was ajar. He flung it open. "A, I won't forgive you!" he bellowed as Shinichi burst through behind him as well.

A was standing at the edge of the roof, grinning. "Ah, I see a couple of rats...and only one to kill before tomorrow. Who shall it be?"

"Well, make your decision, because none of us is letting you get away with it!" Shinichi snarled.

A laughed. "Oh, I do love a challenge! Let's see---your name is Kudo Shinichi, aren't you? Yes, I've been watching you last night..."

"So it was you!"

"Yes. I was rather interested to know who the well-known Heisei Holmes is. Seems that you're similar to a very eager nemesis of mine..."

Just then, the door burst open once more, and it was Ang, out of breath from running. "A!"

A looked at her for a second before tipping his hat down. "I'll make my decision later then. Ja ne, tantei-san, kaitou-san---" He smiled. "---anshou-san desu."

He took a leap off the roof and disappeared. Kid and Shinichi ran forward and peered down. A's hang glider had popped up once more, and he was leaving the place. "Darn! I'm going to chase after him!" Kid said in determination as he set up his gadget too.

"I'm going too!" Shinichi said as he turned around for the door.

"Ahou, it's too slow that way!" Kid snapped.

"Hey, I'll do anything I can to catch him!" Shinichi retorted back. "He's my nemesis!"

"No, he's MY rival, so you stay out of this, detective fool!"

"No, YOU stay out of this, stupid thief!"

"No, BOTH of you stay out of this!"

Kid and Shinichi turned in surprise to see Ang collapsing to her knees, her fists clenched. Kid spoke first, "But he's going to escape---"

"I told you, stay out of it!" Ang snapped. "If you chase him, he will kill you! He won't care, I know it! He---he killed my father!"