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This is an AU fic where Wanda's life wasn't like in the show. Basically she was taken in by Xavier at a much earlier age.



Her name was Wanda Maximoff and she was only thirteen years old. Currently she was huddled in the corner of the dark cold room. She could see the night sky out the window and the rain as well, but she didn't care. She had been here for about a month now and she was still frightened. She couldn't understand it, why had her father abandoned her? Was she bad? It wasn't her fault that she couldn't control it, it wasn't so why had he gotten rid of her?

She was still in her same clothing, now only ragged and smelly from being worn for so long. The others didn't want to get close to her, she was afraid of them and she was afraid they would hurt her. She didn't understand why she had to be here, why couldn't her father help her?

Everyday they tried to do something to her. They said it was medicine but she didn't trust them. The last time they came her powers broke the sink. It was there in the wall, shattered and ruined. They turned off the water for it so it would stop overflowing with water.

Wanda just wanted to go home, she just wanted to be back with her daddy again and with her brother. Why did he just stand there letting them take her away? Why didn't he say anything? Wanda used her dirty sleeve to wipe away her tears. She cried herself to sleep all the time but with the storm outside she could sleep.

She wished she still had her bed but her powers had broken it. Now she just had a mattress to sleep on. The others didn't come in to cheek on her much anymore. Mainly they just pushed food through the door and took it when she was done, mainly when she was asleep.

She hated it here. She just wanted to go back home, why didn't they let her go back home? Was Daddy mad at her? She didn't mean to be bad, she couldn't control it, she didn't mean to wreck all that stuff, she said she was sorry. Why didn't he believe me when I said I was sorry? Did he hate me?

She was so alone, all she wanted was to be in her daddy's arms, she just wanted this all to be a mad dream. But deep down as the wind was howling outside and the cold of the floor told her otherwise.


Xavier was researching through man files piled out on his desk. For years after Eric had left after their views on mutants started to differ he had tried to find something, anything about his old friend, trying to see what he was up to.

He was also wondering if his designs for the Cerebro unit would actually work. He had been lucky when he had found Jean and Scott. They were the first of what he hoped would be many. He had already helped out Ororo with her own powers and had gotten her and her sister into this country. In fact he heard that their little boy Evan was doing fine, he just wondered if he would one day manifest his powers.

Then there was Logan. Three years ago when he had stumbled on the man he was nearly wild and uncontrollable but now he was actually a lot more civil around the place. Even Jean and Scott had gotten over how scared they were of him now, in fact he was glad that the children seemed to have a 'softening' effect on the man.

It was through research and blind luck that he had gotten to Jean and Scott as such a young age. He had to wonder just how many more mutants there were in the world? He wondered how many he would miss and whether he could help them or not.

There was a knock on the door. "Come in Logan." Charles said not taking his eyes off the papers.

Logan entered the room and sat down. "I really hate it when you do that you know?"

Xavier tried to hide a smile. "Hiding out from the kids?" He asked the Canadian with a hint of humor in his voice. Logan just growled something.

"This is one of the few places that the kids know better then to disturb ya in." He sighed. "I swear those two are starting to get on my nerves. Jean kept asking me for rides on my bike and Scott wanted to help me with that Danger Room you got be building. Do you really think you'll need a deathtrap like that in this place?"

Xavier stopped looking through the papers. "Logan I need somewhere to safely test and train their powers and that's out of prying eyes. Besides I'm sure I could find some other way to build it if you don't wish to do it."

"Don't bother, I actually like to get my hands dirty. Besides I owe ya a lot Chuck, consider this one of the ways I'm paying you back." There was a crash heard outside with a 'Jean did it' and followed by a 'did not' from outside. "But those two are pushing me, I think I need to get paid if I have to live with those two going at it."

"Logan they're children." He said with a smile. "Besides I have faith they'll grow out of it." As he was looking through all the files something caught his attention. Xavier studied it and searched for more records.

Logan saw this and was wondering what he had. "Got something?"

Xavier didn't answer at first. He looked at the sheets and he face had on a look of distain. "Eric...how could you?" He asked himself in a whisper.

"What?" Logan asked him not liking this at all. "What is it?"

"Not long ago a young girl was sent to this mental institution by Eric Lensherr, named Wanda Maximoff. Before we lost touch Eric told me about a woman he was seeing whose last name was Maximoff."

"You telling me there might be a connection with the girl and Magneto?" Logan asked him.

"I think Logan...it might be his child." Xavier said gravely. "I'll need to look into this immediately."


Xavier along with Ororo were outside the asylum. "What a horrid place." Ororo said seeing all the bars, the dark gray paint that was chipping away and the dark and gloomy atmosphere that made it look like and old prison then a place for mental help.

"Are you certain that this is the place?" Ororo asked the Professor. She hated to think of a young child living in such a place. It was so enclosed and she felt her fear of claustrophobia starting to rise up in her at just seeing the place and thinking of the rooms that had to be in this place.

"I looked over all the information Ororo...this is it." He told her gravely. They went to the lobby and were given passes and shown to the administrator. It took some doing on his part but Xavier used a few of his connections to get permission to see the administrator of this place.

The halls were dirty looking and unkempt, there were a few people in medical gowns walking around with dazed expressions, some were twitching and others seemed to be talking to people that weren't there. It took great strain on the Professor to shield himself from all the thoughts. He had never been in a placed like this and it was quite disturbing with all the strange thoughts that were all over the place.

When they got to the office they were shown in. It was a modest one at best not much in the way of things and Xavier guessed this place had to run on a serious budget in order to keep things running. The man behind the desk was middle aged with a doctor's coat and ID card clipped to the front pocket.

"Well Mr. Xavier, I'm doctor Richards, what can I do for you?" The man asked him from behind his desk.

Xavier decided to get to the point. "I'm here to see if you are willing to let me take care of one of your patients. A young girl named Wanda." He could see the doctor's demeanor change into a more rigid one.

"I don't think you would want her...she's...different then most patients, even dangerous in fact. Most of the staff won't go near the girl." He said seriously.

Xavier nodded. "Yes I am quite aware that she is...unique. In fact I have the means to help her with it. Plus do you honestly have the resources to deal with her at the moment?"

The doctor thought about it. The budget for this year had been reduced again and he was trying to get more money put into this place to try and help some of these patients. But that little girl scared him, and others. He didn't know how she did what she did, all he knew was that whenever someone got close strange things happened.

Not to mention if the strange abilities went outside her room there was no telling what damage there would be to the asylum. "You have to understand my reluctance, she's very volatile. She might not let you get close to her."

"Let me make a proposal then." Xavier said to him. "If I can get the young girl to calm down and allow me to get close then will you let me take her?"

"Sir that girl nearly jumps at her own shadow." He told Xavier. "But if you can do what no one else can...then I can see no other way. The staff threaten to quit that have to deal with her and it's distrusting things here."

In her room Wanda was sleeping on the mattress. She wasn't sure it she would ever get out of it by now. It had been so long since she was anywhere but here and she felt like she was alone in the world. In fact this room was her world now it seemed.

She was so alone and frightened. All she wanted to do was to get out of this dark room. The window was so small even in the daylight barely and light got in. "I don't want to be here anymore." She whimpered to herself.

"Then don't."

"What! Who's there?" Wanda shouted bolting up from the mattress. "Where are you?" She demanded.

"Please be calm."

"Great I'm hearing voices." Wanda muttered to herself. "I'm going crazy."

"No you're not. You're not the only one in this world with abilities."

"What do you mean?" She asked out loud. 'This is crazy, I'm talking to voices in my mind.'

"You're not crazy Wanda. I knew your father and like him I have abilities too. I'm a telepath and I'm talking to you with my mind."

"You...you knew my dad? Prove it!"

"He could control metal."

Wanda was dumbstruck at that. No one outside her family was supposed to know that, but if it was just a voice in her mind then it knew everything she knew.

"Wanda. I run a place where there are others like you. They are there to learn to control their gifts, and I can help you if you let me. I'm right outside the door...please...let me show you you're not making this up."

Wanda could feel the emotion behind the words, she could feel how this person wanted to truly help her. "Alright."

The door opened and she was blinded by the sudden light all she could make out was a silhouette at first. Then she saw a bald man in a wheelchair come in. He seemed to have a kind and caring attitude around him. "Hello Wanda." The man said and it was the same voice she had heard in her head.

"If you want, I can take you away from this place. I can give you a home, that's nice and safe and I can help you to control your abilities."

Wanda thought that this was just a dream that she was going to wake up and be back in this room and none of this had been real.

"Please Wanda...let me help you."

She wanted to get away from this place and if he could she wanted to go, but what if he got rid of her like her father had when her powers went crazy, like she knew that they would.

"Wanda I would never do that to you. I understand that you can't control it...yet...that's one of the reasons I'm here." He said to her.

"What's the other?"

"Because no child deserves to live like this." He said to her.

"How do I know you're telling me the truth?" She asked him. She didn't know this man, even though he seemed nice so had her father and look at what he had done to her.

"If you let me I can show you?" He asked her. She wasn't sure how but she nodded. Then her mind was suddenly filled with images. There was this really big house, with a huge lawn, she saw a tall woman with dark skin and long white hair there, she seemed nice, there was another man there who was kind of hairy and mean looking but she got the impression that he wasn't as bad as he seemed. Then lastly there were images of two kids about her own age.

One was a redheaded girl and another was a brown haired boy with strange red glasses on his face. Then the images faded from her mind. Wanda didn't know why but she wanted to trust him, she wanted to get away from this place, she wanted to leave this place behind and never come back to it.

Was...was all that real?" She asked him. The place was like a dream it was just too good to be true.

"Yes if you want to I can take you there. You'll live there with us and I can help you...but only if you want to, I can't force you to go anywhere you don't want to, and I promise you...I won't abandon you."

Xavier put out his hand for Wanda. She looked at it then at him and saw the warm smile on his face. Wanda took his hand and they headed towards the door. She closed her eyes from the intense light as her eyes slowly adjusted themselves from being in the dark for so long. Walking into the light made her feel like maybe her life was going to be better and that this wasn't a dream. It was more like a dream coming true for her.


See how Wanda reacts to the mansion and to Jean and Scott.