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Wanda looked around her. She was in a mansion that was both strange and yet familiar to her. She felt like she knew this place and it had a sense of home to her. "Hey Wanda how's it going?" She turned to see a boy with a smile and red glasses with his arm around a girl his age with long red hair.

He moved and spoke then not actually doing it, it was like she was watching herself, "Hey guys going out again huh?"

"Well you and Kurt could always double with us," The red head said and she saw the boy giver the red head a kind of look that said he would prefer to be alone with her but Wanda just smiled for some reason and shook her head.

"Thanks, Jean but I'd like my time alone with my man for that moment," Even as she said it she was confused. It sounded like she was involved with his Kurt and why did the two of them seem so familiar. She found herself walking thought the mansion and met others there too and she seemed to know them all somehow. She knocked on a door and heard what sounded like a German accent tell her to come in.

She opened the door and was surprised to see a blue furred boy with a tail sitting at a desk looking like he was working on homework. He turned to look at her and he smiled and she smiled back at him and felt his warm sensation inside of her. "Hey Vanda."

There was something about the how he said the name that made her heart flutter and then she had walked over to him and sat on his lap and put her arms around his neck, he looked slightly embarrassed in a shy kind of way but he wrapped his tail around her ankle and his arm around her waist and it just felt right to her, she watch as she kissed him and she just felt his rush of emotions, and it was so intense and felt so good. Then the room started to shake and the wall was ripped out and floating there was her father, his cape billowing in the air, his face hidden in the shadows of this helmet and looking very sinister to her.

Only now she felt scared of him and hugged Kurt closer and tighter but she felt herself being pulled away as she screamed out in fear and reached for Kurt.

Wanda woke up in her room panting and sweating and looked around. The room was pretty Spartan and colored a dull gray from all the metal around her. "What was that?" She asked herself out loud thinking back on the dream as her heart started to slow down. She know knew those people as the ones that had attacked her father…But she felt as though she actually knew them…And that blue one Kurt…She knew that name and other like Jean and Scott, Logan and Xavier. She knew them but didn't know how she knew them.

She curled up on her bed trying to make sense of things, the most disturbing part had been with her father in that dream. She had been so afraid of her father and she couldn't understand why. He had always been there for her and had been a good father to her so why had seen been so scared? It didn't make any sense and it was driving her crazy.

She didn't know why she would dream things like that or how could she know what she knew. She tried to get some sleep but it never came she just couldn't get calm enough to sleep, and she tossed and turned for over an hour and decided to go for a walk to clear her mind.

-Stasis Room-

Lance back in his normal clothing was in the stasis room at night while everyone was supposed to be sleeping. He was staring at Kitty through the glass tube that held her, after their defeat Magneto had placed them all here for some future project he had in mind that wasn't ready yet so they were placed here in these tubes sleeping until whatever it was, was ready.

Lance placed a hand over the tube that held Kitty, she was the only person that actually tried to help him to actually care, even after the whole disaster at their old school. He liked her, he really did and here he was just letting her stay in that thing. He never felt so low in his life, sure he was a bully and not exactly the best person, he knew that Kitty was a much better person then he might ever become but she had also seen something in him, something good to work for.

Now here he was just standing here as the only person that ever gave a damn about him was stuck and trapped for who knows how long and for whatever was going to happen to her when Magneto took her out and there was nothing he could do, he didn't know how to open them and he couldn't fight off all the Brotherhood or fight off Magneto. He had all this power and what use was it to him?

He heard the door opened and swore in his mind, he looked around quickly for a place to hide. If Magneto caught him he would be in serious trouble and if it was that Sabertooth guy then not only would he not be able to hide because of that nose of his as he and the other had found out over the last few days and he was a dead man if it was him. He found a shadowy corner between some equipment and hide praying that he wouldn't be noticed.

He was surprised to see that it was actually Wanda and he was really surprised when she went straight to Kurt's tube and placed a hand on it just like he had been with Kitty's. He knew that she had a thing for him but he figured that with whatever Magneto had done to her but it looked to him like maybe she still had something left of her old self.

Wanda didn't know why she came she just felt compelled to come here and looked at them, to look at him. They all seemed too familiar to her, especially the blue one. She wanted to understand why she was feeling this way. She never met them and yet she felt like she did. She closed her eyes and felt a pain in her head and pinched the bridge of her nose. She suddenly had flashes, bits and pieces and it was like they were glimpse of memories but they were conflicting with what she did remember.

Her head was in pain now and she fell to her knees clutching her head, "Why…Why is this happening to me? What's going on? I need help."

She wanted to go to her father, thinking he could help her but she couldn't move her mind felt like it was splitting and she tried to cry out for him but all that came out was a whimper. She tried to scream but she was in too much pain then fell onto the floor clutching her head as the images seemed to be battling it out in her mind. She was sure how long she was there but she was snapped back to reality as she felt someone helping her up.

"Wanda, come on wake up." Lance said to her worried. When had seen her fall like that he had rushed over to her worried. He had never seen anyone just collapse like that in pain.

"Lance?" She asked a bit weakly, "What are you doing here?"

"I could say the same to you."

"I…I don't know, I just…" She felt another headache and more flashes of images that didn't make sense. "Why…why am I seeing these things, what's going on?"

"It's because you're starting to remember," He said and she looked at him confused. He knew he was going against Magneto but he needed help to get Kitty out and this place and so he told her everything the whole truth. Wanda listened and she didn't want to but something inside her kept herself paying attention to it. "Come on Wanda you got to remember."

"I…I can't it's not true!" She shouted at him pushing him away. "I-it can't be true."

"Think back Wanda remember, I mean why do you think you came here, why do did you go to Kurt's tube?" Lance told her hoping to get her memories back, and fast. If she didn't she might turn him in to her father and then…he didn't want to think about it.

Wanda looked to Kurt and something in her just sparked, she felt she knew him so well and the others too. They were so familiar and then something about a fair.

Wanda rolled her eyes and then saw the ferris wheel. "Oh can we go on that, please?"

Kurt gave a small laugh. "How can I refuse?" They waited in line and got on. Kurt had to admit that tonight had been a great night so far, at least for most of them. He just hoped the others and especially Rogue was having as great a time as he was having.

Then the giant metal wheel stopped and they found themselves at the very top as some people got off and on at the bottom. "Wow, Kurt look at the view." Wanda said staring out over the landscape.

While Kurt and Wanda were taking in the view at the top of the ferris wheel they held each other's hand and then looked into each other's eyes. The night, overlooking the lake and just then the whole thing just seemed like a magical moment and Wanda leaned in close and gently kissed Kurt on the lips. He placed his hand to the side of her face and deepened the kiss. To the both of them it was a perfect moment and either one wanted it to end.

That moment came back to her. "Kurt." She whispered out as her eyes drew larger and she gasps as more and more of her true memories started to flood in it was nearly too much and she was on her hands and knees as it all acme rushing back. The Asylum, Xavier taking her out, Jean, Scott, Ororo and Logan helping her adjust, her friendship with Jean and Scott, her whole life flashed before her eyes. Years with in seconds and then she saw other like Kitty, Rogue, Evan and Kurt.

She also remembered everything like the kidnapping and being bound by the chair and Mastermind. She also remembered everything after that chair when she had woken up. She looked at her friends, her family in those tubes and felt tears. They were in there because of her, because they came for her and she fought against them. "Oh god…what did I do?"

"Wanda we need to get them out of there, maybe you can pretend to be still under control and find the codes to get them out or-" Lance never finished as she screamed out in rage and waved her glowing blue hands over the tubes as the equipment started to short out and the glass starting to crack, "Hey if I wanted to do that then I would have tried you trying to get us caught!"

She didn't listen she just wanted them out and she screamed out again unleashing her powers like never before letting her anger and rage take over and then all the tubes cracked more and more until they shattered. Bits of glass rained all over and all the bodies slumped down onto he ground. She rose slowly to her feet ignoring Lance as he ran over to Kitty and the sounds of the machines sparking and what sounded like an alarm. She walked over to Kurt and gently stroked his face, "Oh blue I'm so sorry, please forgive me."

Kurt slowly opened his eyes, "Vanda?"

"Yeah it's me, the real me."

Kurt looked into her light blue eyes and touched her cheek and drew her closer for a kiss, after that he pulled back and smiled, "It is you." She laughed at him and hugged him.

The others were waking up slowly looking around them, there was of course the usual confusion as they started to remember what had happened to them. "Wanda!" Jean shouted seeing her friend with Kurt hugging him. They others looked and saw that she had to be back to her old self. Xavier smiled seeing those two like that again, but he had to interrupt them.

"I think we should leave now before the others come." That sobered everyone up and Logan took the task of carrying Xavier since his wheelchair was no where to be seen, then he saw Lance helping out Kitty and growled at the young man causing him to flinch.

"Wait please Mr. Logan." Kitty pleaded to him, she wanted to hear his side of the story but was afraid Logan wouldn't bother listening.

"Yeah stop Logan," Wanda said to him and everyone looked at her, "He…He helped me to remember, he told me the entire truth."

"How unfortunate," Came a deep voice from across the room and everyone saw Magneto and the others there, "It looks like Mastermind's abilities were not up to the task." He glared at the ugly man who coward in his presence, he knew that Magneto would deal with him later and he wasn't looking forward to that.

Wanda however was angry, angrier then she could ever remember and stepped forward, "HOW COULE YOU? How could you DO that to ME?" Then looked at Pietro, "And YOU, you kidnapped me and LET him to this!"

Pietro tried to say something, he tried to say how it did it for her, for them but he couldn't get his voice to work, their father however took a few steps towards her, "You belong with your family Wanda, I…I just wanted us to be together again."

"You had NO right! You STOPPED being my father when you abandoned me."

"I had my reasons"

"Shut up! I don't give a damn!" She screamed out at him tears falling from her face, "Do you have any idea how terrified I was? I was lucky that Xavier found me and took me in, that was no place for a child, he's been more of a real father to me then YOU! He's been there for me, he's shown me compassion, understanding and more love then you ever did!" She took a few breaths, all these years she wondered what she would say to him, after everything she was finally putting her demons that he caused in her to rest.

"You…you threw me away…so…to me…you are NOT my father…not anymore, you gave up that right a long time ago," She said in a calmer voice looking at him with a piercing gaze. "And you had NO right to take me away from my REAL family. To take away my memories, my past and everything I had spent years on…you had no right to take me away from them."

"You deserve more." Was the only thing he said, he wanted her to understand him to see that he had no real choice in the matters and that it was all for the greater good, or how much her words hurt him. But he refused to show them to his enemies standing there, "But I see that I'll just have to make you all understand."

"Oh great," Spyke moaned and got ready, "Looks like round two is up."

Rogue took her gloves off and looked defiantly at them, "Fahne by meh."

"No," Wanda said to them all, "Magneto…is mine." She said in a cold voice staring at her father then unleashed her full fury and power at him with a large hex bolts she could muster slamming him into a wall. The other charged forward Quicksilver knocked down Lance first.

"Well looks like you turned traitor on us," He smirked looking down at him with a disapproving look on his face, "All for miss valley girl too, you are so pathetic."

"Shut up Pietro!" He snapped back and tried to cause and earthquake but he just was too fast to make the ground under his feet and if he did a larger area the others would be affected. Pietro was too busy taunting Lance to notice a bone spike wall had been quickly made in front of him and he ran right into it knocking him senseless for a bit. Lance looked as Evan and nodded his thanks and he nodded back.

Blob was going after Jean and Scott, "I still own you two for last time!" He said letting his anger take over rushing them, Scott fired full blast but it only slowed him down, Jean next to him then used her TK powers as well and he was slowly being forced back, "You can't do this to me! I'm the Blob and nothing moves the Blob!"

The ground under his feet started to shake and he lost his footing and he lost his balance and was sent crashing to his back. "First time for everything Freddy," Lance said in a sad tone having used his powers against someone he once considered a friend.

Toad was busy fighting it out with Kurt, "You don't deserve her!" He snapped at him, ever since he and Wanda started to date he wanted to pound the blue fur ball in into the ground, he spit globes of slime at Kurt but he was too fast.

"Ze lady made her choice, maybe if you had been nicer to her and treated her vith respect."

"Shut up, it's all your fault!" He tried to snap at him with his tongue but Kurt teleported away right onto Toad's back. Toad tried jumping to get him off but while in the air Kurt pulled back causing them to spin and he kicked out with his legs sending Toad back first between two machines only he was stuck in between them.

Kitty was stuck with Sabertooth as the large feral mutant was trying to claw at her but his hands only phased through her, "You got to come up for air sometime frail and when you do."

"Like, I am so scared of a giant kitty cat," She taunted him only trying to not show the terror she was feeling at the moment. Sabertooth just roared and focused on her trying to see when she was tangible but didn't notice when someone leapt on his back and tried to get that person off until a pale hand touched his face and felt a draining sensation.

Rogue drained him enough to take him out but then her hair grew and she grew claws on her fingers and toes that burst out of her boots and lots of body hair, "Oh ya got ta beh kiddin' meh!" She heard giggling and looked at Kitty, "This is NOT funny!"

Xavier had dealt with Mastermind easily enough and after that any member of the Brotherhood still up quickly found themselves asleep all except Magneto who was busy with Wanda. He wasn't sure if he could hurt his own daughter but she wasn't making it easy on him. Her hexes were even more powerful then he had thought and she had shown much more control now, most likely because she remembers how to control them better now.

Wanda had enough of this and managed to encase him in a giant blue hex and suddenly he found his power activated and pieces of metal came to him like he was a giant magnet. He tried fighting it but soon found himself encase in metal and fell to the hard floor. She looked down at him, "Now I'm only going to say this once…stay out of my life," She then pulled off his helmet so Xavier could knock him out with his powers, since she couldn't keep him like this forever.

"Wan-" He tried to speak but fell silent as he lost consciousness.

"Professor?" Wanda asked weakly looking down at the man that was once her father.

"Yes Wanda?"

"Can we go home now?"

They arrived in the X-Jet just where they had left it and Logan took the pilot seat after placing Xavier in the one next to him he immediately took off as soon as everyone was back on and flew out of there. When they were a few miles away everyone relaxed at that point. Jean and Scott took the moment to give Wanda a hug each having her back. "It's so good to have you back Wanda," Jean said her eyes misty a bit.

"Yeah the place wasn't the same without you." Scott told her next.

Wanda was touched, "Thanks, it's good to be back," Then she just curled up against Kurt as he draped an arm around her and wrapped his tail around her waist, she just wanted him to hold her to feel his warm fur against her. She just wanted to put that nightmare behind her and go home.


After they had returned everyone was tired but they were all glad to have Wanda back again, and truth was so was she. It was great being home it really was and she enjoyed being hugged by everyone, even Logan hugged her when they got off when no one was looking. But even though she was overjoyed to be back she still couldn't get over what had been done to her, and what she had done.

She had attacked her friends. Her best friends Jean and Scott and worst yet Logan, Xavier and especially Kurt. She didn't know how she could even look at any of them in the eye, sure her mind had been messed with but still…She felt so horrible but she didn't want to show it. She just wanted to get out of this uniform that Magneto gave her and burn it tomorrow.

Lance for his part was keeping his distance, after all he had nowhere else to go and he was the 'enemy' at one point. He knew Scott and Logan didn't trust him but like he cared what they thought of him. Even though Xavier said there was a place for him here but he wasn't sure if he would stay, although there weren't many places to go anyway and he sure as hell wasn't going back to his old foster home.

"Hey Lance," He turned to see Kitty walking over to him smiling and took his arm in hers smiling up at him, "The Professor like told me to show you to an empty room that you'll be staying…you will be staying right Lance?"

He looked into those doe-like brown eyes and in looking at them he didn't have the heart to tell her no, or that he wasn't staying long. Looking at her he figured that he found a reason to stay after all. She was the one bright thing in his miserable life and he knew he didn't deserve her, but he wanted to try and be worthy of her. He nodded his head and smiled down at her, "Yeah I'm staying." She jumped to joy and hugged him and he couldn't even remember the last time anyone had done that to him.

He wished the moment would freeze but it ended too soon for him and she was leading him to his new room and he guess…His new life.

Later in the infirmary Mystique was flicking through the channels on the TV with the remote. She still didn't feel like walking, hell just going to the bathroom hurt but there was no way she was using a bed pan. Although Ororo had been nice company, not too friendly but then again she wasn't here to make friends, but when they were missing for a lot longer then they should have it had been worrying her, mainly because both her children were out on the mission, but when Xavier came back she eased up seeing him, he had told her that they had gotten Wanda and picked up Lance and the events of Asteroid M. That had been a few hours ago and now that she had her payback against Magneto she was now wondering what to do next with her life.

She sighed, there weren't exactly a lot of job options for her at least not legal ones. She could go back to being a mercenary but there was a reason she had gotten out of that line of work shortly before she had Kurt. Then there was her job at the high school, although she still had that job she wasn't sure if she should stay. Although she could still see Kurt and Rogue daily at least in fact that was the only reason she had kept the job for so long, well that and Magneto needed her there.

She looked up at the ceiling just wondering what to do with her life when Xavier came back in, with a strange look on his face and she narrowed her eyes wondering what he was up to now. "How are you Raven?"

"Fine I suppose." She saw that look on his face and knew he was leading up to something so she decided to get it over with, "So what is it you want?"

Xavier smiled, he knew she wasn't one for small talk so he might as well get to it, "As I understand it you no longer have any place to go correct?" She just nodded her head not sure if she was going to like where this was headed, "Well I would like for you to stay here if you want."

She blinked a few times before bursting with laughter, she regretted it as it hurt her sides but it was just too funny, "You've lost your mind."

"Not a all, I can list a few reasons as to way you should accept."

"Oh this I have to hear."

"First off like you said you have nowhere else to go, I could use the help with the children and it would be a safe place from Magneto."

She figured Magneto might be still after her but she could take care of herself. "I'm fine, I can take care of Magneto and you forget, I can be anyone and can disappear into the crowd."

Xavier steepled his fingers together knowing that he had one last thing that could make her stay, "Then what about Rogue and Kurt? If you stay here you could try and repair your relationship with your children and as the Principle keep an eye on them too to ensure nothing can happen to them."

Raven clenched her jaw, she knew he planned on using her children against her like this, and the truth was the idea of fixing her relationship with them was too good an opportunity for her. "Damn you…why do you want me here anyway?"

"Honestly?" He said seriously his smile falling, "I think they need you, they need their mother especially Rogue. She has a tough time with her mutation never being close to anyone and with time and with hope she would grow close to you and I hope that you can help her out of this shell she puts herself in, she keeps herself distant at times and I worry about her. Kurt I sense would also like to get to know you, you are his biological mother and I know you've must have missed him over the years."

She did miss him, she missed him so much she had literally cried all the time when she was alone for over two months never knowing if she was ever going to see her baby again but knowing she didn't want her life for him. And she had seen Rogue at that fair and her heart went out to her but she didn't know what to do. Xavier saw the look on her face and decided to give her some time, "You don't have to give an answer, since you're still hurt take the time you'll need to recover to at least think about it."

She was silent for a moment thinking about what to say, "Alright…I'll think on it, but I'm not promising anything, if I choose to leave you won't stop me."

"You have my word," he said honestly and left her to think on it, he hoped that she would stay. The kids might need her and to be honest he hoped that the children could help Raven to change as well to help her get in touch with the good person he knew she had to be inside. But he guessed he would have to wait and see how things played out.

After some time Wanda had showered and changed she curled up in her bed trying to sleep but even holding her blue doll that Kurt had won for her it didn't help her sleep. She kept having nightmares and thinking that she was going to wake up and this was all a dream. It was horrible, it was like when she first got here and she kept having the same thoughts. She knew this was real but a part of her didn't know, her mind was messed around with and there was no telling what was real or what wasn't. She knew about Jean and Xavier's powers but never had she thought about what a telepath could really do to a person like this, she knew they would never do the things Mastermind had done to her but it was still hard.

She needed something else…she needed someone else. She got out of her bed only in a pair of loose cotton pants and a red tank top and carried her blue monster doll with her, she quietly crept her way down the hall not wanting to wake the others, especially Logan. He loved the burly man like and uncle but she didn't want to explain this to him. She moved to Kurt's door and looked in. It was late and everyone was sleeping and she could see him there.

She walked in and closed the door, and walked over to his bed. He looked too peaceful to wake up but she needed him, or at least just his presence and got on his bed and cuddled up next to him. She didn't mean to wake him but she felt him move. "Vanda?" He asked in a tired voice not sure if he was seeing her or if he was dreaming. "Vhat are you doing here?"

He was trying to figure that out, although he admitted he did have a few dreams like this but he knew this was real. He also could tell she was upset.

"Kurt…Please…Can I stay here for tonight?" She pleaded with him. He didn't say anything he started to pull back the covers and she slipped in against him hugging him close to her feeling his fur against her skin and sighed. He asked what was wrong and she told him her fears and he tried to sooth them telling her this is real and that he and her friends would all be there in the morning.

"It vill be alright. You have people here you care for you and love you," He said in a soft tone stroking her hair.

"Love?" She asked not sure if he meant what she thought he meant in that, her heart picked up, "Kurt…Do you…Do you love me?"

Kurt didn't know what to say, sure he had deep feelings for her but he had never been in love. But looking back on how he felt so devastated when she was gone, the whole in his heart that didn't go away until they were on the X-Jet coming home with her in his arms. He remembered how happy he was in that moment that he nearly cried and looking back on it all now he knew. "I do love you Vanda, I love you vith all mien heart. I…I just didn't realize it until I nearly lost you."

She felt a lump in her throat and blinked away tears from her eyes. "Kurt…I love you too I think I have for awhile now I just…I just wasn't sure and how to tell you. I know you liked me but…I didn't know how you would take it."

He smiled and kissed her head again. "Vell now zat's over vith…now vhat?"

"Now…just hold me so I can sleep," She told him and he did just that. She rested in his arms and even though she was happy beyond words but she was still haunted by what she had gone through and did, she knew it would take time for her to get over it all but in Kurt's arms she felt safer then anywhere else. She felt his tail wrap around her ankle and she smiled a little before sleeping.

Looking back on it all she had one hell of a strange life, but being here now and all the friends and good times she had made it all worth it, and right now she knew she would never have a normal life, but this was her life and she always thought normal was overrated.

This was her life and besides the Magneto thing, she wouldn't change a thing and she wondered what else her life had in store for her, but as she yawned she guessed that could wait until morning and she just enjoyed the warm of he boyfriend and finally falling into a peaceful sleep.


Well that's it this is the end of the story hope you all enjoyed it and one day I will write the sequel Rogue's Life which will be more Romy centered but that's for another day and please don't ask me when. I don't know.