Vegas Nights.

by William Gilmor

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters just the idea behind the story and I am getting nothing out of this save for the joy of writing/

Xander Harris sat up in bed in the Honeymoon Suite at the MGM Grand hotel shaking his head at the changes that his life had under gone. One he was a Multi-Millionaire thanks to him hitting the 20 million Ultra Jackpot on a Slot machine, And two he was now a married man. "Amazing what 20 dollars and a bottle of J.D. can do to your life"smiled Xander as he felt felt his bride snuggle against him as he laid back down. How the hell am I gonna break the news to Wills and the gang he thought as he slid back down and closed his eyes letting sleep over take him.

As Xan awoke the next morning he smiled as he watch his wife start to wake up. "hummmm good morning Mr. Harris." Faith smiled up at her husband. "It's a great morning Mrs. Harris. Great because I have you."

Xander leaned in and kissed her for all he was worth. Faith moaned as the Xander's cell phone rang. Xander smiled as he checked the clock on the night stand. "That will be Wills calling for her daily check in and to beg for a gift from a book store here she read about on-line."

Faith's smile turned into an evil grin as she rolled to the edge of the bed grabbed Xander's pants pulled out his cell phone and answered.

"Xander's pants he's not in them right now." Xander could hear Willow's explosive responce from the other side of the bed. "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY XANDER?"

Faith started giggling at the sound of the sweet quiet Willow cursing like that. She then turned to her husband and wagged her eye brows and answered the fuming witch's question. "This is his wife and this better be important because you are putting a serious krimp in our honeymoon Red." Faith held the phone to Xander and chuckled as Xander was praying Willow didn't kill him for that. "Hello Wills?" he asked waiting for the verbal assault to began but all he heard was a dial tone. "I think she fainted when I told her boytoy." Xander just smiled. "My life never a dull moment especially because your now a permant part of it my darling wife." Xander pulled Faith to him and started kissing her. Faith smiled she was loved and it felt amazing and she was going to enjoy being Mrs. Xander Harris for a long time to come. They started to make love and just be two newlyweds on there honeymoon not a pair of demon hunter. As Faith rode Xander crying out as she came harded then she had ever cum in her whole life. The room filled with a white light and the smell of brimstone as the assembled Scoobies plus Dawn Joyce and Anya teleported into the room just as Faith had her fifth screaming orgasm of their half hour long love making session. "What the hell is going on here?" cried out Willow as she saw Faith on top of her Xander riding him like a show pony.