The End Is Here

"It's the end of the world as we know it," Yugi proclaimed.

"You sure?" Ryou asked groggily. "'Cause I don't feel all that fine. What was in that punch last night?" He tipped two aspirin out of the bottle and swallowed them with a cup of tap water.

Glaring at his lover, Yugi said, "Could you be serious here for a moment, Ry?"

Ryou nodded carefully. "Sure, Yugi."

Yugi sighed in relief. "Good – now hand over the aspirin and no one gets hurt."

Rolling his eyes at the lame line, Ryou did as asked. When Yugi had taken his own pair of pain pills followed by a chaser of tap water, the white-haired hikari said leadingly, "You were saying about the world ending?"

Yugi nodded – just as carefully as Ryou had previously – and said, "Remember some of us stayed over after the party last night?"

Ryou nodded. "Yeah, because Joey spiked the punch and you didn't want to drive. It was no problem; we have the room. You and Yami don't take up much space."

"Especially not if Yami shares Bakura's bed," Yugi said acidly.

Ryou blinked. Stared, then blinked again. He almost shook his head, hoping to jumpstart his brain; but luckily for his rapidly-reducing-thanks-to-aspirin headache, remembered just in time not to, and stared again instead. "You mean…"

"For all intents and purposes, as far as I can tell, they had sex," Yugi stated baldly.

Poking his tri-colored, spiky-haired head around the doorway, Yami said, "What? It's not like we've never done it before."

Pushing Yami into the bathroom and stepping into it himself – thankfully it was a large bathroom and could fit four teenagers – Bakura added, "And it's not like you two didn't do the same thing last night."

Both Ryou and Yugi stared at their yamis, dumbstruck.

"But…I thought you two hated each other!" Yugi protested.

Yami shrugged unconcernedly. "Thin line, and all that," he said disinterestedly.

"Now…" Bakura started.

"Yes?" Ryou asked fearfully. What frightening, mind-boggling piece of information was he about to hear now?

"Hand over the aspirin, hikari," Bakura ordered.

"And no one gets hurt," Yami added.

Ryou and Yugi exchanged eye rolls. They definitely should have seen it sooner: every hikari has a yami with an equal – but opposite – sense of humor. And two yamis with the same – but opposite – sense of humor would, of course, eventually end up in bed together.

Destiny was a bitch and Fate was even worse. But irony made the world interesting.