"I got it! This tree's name will be..."

... the tree was named Yggdrasil. When we asked him the reason behind his choice, Lloyd said that it was a way to include Mithos' legacy in the new world that he wanted to create thousands of years ago, before his sister's murder made him forget his original goal.

And that's how the new world was born. You may think that this story ended with Yggdrasil's birth, but that's not the case. The worlds were reunited once again, but there were still many things to do before reaching the peace that we all wished for: A few months after our final battle, Lloyd and Colette went on a journey to collect all the expheres that were still harming the people of Aselia- the name of our new world. Regal and Presea joined forces to rebuild all the towns that were destroyed because of Cruxis, as well as avoiding that someone could get into the Exphere mine in Toize Valley ever again. Once he finally got rid of his title as the Chosen, Zelos became one of the King's most trusted counselors and went around the world to assure that the political process of fusing Sylvarant and Tethe'alla was as peaceful as possible with the help of Sheena, emissary of Peace and Mizuho's new chief.

As for us... well, we took the mission of traveling around, trying to stop once and for all the discrimination between Humans, Elves and Half-Elves. It hasn't been easy or fast, because we have faced a lot of trouble and hate from people who still refuse to change their way of thinking. But at least we still believe that there's something that can be done, no matter how hard things get. That is the lesson that I, his teacher, learned from Lloyd during our journey: I've never given up.

Time and the new laws promoted by both the King and Neill have been on our side though, because at last, after ten long years, our mission is about to be completed (or at least, we are finally going to take a break to continue with our lives). The last chapter of our story will end after Exire returns back to land, so the half-elves that live here can once again join with the people of Aselia and enjoy these peaceful times. That's why I've been here these last few days: I've been meeting with both the Major and the people of Exire, explaining them about the changes in the world below them and the prosper times that they will live once they become part of Aselia again.

Of course, I've also told them that there are still people who don't accept half-elves, but fortunately they are the minority. The people of Exire will have to work hard to accept the ones that once forced them to leave the land and live in the sky, but I hope that it won't take too long. At least the people from Aselia are ready to accept them, and that's why Genis went to Meltokio: He's going to meet the King to decide the best spot to place Exire once it goes down to land, among other important topics.

You'd be so proud of him. Although my memories of him are scarce, I think that Genis resembles Father more with each passing day. Sometimes I feel guilty, thinking that my brother has lost part of his youth because of our journey. He should have gone to a good school and became a Scholar as he wished when he was younger. Of course, this topic is almost taboo between us. Genis gets mad when I bring it up, saying that he hasn't lost anything and that he is proud to be part of this mission. I give up in the end because he is right: I'm also proud of this.

We are part of the New World's regeneration team. We are here to make sure that discrimination ends once and for all. We want the people of our species to live long and peaceful lives, free from hate and resentment.

We want them to live in the world that you wished us to live in, Mother. The world that you tried to send us to 21 years ago. After Exire's return to land, you'll be part of it.

So please... would you leave your world of dreams and join us there?

A/N: This is my first ToS fic. This "chapter" was very short because it was just the prologue, although I plan the next chapters to be a lot longer. I hope you liked it. Any feedback is welcome, specially because I'm not an English native-speaker, but that doesn't mean I won't try to write as clear as possible.

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