I cry out in pain, my heart is so hurt.

You chose her, and my soul shattered.

I can no longer love, loving only brings pain,

Silent tears fall, like dew on the grass.

Wetting the world spreading my pain.

I can't hold on any longer, I need to let go.

My memories you need to leave,

How could I go on any other way?

But that warm smile brightens up my world,

I can't just let you go...

Empty hearts can't hold on,

We all must leave this world someday.

Though you betrayed me, I can't stop loving you.

Your bright gold eyes never leave my sight

But maybe I should let go, leave and never turn back.

Better to have loved and lost, then not loved at all,

I hear others say, but what is love?

My heart is so confused, I cry out, reaching toward you,

But with her you walk away.

But no matter what you do, I will always love you...