To Be Free


A black shadow ran through the forest. Tears in her sapphire eyes that trailed streams down her porcelain face. She ran with all her power to get away from Inuyasha's Forest.

She just came from her time to find Inuyasha and Kikyo together. She heard his words, his confession to the dead miko and her heart felt like it was ripped out of her chest, torn to shreds, and then burnt to a crisp. She ran away and didn't look back.

Kagome tripped and fell to the ground. She sat up against a tree and took deep steady breaths. She clutched the whole Shikon no Tama in her right hand and brought her knees to her chest. Her body shook as she let out sobs of pain and betrayal. Kagome stooped crying and got to her feet. She looked around clutched the jewel tighter and ran. The presence followed as she ran through the forest. Then lightning streaked across the sky and showed a silhouette before her. Kagome stopped in her tracks and stared at the figure before her. Chills went up her spine when the creature spoke.

"Give me the jewel."

"No." Kagome took deep breaths to calm her-self as the figure took a step closer. She was about to draw her bow when she realized that she left it back at the village. She cursed her rotten luck and took a step backwards. She turned on her heels and ran. Her heart quickened, blood drizzled down her arms, legs, and face from scratches she got from the branches of trees. She was about to scream when she felt cold, her breath caught in her throat, and her body collapsed. Her eyes looked up into the night sky. The gray clouds unleashed the rain. Kagome lay on the ground surrounded by a pool of her own blood. Her breaths became ragged and slow. The creature stood over her; his smile showed that he was a psycho. She gazed at him; she was now unafraid of him. She gave him a slow smile. Then her last breath caught in her chest and she plunged into darkness.

Kagome opened her eyes, she saw nothing but black. Then a blue light formed around her and warmth spread throughout her as the light engulfed her. A voice echoed and Kagome glanced around. There before her was the most beautiful maiden she had ever seen. Long flowing dark hair, enchanting bright green eyes, pale skin, and the most beautiful smile ever. When she spoke, Kagome felt at peace. "Kagome...what do you desire?" "I...I don't know." The woman smiled at her. "Yes you do. What do you want more than anything?" "I...I want to protect my friends, I want to became a full-blooded Inu-youkai so I can protect them." "Then, you shall have your wish, be reborn Kagome." With that the woman disappeared and white light blinded Kagome.

Naraku stared at Kagome's lifeless body and smiled wickedly. "My, my what would Inuyasha think if he found out that his precious 'shard detector' has finally fallen, and that I have caused your downfall no less? My, he would hate me even more, and the jewel would become even more tainted." He let out an evil laughter and moved forward to grab the jewel. It glowed a bright pink then faded. Naraku took no notice. He looked over her lifeless body and smirked. 'Finally Kikyo, we can be together.' With that thought in mind he disappeared into darkness, heading towards Inuyasha and his pals to tell them the horrible news (but in his case, delightful news).