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Chapter Seven- Meeting with the Lords and Lady

Last Time-

Kayla and Kagome continued to lash out at each other until both were bleeding heavily. Their breaths came out as deep pants. Blood ruined their kimonos, their hair stuck to their neck and faces, and their eyes resembled their blood. Both fighting for Sesshomaru and determined to beat the other. (AN: You probably want me to get to the point right? Fine sighs. You are no fun!) "Give up Kagome. You can't beat me, I was trained by Sesshomaru. You are nothing!" Kagome felt her miko and demon merge. "Did I forget to mention Kayla, that it was because of me that Sesshomaru lost his arm long ago or that I was the one that destroyed his plans to kill his half-brother?" To say Kayla looked shocked would be an understatement. Kagome gave her a wicked grin and before Kayla knew what was happening a ball of bluish-white light came at her. Slamming her into the castle wall rendering her unconscious with Kagome standing above her…


Sesshomaru and his men raced towards the gardens where he had left Kagome and Kayla to do their lessons, however that wasn't the sight the greeted them. The guards gasped in shock of the scene before them, the gardens were torn apart, blood stained the grass, and Kagome was near the castle wall, which had a crater slightly smaller than Sesshomaru's demon form. There slumped against the wall was Kayla, unconscious and bleeding heavily from the head, Kagome, her back turned to him and the soldiers, was standing above her. Sesshomaru too was in shock but he didn't show it. "Kagome…" Kagome stiffened and smelled the air. She turned around slightly, her eyes bright red and her claws dripping with Kayla's blood, Kagome stared at her mate for a moment then turned back to Kayla and was about to finish her off when Sesshomaru appeared between her and Kayla. Kagome growled at him. "What happened here Kagome?" Kagome stared into his golden eyes then shifted them to the guards that stood about ten feet away. "Go. We need to talk alone." "Hai Milord." They bowed and left, once gone Kagome turned back to her mate and gave him a sly smile. Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow at her then repeated his question. "What happened here Kagome?" Kagome wove her arms around Sesshomaru's waist and buried her face in his chest. She took deep breaths until all the red from her eyes disappeared as Sesshomaru held her to him. Kagome looked up at him then at Kayla. She felt her youkai rise again, wanting to rid of her so she wouldn't go after Sesshomaru again. But Sesshomaru's scent calmed her down and she nuzzled her mark, licked it and growled low in her throat and Sesshomaru growled back, nuzzling and licking her mark in return. They smiled at each other and walked to the castle, hand in hand, calling for the guards to collect Kayla and take her to the hospital wing and to get someone to fix the gardens.

Three Days Later

Kagome paced in the master chamber. Tonight was the night that she would be presented to the other Lords and Ladies. She wore the most elegant kimono she had ever seen, and the most immodest to boot. The top half was a sheer silver scarf that went around her shoulders and separated in the front to tie together by her navel, showing a lot of cleavage and showed the curve of her breast on the sides, her skirt wasn't any better. It was also silver it started where the indent to her private area was then flowed down to the floor where a small train flowed behind her, slits on each side went up to her hip. (AN: Have you guys ever read the Red River manga? It's like Yuri's dress in volume 3. Its in Borders and Walden Books in America, I don't know about other countries.) Basically the outfit was very revealing. Kagome sweat-dropped, she wondered why her maid wanted her to wear this especially when the other lords and ladies were coming.

Since the incident with Kayla, Sesshomaru and Kagome have tried to take their relationship to the next level, however Shippo, Rin, and Jaken seemed to have a knack of coming in at the wrong time, especially when things got really heated. The sexual tension was so thick that you wouldn't be able to see your hand if you touched your nose, heck you couldn't see the end of your nose.

Kagome sighed yet again as she tied her hair into a loose bun so strands were framing her face, she put on red rouge on her lips and some shimmering powder upon her body so it would shine. Sesshomaru wasn't allowed to see her until dinner; in other words he was kicked out of their room. Kagome giggled when she remember his reaction when her handmaid told him he wasn't allowed to see her until the lords and ladies have arrived. Kagome giggled when she remembered his angered/shocked expression. There was a knock at the door. "Come in." Kagome looked over at her handmaid and smiled politely. "Milady, the guests should be here any moment." "Thank you Kari." Kari nodded and was about to close the door when Kagome stopped her. "Kari, are there going to be any other females around?" "Only one milady, she is lady of the Northern Lands, Lady Jem and her mate Lord Kai. They are both Inu-Youkais like yourself and milord." Kagome nodded and sighed. The door opened again and another servant came in. "Milady, Kari, they have arrived." "Thank you Faye." Faye bowed and left. "Lets go Milady, wouldn't want to keep Milord waiting would we? Perhaps he might have kittens?" Kagome and Kari giggled, Kari handed Kagome a fan that was silver and gold with a blue crescent moon on it, and had sharp edges on the top. Kagome grabbed it by the base so she wouldn't get cut and looked at it. "What is this? This is no ordinary fan." Kari smiled. "It is a weapon. Women where I am from carry these when they don't want to carry something heavy or bow and arrows and they know they might be in danger." Kagome looked at it. "It's beautiful…" Kari giggled. "Beautiful and deadly, just like you Milady." Kagome smiled, opened the fan and raised it to cover below her eyes as Kari led the way down to her mate and their guests.

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The giant double oak doors and the ten or so maids standing in front of her were the only things standing between her and the lords. Kagome took a deep breath as the doors swung open and the light from the chandelier lit the hall. Her maids walked in first, still shielding her from view.

Two by two her maids parted until Kagome stood before them, her skin shimmering in the light and eyes sparkling above the delicate fan she held. All four lords mouths dropped to the floor; Sesshomaru being the cool collective person he was recovered before anyone saw, even though his façade was on, his golden eyes held lust, the few weeks of sexual tension building up and he wanted her now but with his guests here he would have to wait.

Kagome smiled knowing they wouldn't see, she stored away the look Sesshomaru had on to her memory so she could tease him later. She closed her fan and walked over to the left side of Sesshomaru and bowed to him then turned to the other lords and lady and bowed too before sitting down. Everyone was quiet, Kagome held her head high and looked over each lord and the northern lady, her eyes held determination, strength, and courage.

"Lord Kai, Lady Jem, Lord Rei, and Lord Aku may I present my mate, Kagome." Lord Kai (Northern Lord) had shoulder length dark blue hair and light gray eyes, a five pointed star in the middle of his forehead was a dark blue, he was the same height as Sesshomaru and handsome too. His mate Lady Jem had waist-length red hair and vivid green eyes, her skin milky and lips natural pink, she was the a inch or so shorter than Kagome. Lord Rei (Southern Lord) was handsome, he had short black hair that fell over his eyes and blue-gray eyes that sparkled with laughter, he was built but slender and just a few inches shorter than Sesshomaru, he had a white lightning bolt in the middle of his forehead, Lord Aku (Eastern Lord) had ebony black hair that swept over his shoulders and framed his face, his crimson eyes roamed over her form, glinting with lust, true he was very handsome but something about him made her shiver, he had a black sun on his forehead. She looked away from Lord Aku and focused on her mate. "Kagome, thank you for joining us." Kagome gave Sesshomaru a bright smile. "It is an honor Milord." Sesshomaru's lips twitched in amusement before their dinner was set before them.

After dinner was cleared away Sesshomaru and the other lords and ladies (Kagome and Jem) moved to the public study to talk about the threat Naraku is. It seemed that Kagome was a big help with information about Naraku; even Sesshomaru didn't know that he was half-demon. The meeting went by uneventful, at least until Shippo and Rin came in crying. Kagome was up in second and over to her children in a flash. "What's wrong? Shippo? Rin? What happened?" Kagome swept the kids in her arms and cradled them until they calmed down enough to speak clearly. "It hic was sob Jaken wail!" Shippo and Rin said at the same time. "What did he do?" Rin peaked up at her mother through thick black lashes with tears hanging onto them. "We were sleeping and he came in and told us that we were going to leave because you and daddy didn't want us anymore and that you hoped that we would be eaten by demons…" Shippo and Rin broke out into more sobs and nestled their heads into Kagome's shoulders. Kagome felt her eyes shift from red to silver-blue. She looked over at her mate and noticed his eyes too shifted from red to his golden hue. Kagome walked over to her mate, the children still in her arms, and purred and growled low to him.

Sesshomaru looked down to his mate and he nodded. Kagome handed over the children to Sesshomaru and left the study in a blink of an eye. "I would hate to be your retainer right now." Sesshomaru looked over to Lord Kai and nodded. "I agree, even I wouldn't mess with my mate when it comes to our children." The lords nodded and continued to chat while Sesshomaru set Shippo and Rin on the couch near the fire and covered them up in a blanket.

With Kagome

Kagome strode down the hall, one thing on her mind: to find the toad and help figure out that if he messed with her children that he would become very familiar with pain. Her silver-blue eyes changing to red and back, the servants cowered before their mistress. Kagome growled low in her throat with the scent of fear, but then caught the scent of the toad. She growled louder and walked faster. She walked out of the palace, past the gardens, and around the castle. She found Jaken speaking with the soldiers in the barracks. She thrust open the double doors letting the cool air in. The soldiers stopped their chatting to look at who had come to visit. As Kagome walked by she got lustful stares and heard some cat calls (no pun intended). Jaken stared at his mistress and could only guess why she was here. Kagome growled so it was heard by everyone present. "Jaken!" Jaken walked toward his mistress, his knees shaking. He bowed to her but was quickly throw into a near by wall, the air from his lungs gone. Some soldiers rose from their beds and ran at Kagome; obviously they had no clue who she was. Kagome dodged them then she grabbed one soldier by the neck and held him before everyone else. "You will stay out of this unless you want to deal with Sesshomaru." Another soldier scowled. "It is Sesshomaru-sama to you! He will have your head for laying a hand on his retainer!" Kagome smirked. "And you are called the Great Army of the West? Use your noses; I am Kagome Lady of the Western Lands and mate to Sesshomaru." The army stopped what they were doing and gasped. Kagome dropped the soldier to the ground and walked her way over to Jaken. "You have frightened my children Jaken. You will pay but since I am not up to being in your presence right now I will let Sesshomaru deal with you," Kagome turned to the soldiers, "and as for you I will not let Sesshomaru know of this but watch yourselves next time I won't be forgiving." With that she picked up Jaken up the back of his robes and walked to the study. She smelt the fear rolling off of Jaken and the calm scent of her mate. She barged open the doors and threw Jaken into the room.

Sesshomaru and the other lords and lady were waiting for her return. As the doors opened and Jaken flew in to slam into the wall behind Sesshomaru, the lords and lady had to stuff their forearms into their mouths to stifle their laughter. Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow to his mate who smirked in reply. "Will you excuse us?" Sesshomaru asked his guests. Three maids came to take the lords and lay to their rooms while Kagome bowed them out she grabbed her children gave her mate a kiss and left Jaken with her mate. Before she closed the door she heard Sesshomaru ask, "Frightened my children have you? Well what should I do with you?" Kagome smirked and went to put their children to bed.

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