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AU: Just a consideration of what could have been...


"Mokuba, there's someone to see you."

The care worker walked out into the quad playground, looking around for the messy haired child she knew always played out here with his elder brother. She just didn't understand why the two brothers hadn't yet been adopted; the orphanage received no end of offers for Seto, but they weren't as excited about taking his younger brother as well, who, although intelligent, would forever walk in his brother's shadow.

Mokuba was a lovely child; if a little prone to excitement and the odd show of misbehaviour, but it was only ever in good jest. There was nothing malicious about him. He was very sweet, which sometimes led to the other boys being a little cruel; lucky his big brother was always there to look out for him.

Seto, however...she didn't understand why she felt uncomfortable about the coldly passive boy...maybe it was his unswayable attitude of devotion and love to his younger brother but...there was definitely something creepy about him.

The person who wanted to speak to the boy had enquired about adopting several years ago...but unfortunately, after detailed discussion with him and his fiancé, they hadn't returned to the orphanage with their decision of which child...although she did believe that as he had now returned, several years later, without the woman, something had happened to her. So sad, they seemed so very much in love, as well... Such a shame, for they were both so young too...perhaps a personal tragedy has made him realise that he could make a difference to the life of an underprivileged child...

Mokuba ran forwards happily, and stood before her, a huge grin on his face as she looked despairingly at him. Knees caked in mud, fingernails dirty and clothes messy and untucked, she bent down, trying to at least prevent an accident by doing up his trainer shoelaces...

"There's a man to see you today, Mokuba, isn't that great? So you have to be well-behaved and show him your best behaviour...." He looked even happier at this; no one had ever come to look at him first, all eyes had been on Seto....

"Wow! Someone who wants to see me first?" he babbled happily. "Will he want to take Seto, too?" he looked at her imploringly; saw her neutral expression, and his face fell. "The record says we can't be split up...our mother told us to stay together..."

She sighed. This constantly was bought up. There was remarkable love between the two but...after been in the orphanage for so long, she had pressure to move the two on...apart, if necessary...harsh, but she had to follow her superiors, and they wanted the two boys out.

"Mokuba, the thing is, no one can take the two of you...if it comes down to it, you may be separated...in the worse case scenario, that is." She smiled warmly, noticing the cold gaze Seto had fixed her with from across the child-safe area, sitting next to the small fountain, a book on his lap. She blinked, and the brunette was smiling and waving at Mokuba, calling out good luck for him. Maybe she was paranoid...

"Mr Crawford, this is Mokuba."

Mokuba was afraid; afraid, but excited. This could be it! Maybe he could persuade this man into taking him and Seto away...and Seto would be happy, because they could be together without all the other kids who didn't understand their closeness...

"Hello, Mokuba. It's a pleasure to finally meet you." A hand was offered to him; Mokuba looked at it, and noticed the fragment of lace that hung out of his red cuff. Biting his lip so as not to laugh aloud, Mokuba took it. "I've heard a lot about you."

"Err...Hello, sir. I didn't know that anyone wanted to adopt me at all, everyone prefers my brother..."

The man smirked and smiled kindly down at the short boy. The care worker waved her hand to indicate that they could sit down, and Mokuba threw himself into the bouncy chair, curious to this man. Lace, isn't that really girly? A red suit, he must be rich, you don't see many in those things...and he's quite pale, considering its Japan...

"Mr. Crawford has shown interest in a male child who's of a happy temperament. Of all the children here, I think Mokuba is the one who fits your description. He's been here for quite a while, and most people who adopt want children who are most likely to fit in with other children they have...." The dark haired woman ruffled through her papers, eyes darting over the notes she'd made upon them, glancing between Mokuba and the gentleman gazing, with a smile on his face, at the small one. "Because of all the checks we performed several years ago it makes the whole process easier, it just requires a call to check you have nothing added to your criminal record since I last checked. Obviously, Mokuba's safety is what I care about, and I couldn't allow him to move in with someone who may not treat him well..."

"Of course you can't." He shook his silver head, nodding in agreement. "I wouldn't expect anything less."

Mokuba looked between the two, shock coursing through him. This was going way too fast!

"You mean I'm going today? That soon?" He said, voice a little hysterical, jumping up. His care worker looked surprised, Mr Crawford just smiled. This couldn't happen! What about Seto? This was a wonderful opportunity to leave...but he wouldn't just abandon Seto, as Seto had stuck by him, he would to Seto...

"Not at all. It will take a little longer than that, but, yes, rather soon, you'll be adopted. Is there a problem?"

"Mokuba just gets a little hysterical from time to time, as you can understand..." the worker apologised, glancing coldly at Mokuba.

"Yes! I mean, I'm happy you want to adopt me...but I can't go...I can't leave Seto...."

"Mokuba, your brother can't be with you always, sooner or later, you'll have to let him go. And Mr Crawford only wants one child...You should be grateful it's you..." Mokuba looked as if he was going to burst into tears, and ran out the room, casting one final glance at his escape, the one who wanted so much to adopt him... and then he was gone.

There was a silence between Pegasus and the woman, as she strived to find a way to apologise...

"I'm very sorry, it's just he and his brother..."

"Its alright...I didn't realise he had a brother...Is he older or younger?" he looked thoughtful. "I suppose, if it would make Mokuba happy, I could consider taking them both..."

"That...is incredibly kind, but is it possible for you to look after the two of them? Seto can be...rather difficult at times..." She looked wonderingly at him. It took so many people a lot of time to just adopt one, and to commit to them...and here he was, on little more than a whim, deciding to taking in the two brothers. Remarkable! "Of course, it'll mean a little more paper work for you to fill in..."

"When could they come home with me? Just so I know..." He pulled a fountain pen out his pocket and took the papers offered to him and began to read through them.

"Well...you'll have to meet with them again some time, outside of the orphanage...then I'll consult with them and see if they like you enough. I'll discuss it with you, double check you r record and the living arrangements, and then it'll be official once the papers go through. I'd say about 3 weeks at the most."

He smiled, finished signing the end of the paper with a loopy signature and handed them back.


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