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Chapter Twelve: The Future's Bright

Mai looked at the floor, cheeks uncharacteristically red. Being called Mrs. Crawford had actually sounded quite nice…even though they had been together for less than a year.

She looked down at Pegasus, head in his hands as he sat down, seemingly as small as ether of his three sprogs. She put a sympathetic arm around him, pulling his close. He could be so strong, but at other times, almost as childlike as those he had adopted.

"Its alright, Pegasus…You're a great father, no matter what's happened to Mokuba his life will still be the same. You can't give up on him, he wouldn't want that." She stroked his hair gently, his hair almost as soft as hers. "They're both still alive, be thankful of that if nothing else."

She felt wet tears fall on her bare shoulder, feeling awkward, she pulled a handkerchief out for him. He blew his nose, and leaned back. Face still damp with tears, he looked so sickly pale in the hospital neon lighting, almost spectral…

"You're right, of course, Mai, its just-to find out that he may never play out with his brothers and friends again is heartbreaking."

"Of course he'll be able to be free! Even if he is in a chair they can do remarkable things nowadays. You have the money to help him even more than you already had. It'll be alright, you'll see."

Her face twitched with a smile as he leaned to kiss her, a sleepy smile on his face.

"Eventually it shall be so. Does this mean you may be sticking around a little longer?" He asked. He may have been exhausted and worried as hell, but certain things with Mai had to be cleared before anything else was sorted out for the future. That was, if she was still in the picture.

Her heart sped up. She loved her freedom, she loved to have the ability to flit from man to man…but it was getting tiresome. The endless squabbles and accusations of adultury were driving her to her wit's end… Maybe a future here with Pegasus and the kids was as safe an option as any.

"Sure. Maybe just a little longer then. But don't think you've got me tied down yet, Sir." She said coquettishly. He smiled, and they embraced, surrounded by a happy little cloud of pink love.


Seto stayed up long into the night, duelling for fun and enjoying every minute of it. Noa had told him normal kids from outside their school were horrible bullies without much in the way of brains, but…

Something was different about these kids. He was different, more relaxed. He was so relaxed and willingly pranking about, teasing Joey and Tristan whilst defending the smaller Yugi. He could almost forget about his two brothers. Almost.

Mr. Mutou came in the next morning, informing him that Seto would be staying a few more days until Mokuba and Noa were out of hospital, and that he could go and see them later on. Seto had almost cried with happiness at this news.

"See. We told you that your brothers would be alright." Tea said as Seto opened the locket, the image of Noa and Mokuba smiling at him from within it. "Wow, you all look so alike."

"Noa's my adopted brother. But we're like yin and yang, twins but totally different. Mokuba though, he's just…grey. He's the best of us both, and twice as lovable."

"Grandpa said we can all come and meet them!" Joey jumped on the sofa, still dressed in his PJ's and flumped on the floor. Seto smiled. Joey really was a dumb but lovable mutt.


They were all huddled into the room were Mokuba and Noa were. Seto ran forward, and hugged closely onto Noa, who couldn't move because of his head injury. Seto started to cry at that point, Pegasus' hand finding its way into his hair to comfort him.

Mokuba turned his head, and smiled. Seto reached forward and carefully rubbed his baby brother's hand. Pegasus had told him all about the high chance of a disability, and he was so afraid of hurting his brother.

"So, Mokie, how are you feeling? You look so small."

"Nah, I'm okay Seto. I promise. The doctor's are all really nice, and Dad's promised me the fastest wheelchair when I get out."

Seto laughed to himself through his tears, and leaned over to lean on Mokuba, needing to be close to his brother. He felt the heart beat through the thin hospital robe, glad of it.

Meanwhile Joey and Tristan were quizzing Noa, trying to ascertain if he was as 'cool' as Seto. Noa was a little taken aback, but joined in, finding the whole thing amusing.

Pegasus and Mai leaned back against the wall.

"See, I told you that Seto's just an ordinary kid." Mai said. Pegasus smiled inwardly.

"I never doubted that my dear, he just never had the opportunity to be with what you call normal children before." He said sagely. "My son is anything but ordinary; he's extraordinary.

And as he looked back at his behaviour, Pegasus found what he said to be true. Seto was indeed extraordinary; in many cases the boy had shown more awareness than he himself. Perhaps in another time, in another place, Seto would have turned into the heartless child the orphanage had made him out to be, but no; a blessing disguised as blight had bought him close to those his age.

Curling his arm around Mai he pulled her closer, finally content that his family was complete. Seto, Mokuba, Noa and Mai; all belonged to each other, and each had discovered their true selves.




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