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Chapter one: A gift and a Plan

The flash of lightning.

The roar of thunder.

Another storm had come.

But for a certain evil shaman, these storms were nothing to be concerned about. They happened all the time. They were so common to him, he could always predict when the next flash or roar would come.


The lightning light the dark room he was sitting for only a second or two.


The sound of the thunder echoed through the almost empty room and the many empty corridors of his dark castle.

But it did not bother him. As I mentioned before, he was used to these storms, and whenever one occurred, he always managed to find something to keep himself busy.

During this particular storm, this shaman, with long dark hair and evil dark eyes, was sitting in this throne like chair, watching the images that appeared on a small flame in front of him. And what are these images you ask? Well, they were of another shaman, who looked a lot like the first shaman, training in his home.

Hao smiled to himself as he watched his twin doing 10000 push ups, glancing at a certain Itako once in while, that was in a corner, making sure that he didn't miss any out.

"Soon brother, I will be rid of you. And once I am, nothing can stop me from becoming the next Shaman King, not even your weak friends…"



"…Enjoy your life now Yoh, for it's all about to change."


Yoh stood up, wiping the sweat from his forehead. He had finally finished his training for the day, and an hour early too. Usually, he didn't rush through his training, but today was different. But now that he had finished is training early, it probably meant that Anna would make him do 10000 more push ups, or another 500 miles around the town. Yoh pushed those thoughts out of his head.

Speaking of Anna, she had suddenly disappeared. She had been watching Yoh doing his push ups, making sure that he didn't miss any out. But now she was gone.

'She probably went inside to warm up,' thought Yoh, as it was quite a cold October afternoon. He looked at his watch. 4pm. He still had time to get there before it closed. He just had to sneak out without anyone seeing him.

Yoh took another look around him. There was no one around, not even a spirit. He decided to risk it. Turning around, he started creeping towards the gate. Step by step he went, always on alert in case someone saw him.

'Almost there. Just a few more steps, then-'

"What are you going Yoh?"

Yoh froze. He had been caught! Now he was in for it! Slowly, he turned around to see who had caught him. Expecting to see Anna, he was surprised to find that it wasn't his fiancée that had caught her, but someone else.

"Manta! You scared the life outta me!"

"Sorry Yoh," laughed his short friend, "I didn't mean to. But what are you doing? Shouldn't you be training?"

"I've finished my training early today so that I could go into town a pick up the 'thing'."

"'Thing'? What 'thing'?"

"You know Manta. The 'thing' that I pointed out to you the last time we were in town."

Manta took a moment to try and remember what Yoh was on about. Fortunately, thanks to him being so intelligent, he soon figured out what his shaman friend was talking about.

"Oh! That 'thing'! Is it ready to go today?"

"Sure is, but I gotta get there before the shop closes. You couldn't do me a favour and cover for me 'til I get back could you Manta?"

"Sure, no problem Yoh. Just get back soon OK?"

"Sure thing Manta! See ya!"

Yoh turned and dashed out the gate. He had to get to the shop before 4:30. He knew he could do it, he had done it a few times before, but he was so tired from Anna's training, could he do it today?

Manta watched his friend disappear into the distance. He hoped that Yoh would make it in time and not stop to take a nap. A cold gust of wind blew, causing a few leaves to fall from the trees and Manta to hide his hands inside his coat pocket.

"It's freezing out here," he said to himself, "and its only October! I'd better get inside before I turn into a human icicle."

Manta looked one last time to see if he could see Yoh running down the road, but he had long since disappeared. Sighing, he turned around and was about to make his way back to the house, until he bumped into somebody and fell over.

"Opps, sorry about that," said Manta, not looking up

"You should be sorry for not looking where you're going," said an angry female voice

Manta froze. There was only one person who spoke like that, only one person who could make even the most courageous shaman weep. Manta slowly looked up, only to find that he was face to face with the itako, Anna.

"Oh, h…hey there Anna! Wh…what's up?" stuttered Manta

"I'll tell you what's up," said Anna, picking Manta up by the hood on his jumper, "I just saw Yoh running down the road, and I know for a fact that he was talking to you before he left. So spill shorty, where's Yoh going? And if you don't tell me, you'll be sorry!"

Manta didn't know what to do. He'd made a promise to Yoh that he wouldn't tell anyone where he was going or what he was doing, but if he didn't tell Anna, who knows what she'd do to him!

Yoh kept running and running. He only had ten minutes until the shop closed, but he was so tired from the training and he was so far away from the shop, he would never make it in time. Giving up, he stopped by a bench to catch his breath.

"Oh man…I forgot…how far away…the shop is. I'll never get there in time. I'll just have to pick it up tomorrow. But I wanted to give it to her today. After all, it is our annerv-"

Yoh stopped. There, in front of him, was an alleyway. He hadn't noticed it before. It was lucky that he had spotted it now. Now he had a chance to get to the shop before it closed. That's was if it did lead to where the shop was.

'Should I risk it? Well, I might as well. I have nothing to lose. I just hope that I could make it in time.'

Yoh got up off the bench and got ready to run for his life. He was about to go, when something stopped him. He felt a strange presence, like someone familiar was watching him. He looked around. There didn't seem to be anyone else there apart from him. The place was deserted. Thinking that this presence was from a familiar ghost or something like that, he made his way down the alley way. Little did he now that he was being watched, and not by a ghost.

Hao smirked from his hiding place in the trees. Yoh was able to sense him alright, but luckily for Hao, he wasn't able to see him.

"It is nearly time Yoh. Your life is about to change."

5 minutes later, Yoh was still running down the alley way.

'Man, how long is this alleyway? It goes on for miles. Should I just give up and go home. No, I can't. I don't know how, but I know this alleyway leads to the shop somehow. Besides, I have to pick up that gift today!'

Using all the energy left inside him, Yoh started to run faster and faster. Time was running out fast. He had to get there before 4:30.


Yoh thought he heard a car drive past in the distance. Still running, he looked around to see if he was right, or whether he was just imagining it. He wasn't though, for he saw another one drive past on the horizon. He could see the end of the alleyway.


Yoh ran and ran. He had to get to the end, and fast. As he ran faster and faster, so the end of the alleyway came closer and closer. He was only a few feet away.


Yoh had finally found the end of the alleyway. He stopped to look around. There were shops everywhere. He must be in the middle of town. That meant the shop he needed must be here somewhere, but where was it.


Panicking (does Yoh actually panic?) Yoh searched and searched, but he couldn't see it. Where was it? He only had a few sec-

He found it,

'Smiths Jewellery'

It was only a few metres away. He knew he would make it.

He hoped he would make it.

With all the energy he had left, he ran to the shop door and burst in, surprising the old man behind the counter.

"Whoa there young man," said the old man in a kind voice, "what's the hurry?"

"Had to…closed…package…present…collect…" panted Yoh, tired from all the running

"I'm sorry, I didn't get any of that. You look very tired young man. Take a few deep breaths, then tell me why you're here," said the man

Yoh did what the man had said, and soon got his breath back.

"Sorry that I burst in here sir," said Yoh, "but I had to get here before you closed. I need to pick up a package. It's a present for someone who very important to me."

"I see. Well, I'm afraid that it's gone 4:30, which means that the shop is closed…but…then again…I would be more than happy to keep the shop open a few more minutes to help a nice young man like you."

"Really?" asked Yoh who couldn't believe his ears

"Of course," said the old man, opening a small red book in front of him labelled 'orders', "now then, what's your name?"

"Asakura Yoh."

"Asakura…Asakura…ah yes. Asakura. The package has already been paid for?"

"Yep. I paid for it when I ordered it."

"Good. Now then, where did I put it…," the old man said to himself, looking at the piles of boxes behind him, each with a label on them to identify them, "…here it is. Asakura. Would you like to see it?"


The old man held out the small black box to Yoh. Yoh took it from him, and opened it up, examining the contents inside.

"Perfect. Thank you for your help sir," said a beaming Yoh

"No problem young man," said the old man, who was also smiling, "and I hope that the lucky lady will like it too."

"Don't worry, I know she'll like it. Bye!"

Yoh walked through the front door and took off his shoes, the black box still in his hand. But as he started making his way down the corridor, he couldn't help but notice that the house seemed completely empty. Not even Amidamaru seemed to be around.

'Strange. The house is never empty.'

Yoh was about to call out, when the front door opened behind him. He turned around to see a very glum looking Horo Horo walking down the corridor. He seemed to be mumbling to himself about something.

"Aww man. I looked all over town and I couldn't-"

"Hey there Horo!" said Yoh cheerily

"Hey Yoh…wait a minute…YOH! You're here?!"

"Err yeah. This is my house," said Yoh, a little confused

"Where have you been Yoh?! You've been gone for more than an hour! Anna flipped out! Oh no, Anna!"

Horo Horo began to push Yoh down the corridor towards the living room. Confused, Yoh tired to get away, but Horo Horo just grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him instead.

"Hey! Horo! What the-"

"No time to explain Yoh. All you need to know is, Anna needs to see you, and she ain't happy!"

Horo Horo stopped by the living room door. He pushed Yoh into the room and said "I found him! I'll just leave you two alone and go find the others," before leaving the room, closing the door behind him. Yoh just started at the door, still confused at Horo's weird actions. Then again, when was Horo ever normal?

Remembering that Horo had spoken to someone else in the room, Yoh turned around to see a second person standing with their back to him, facing the wall with her arms crossed. She was about the same age as Yoh, with shoulder length, dirty blonde hair, and was wearing a short black dress.


The silence was horrible. The tension in the room grew with every passing second. Yoh didn't know what to say. He knew that Anna was mad at him for running off for an hour, but he had to, so that he could pick up the gift. He didn't have to say anything though, for Anna spoke first.

"Do you have any idea how long you've been gone?" asked Anna in her icy voice

"I'm sorry I was gone so long Anna, and I'm sorry that I just ran out like that, but you see, I had to do something important"

As quick as a flash, Anna turned around to face Yoh. 'Man, she does look angry,' thought Yoh

"Really? You had to do something important you say?" asked Anna, her anger growing, "and what was so important that you had to run out the house before asking for permission?"

"I had to collect this," said Yoh, holding out the black box to Anna, "Happy Anniversary Anna!"

Anna gazed down at Yoh, down at the box, then back at Yoh.

"Anniversary? Anniversary of what? The first time I made you cry?"

"Not exactly," said Yoh, trying to forget that horrible day, "It's the anniversary of the first day we met when we were kids."

"Oh," ways Anna's answer. To be honest, she had completely forgotten about their anniversary. She felt like such an idiot, but she didn't show it. She just started at the box.

Yoh looked at Anna, then saw where her gaze was. He (gently) grabbed Anna's hand with his free one, then placed the box in it.

"Well, aren't you gonna open it?" asked Yoh, his famous Asakura smile plastered on his face.

Anna looked at Yoh with a blank expression, then at the box.

'I might as well' she thought to herself. She lifted up the lid of the box, and gasped at what was inside. It was made of the most precious silver, and had a single diamond.

An engagement ring.

Yoh smiled. By the look on Anna's face, he knew that she liked it. He knew she would. He took the ring from the box, and placed it on Anna's wedding finger on her left hand.

Anna blushed slightly as Yoh did this. Even though Yoh was a complete idiot, her feelings towards him had grown over the years. But, as usual, she never showed it, or told anyone.

"I know we're already engaged, but I thought that this ring would make it seem more real. There's an inscription on the ring. It says 'Our Love Will Never Die' and I know it won't. I love you Anna, and I always will."

"Yoh…I…" began Anna, but she stopped. She could feel her cold barrier breaking. She couldn't let her barrier fall. She couldn't let anyone see her true feelings, not now, not ever.

"What is it Anna?" asked Yoh after Anna suddenly became quiet.

Anna looked up at Yoh (for he was slightly taller than her), the anger in her eyes again as her barrier began to build up again.

"Don't think that you're gonna go unpunished for disappearing for an hour by giving me this."

"Punishment! But I-"

"No 'buts' Yoh. For going off without my permission, and for disappearing for more than an hour, you're gonna run around the whole town 200 times. And to make sure that you don't cheat, I'll have someone follow you. Got that?"

"Yes Anna," said Yoh, "But I have to do one more thing before I go."

"And what's that?" asked Anna, but she was soon silenced by Yoh's lips brushing over hers. Anna's eyes widened.

It was her first kiss.

And she didn't seem to want to stop Yoh, for she started leaned towards him. But, unfortunately for her, Yoh broke away. He whispered into her ear the words, "I love you Anna, and your welcome," before disappearing out the room.

Anna just stood there. So much had happened in a few minutes. Yoh had given her an engagement ring, he had declared his love for her, and she had had her first kiss. She looked down at the ring on her finger. A small smile appeared on her lips.

"Thanks you Yoh."

Half an hour later, Yoh was running through the graveyard when he and Amidamaru first met, but he wasn't alone. Just as Anna had promised, someone was made to go with him to make sure that he didn't cheat. Luckily, that someone was Manta, and luckily for him, he didn't have to run, so he just rode his bike next to Yoh.

"I take it Anna liked the present then Yoh. You seem happier than usual," Manta said to his best friend

"Yep, she liked the present. And I'm pretty sure that she liked the other thing that I gave her," said Yoh with a smile on his face.

"Oh, and what was that?"

"Well, just after I gave her the ring, I-"


Yoh and Manta stopped in their tracks. There was a large ditch in front of them. Someone had thrown what had looked like a large fireball at them. Fortunately, it had just missed. Manta's heart was racing like mad.

"What…what happened?" asked a scared Manta

"I'll tell you what happened and what will happen," said a voice above them.

Yoh and Manta looked up. There, standing in a tree, was the most evil shaman that ever walked the planet.


Sensing what his twin brother might do next, Yoh stood in front of Manta.

"Manta, get outta here, now!" he demanded

"What? But Yoh, I can't leave you here on your own against Hao! He'll kill you! You need my help!"

"Manta, you're not a shaman. If you stay, you'll be killed, and I can't let that happen to my best friend. The only way you can help me is by going back and getting Amidamaru and the others."

"But Yoh-"

"Manta, just go!"

Manta looked up at Yoh. He didn't want to leave him to face Hao all on his own, but Yoh was right, the only way he could help was by getting the others. His mind made up, he started riding back to the Asakura house.

"I'll back as soon as I can Yoh!" he called back before he disappeared into the distance.

Yoh watched him until he had disappeared, then turned back to face Hao, who was now on the ground in front of him.

"He runs fast, for someone with such short legs," laughed Hao

"What so you want now Hao?" demanded Yoh

"The same thing I've always wanted," answered Hao calmly, "The Shaman King throne. Unfortunately, you're in the way, as usual."

"And what are you gonna do about it?" asked Yoh. He had a bad feeling about this.

"Simple. I'm gonna destroy you and your friends once and for all. You're life is gonna change forever brother, for once I'm done, life will never be the same again!"

Will Manta get back in time to get the others and help Yoh? Will Yoh be able to stop Hao? And what is Hao's new plan? Find out in the next chapter!

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