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Changes: A Yona fic

Chapter 6: From the heart


"There must be something we can do!" cried Pirika

"There is a way," said Jun. She turned to face Anna. "I told you, I've found a way to save Yoh, and to do it, we need you, Anna."

"Me?" Anna asked, shocked, "what can I do?"

"There's nothing you can do!" Hao called from the tree, "The new Yoh is under my control, and there's nothing you can do about it! Now Yoh, attack and finish them once and for all."

Yoh nodded at his new master, acknowledging the command. He held up his weapon, and began to charge at the group that he used to call his friends.

Anna turned around and saw Yoh coming towards them, once again ready to strike.

"Everybody MOVE!" she called out before moving out the way. Everybody else followed Anna's orders and jumped out the way, all except for one person, whom was too scared to move.

"Pirika!" shouted Horo Horo when he saw her sister. "Come on! Move!"

Pirika couldn't move. Her legs were frozen with fear. Yoh was getting closer and closer, gathering speed. He was going to strike.

"No! Pirika!"

Pirika covered her face with her arms and screamed as Yoh was about to strike.


Pirika's body tensed. But, after a few seconds, she noticed something was wrong. If Yoh had attacked her, how comes she didn't feel any pain? She lowered her arms and looked around her, screaming when she saw the sight in front of her.

"No! Horo Horo!" she screamed as she ran to her brother's body.

Horo, seeing that his sister couldn't move, knew that he had to protect her. He was her big brother, what else could he do? So when Pirika didn't move, she jumped in front of her and used his oversoul to protect her. Unfortunately, Yoh was slightly stronger than he was, so when their oversouls collided, his broke, causing him to be injured. He now had a deep wound on his shoulder, and a large bruise on his head from where he landed on the ground.

Pirika bent down by her brother, who was lying on the floor, not moving. She lifted his head onto her lap.

"Horo? Are you OK?"

Horo's eyes opened slowly. As Pirika looked down at him, she could tell that he was in pain.

"Yeah Pirika, I'm OK," Horo replied weakly.

"No you're not, you're hurt. Why did you do it?"

"Are you silly? I'm your big brother…what else could I do?"

"Horo! Pirika! Watch out!" screamed Jun

Pirika looked up. Yoh was coming back, he wasn't finished. Pirika screamed and tried to use her body to protect her brother.


After once again not feeling any pain in her body, Pirika looked up and saw Rio and stopped Yoh's attack. He had managed to block the assault and push Yoh back a bit.

"Don't worry my friends, I will protect you!" Rio shouted at the two siblings.

"Thank you Rio," said Pirika softly.

"Yeah, thanks pal," Horo said weakly.

"Don't worry about it," said Rio giving them a smile over his shoulder, before returning his gaze to Yoh. "What are friends for?"

Anna watched in shock as Yoh just kept attacking. But however many times his managed to injure his friends, they would not hit back. They couldn't. They didn't want to hurt Yoh. Anna felt a tear fall down her cheek.


"Anna! Watch out!"

Anna felt someone push them to the ground, then use their body to protect them. She heard the swish of a sword as it missed its target and hit the air. Then he heard a yell as Yoh attacked again, this time attacking Ren and the others.

Anna looked up as she felt the person who saved her standing up.

"Jun?" she said as she too got up

"Listen to me Anna," Jun spoke firmly, holding onto Anna's shoulders. "There is only one way you can save Yoh."

"Me? But what can I do?"

"Anna, you are the closest person to Yoh's heart. He loves you, and you love him. Dark Soul Control takes over a person's soul, but it doesn't completely control a person's heart. You must find the goodness in Yoh's heart and bring him back."

Anna looked away. How could she find the goodness in Yoh's heart? She was cold and cruel, especially to Yoh. She fiddled with the ring Yoh had given her…

The ring!

That was it! Anna knew what to do. She looked over to where Yoh was. He was slowly walking over to where the others were. They were all huddled together in a group, their oversouls almost completely gone.

Anna released herself from Jun's grip, and made her way over to Yoh.

'Don't worry Yoh, I'll bring you back.'


Hao, whom was enjoying the show from his spot in the tree, noticed Anna walking towards Yoh.

"Now, what is she up to?"


Just when Yoh was about to strike the group, Anna stepped in front of him. He faltered, and held his sword above his head.

"Move out the way Anna," he spoke. His voice didn't sound normal. It was gravely, evil, angry, as if he were possessed. But this didn't scare Anna off.

"No" she said firmly

"No? Ha! What a foolish girl you are!"

With his free hand, Yoh slapped Anna across the face. Anna turned her head as Yoh's hand collided with her face. A tear fell down her now red cheek, but she wouldn't let a small thing like that stop her. He looked back up at Yoh, and slapped him back across the face.

Yoh was shocked. No one had hit him in this entire battle, yet this girl was slapping him as if he were any other person she hated.

"What did you do that for?" he shouted angrily at Anna, "Don't you know who I am?"

"No, I don't. And don't even say that you're Yoh, because you're not. Yoh is kind and caring. He may be lazy, but he has a big heart. You're not Yoh, because you are evil! You take orders from that snake!" She pointed at Hao. "Yoh never did what any one told him, apart from me. And he only did that, because he knew that I loved him."

Yoh couldn't believe what he was hearing. Anna loved him? But she couldn't! He had to destroy her, and the others. That was Hao's orders, but why couldn't he bring himself to do it?

"No, not you." Anna continued. She held up her left hand to show him the ring on her hand. "I love to old Yoh, the one who gave me this ring, as a symbol of our love."

Yoh loved at the ring. As he stared at it, something clicked inside him. He was starting to remember his old self. He was starting to remember what he was really like. He lowered his sword, the colour of his oversoul starting to change back to normal.

"Do you remember Yoh? Do you remember the promise you made me?"

"Yes, I remember." Yoh's eyes slowly began to change back into their normal chocolate brown colour. He could feel the evilness inside of his disappearing. The dark soul control was losing it's affect.

"Good, because I make that same promised to you. I love you Yoh."

"I love you too Anna."

Then, without another word, Yoh and Anna wrapped their arms around each other, and shared a passionate kiss. As the kiss deepened, Yoh could feel the last of the dark soul control leaving his heart, leaving his body. He felt his own soul beginning to take control once again.

"No! This can't be! I won't let this happen!"

Yoh and Anna broke off their kiss, and looked up. Hao was charging towards them. Yoh stepped in front of Anna.

"You!" Hao spat, pointing at Anna. "You had to spoil my plan didn't you?! Well now you're going to pay!"

"That's what you think Hao!" said Yoh, raising his sword, his oversoul back to normal, and more powerful than ever. "You'll never hurt Anna, not while I'm around!"

"And if you want Yoh," said Ren stepping in front of Yoh and Anna, "you'll have to get through us!"

Hao stopped in his tracks. Every one of Yoh's friends had surrounded Yoh and Anna from sight. Hao knew that he could take them, but there was something different about them. There was something burning inside of them that he couldn't quite place. Whatever it was, it scared Hao, for it made them stronger.

"Ha!" He only laughed, "I haven't got time for this! But mark my words, I will be back, and next time, you'll all pay dearly for what you have done!"

A large flame suddenly surrounded Hao. The group protected themselves from the heat. But as suddenly as the flame had appeared, it disappeared, taking Hao along with it.

Yoh stared at the burnt spot for a minute, then turned to face his friends. Amidamaru appeared by his side.

"Guys, I'm sorry for what I did to you." Yoh spoke sadly. "I was a real jerk for treating you like that! But I couldn't control it! I just couldn't!"

"Yoh, it's OK," Anna spoke softly, placing her hand on top of his. "We all know it wasn't you fault. It was Hao's fault, so we blame him not you. Isn't that right guys?"

Ren, Jun, Rio, Manta, Pirika, Horo, everyone nodded in unison, smiles on their faces. They had the old Yoh back, and they would make sure that nothing happened to him, not while they were around.

Yoh smiled back at his friends, happy that they could forgive him. He placed an arm around Anna's waist.

"Well, why are we standing around here in the cold?" he ask. "Lets get back to the house."

He gang agreed and started to make their way back to the Asakura house, Ren and Pirika helping Horo to walk.

Anna and Yoh were at the back of the group, Anna resting her head on Yoh's shoulders, Yoh holding Anna close to him. Yoh looked down at the girl he loved.

"Thank you Anna," he spoke softly

"Huh? What for?" Anna asked, lifting her head up.

"For saving me. Without you, I would still be under Hao's control. You rescued me from the evil he put into me. And there's only one way I know how to repay you."

"Really? And what's that?"

Anna was soon answered by Yoh placing his lips on top of hers, giving her another long and passionate kiss.


The End


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