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She sat on her bed and sighed.

her heat thumped all because,

all because of a couple of boys.

Different feelings inside,

all because of a couple of boys.

Him, Malchior the one who she talked to, liked,


No, she had. Not anymore,

Not since he betrayed her.

Pretender that he did, but he would not, could not love her.

She could not show emotion.

Her powers, her curse All his fault, all Trigon's fault Him, her father, her powers Telekinesis, Psychic, probing powers,

all powered by, controlled by her emotions.

If carried away, she could kill. Not even on purpose.

The problem is, when her powers got carried away,

it was usually around someone she cared about. People who she either loved or hated.

Malchior... Beast boy... HOLD ON A MOMENT!

She could understand liking Malchior.

He acted like he cared.

He acted warm.

He acted nice.

His eyes looked deep and warm, even though they were gray and dark.

He said he understood,

and no one and nothing could change that.

He did betray her, but nothing could change how he made her feel.

She could understand liking Malchior.

But Beastboy?

Beastboy with his green skin,

Messy hair,

Purple outfit that accentuated his green skin.

His powers too.

To be able to turn into any animal he wanted!

For a second, Raven paused.

"I wish I could control my powers like that."

Anyway, Beastboy only turned into an animal

Outside of battle

That he thought she would like.

Like that stupid cat, the one with sparkly eyes.

How he jumped next to her as she read on the couch.

A puppy, adorable, how she tried to pick him up and cuddle,

But a vase had broken,

and she swiftly patted him on the head,

and glided off…

Thinking back she was alarmed.

Maybe she did like him.

She struggled to hold her emotions,

As things began to fly around the room.

Things clattered off the walls,

Making a louder noise than she realized.


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