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Raven panted slightly. She had run fast to catch up to BB, and he had still already gone into his room. She knocked on the door.

"WHAT?" yelled BB angrily through the door.

"Beast boy, come out here!"


"Come on, let me in!"

"Why should I?"

"Because I need to tell you something!"

"What? Why don't you just tell your boyfriend Cyborg? I'll bet he will listen to his girlfriend even more then he does to his SUPPOSED TO BEST FRIEND!"

"Beastboy, you idiot. Cyborg is not my boyfriend."


"Yeah. Duh."

"Wait a minute! I know what you are doing!" He opened the door, and stepped out to confront Raven, who rolled her eyes, preparing for another Beast boy speech. She was not disappointed.

"You and Cyborg are going out, but you can't admit it, because the evil blue monkey (copyrighted, 2005)ut you are so de-de-de-de-d-d-deeply in love with Cyborg that-that you ju-" his stuttering and depressed rant was stopped by Raven's slim finger. He tried to ignore how soft and cool it felt, to kiss Raven's hand.

"First off, I thought you had gone to counseling for the whole evil blue mayor monkey thing. No? Oh, ok. Anyway, you idiot! You are soooo stupid. I mean, thats the reason why you lose at video games and thinking things, it has to be. And its why you can be so weird and thats why...I love you."

"Ok, first off, do not remind me of the counseling. Second, I do not LOSE video games, I let Cyborg win...to...to...boost his ego, thats it. Third off, I am not weird...I like to think of it as...interesting and amusing. And fourth...wait...what? What did you say? You said-" he was stopped once more, but this time, not with a finger, but smooth soft lips. He could taste her lipgloss. She pulled away, lids half closed.

"I love you."

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