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Your children are not your children.

Khalil Gibran

Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.

They come through you but not from you,

And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts.

For they have their own thoughts.

You may house their bodies but not their souls,

For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.

You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.

For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.

The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.

Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness;

For even as he loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.

Book The Prophet

In OUT OF TIME, Veronica, Challenger makes a surprising discovery in the jungle: a baby.

... But if after the conclusion of the episode other events happened bringing a new and unexpected resident at treehouse?

"Your children are not your children."

Khalil Gibran – 'The Prophet'

Veronica looked saddened the departure of the ape woman and her baby. "HER baby, not mine". She had already begun to stick that innocent and sweet little creature, and she knew, however, that nor everything was to be as she wanted.

She followed the way back to the treehouse thinking about the great change that had happened in her life in such little time, and as she had discovered feelings that she didn't imagine that could have, when a horror scream stopped her.

Without hesitating, Veronica ran until the origin of the sound and then she found the ape woman, already wound, with the baby in her lap, surrounded by two raptors.

She removed the two knives that she brought in the waist and she threatened them so that they moved away, however the smell of blood already poked their instincts and the young woman knew that they would not give up easily. She threw one of the knives in the jugular of the most ferocious of them, that struggled before falling dead on the ground.

Also remained one. More and more furious and already smelling of its quite bloody prey, the animal, didn't have any intention of leaving.

Veronica threw the last knife that she had in the animal, however, without success. Now she was unarmed and being corner, with the ape woman and her baby. Unless she acted fast, it was a question of time so that they were surround and defenseless. She pushed the woman so that she hid herself for among the roots of a fig tree. Then she caught some earth, threw in the raptor's eyes and immediately ran attracting the animal for herself. She had moved the animal away of the baby. But what about herself? Her opponent was not interested to give up. At the end of her jump, she found a lance, probably of the ape woman that agonized. She got a caper and she fell lying, the raptor came with all its hunger to attack her, but before it could savor its hunt, Veronica got right it with the lance that still fell to your side dashing in her. Alleviated, she rested and let herself to calm down breathing breathless.

The ape woman was very weak among the roots. In the anguish of protecting him, she held the baby as a snake to a branch. Veronica looked at the woman's wound: the cut had been deep and bled so much. And she knew that there wasn't anything else to do. Very carefully she caught the child that cried, hugging him. Feeling safer, he was nested in her lap, sobbing in a low voice. And when a third raptor appeared, the blond knew that there wasn't anything else to do. She pressed the small body of the child against hers and closed her eyes knowing what the worst would come.

Then she heard several shots and opened her eyes to see the animal falling down near her.

Malone was running with concerned expression. There was ape woman's blood everywhere and he wondered if Veronica would be well. He looked at the roots of the tree then seeing something moving and he found Veronica holding the baby, her eyes full of tears and by her side the ape woman, already died, with petrified eyes.

"Veronica, what happened? Are you all right?" - He asked hugging her, but without having the correspondence of the affection. She babbled, among tears:

"She's dead Ned " - Only a glance to the ape woman's body was enough so that Malone confirmed Veronica's information.

He helped her to get up still carrying the baby.

"Your arm is bleeding. I take the baby..." - Offered Ned.

"It's nothing... I take care of him " - She answered going with the child in the direction of the treehouse, weeping she passed through Roxton, Challenger, Marguerite and Summerllee, all of them surprised to be a witness of a moment of fragility of their always tough hostess.

"What happened?" - Roxton approached of Ned that looked concerned in the direction where Veronica has just gone.

Ned told them in full details everything that he knew until they arrived there. Everybody heard without interrupting they were surprised and very frighten about what had happened to Veronica.

"Those raptors are getting more aggressive at each day that passes... " - Professor Arthur affirmed removing the pipe of the mouth.

"She couldn't have done this, we can't take care a child here " - George spoke in habit coldness. Marguerite gave a little smile and balanced her head a little, but they all noted her cynicism.

"What's the matter Marguerite?" - Ned crossed his arms.

"One more mouth to feed and that is a little animal'..." - She crossed her arms – "Well, we are making progress..."

"Always concerned with yourself, as always!" - Roxton cried out, and Marguerite didn't like at all. The woman got up with her nobility manners and walked to the corridor. Before leaving the room, she stopped beside Roxton and whispered. - "Always. There isn't anybody here that deserves my concern. Good night, Lord Roxton ". She looked at his eyes, letting him to notice the rage that she felt and left the living room.

Ned breathed alleviated. - "Well, I think that we can talk now ... respectfully..."

"I maintain what I said. We can not keep this baby!" – Challenger said causing the immediate answer of Summerllee.

"George, don't you understand the situation? Malone told us what happened, and the baby's mother is dead! How can that child survive in the jungle alone?".

"Besides, the house belongs to Veronica, she decides who leaves and who stays here... " - Ned was a little revolt with the scientist's words. - "What about you Roxton?"

The hunter looked to each member of the room, analyzing their expressions. - "I think Veronica would not leave this baby alone in the jungle, that is a fact... since as you said Professor, she didn't want to leave him nor when that ape woman was alive..."

"What are you insinuating, Roxton?" - George showed some interest at his glance.

"Now, anything... Why? What are you thinking now? That Veronica tried something against the ape woman in order to keep the baby?"

"Veronica would never hurt that ape woman!" – Ned protested irritated.

"I think we shouldn't question it boys. Let's take it easy." - Summerllee tried to calm, but without success.

"... Arthur, I am impressed with your blindness of not seeing the facts!!! See, you said that those animals are being more dangerous and noxious at each day, however, Veronica brings one of them for her own house! She doesn't know what she's doing. I'll go there and took that monster from her, before it makes something bad..." - George lifted resolved to go to Veronica's room.

"It's just a baby monkey, Challenger!" Roxton cried out.

Ned got up quickly and it impeded Challenger to move forward.

"Go away Malone, you are quite blind....".

"I won't leave, if you want you will have to pass over me. You won't disturb Veronica with your scientific theories. SHE IS NOT YOUR EXPERIMENT, GEORGE!" - Malone screamed furious and didn't moved away.

They were all surprised by Malone's reaction, ignored by his friends until then. They all looked at him.

"Come on, Challenger... Malone is nervous, all of us are tense with this situation. It won't be good if we begin to discuss... " - Roxton threw the hands in the scientist's shoulder and took him away from Malone.

"Summerllee, I think it's better you come with me, I will see how Veronica and the baby are... " - Ned called Summerllee that hesitated in getting up. - "If you don't want to come with me, no problem, Professor... But I would like that later you examined the baby, and Veronica got a wound that could be infected... " - Malone waited for Summerllee in the exit of the living room. Arthur looked at the two serious men who expected his decision.

"Veronica needs care... " - The Professor got up and without looking for Roxton and Challenger he followed Malone.

After they left, Challenger beat with the hands in the table. - "Summerllee is a fool!!! Doesn't he see that I am trying to protect her and all of us against that animal?"

"Maybe it is not what seems my old friend..." - Roxton tried to calm him down. - "The baby can stay here until we find a family for him. Don't worry. It won't stay here for a long time, he is an animal, and his instinct of freedom will speak loudly in few times...."

"I hope that his wild instinct doesn't wake up so early..." - The two men looked to each other and they knew that they didn't have so many options at that moment.

Next morning, it seemed that a big black cloud and its thunders, was over the house. Veronica, besides having a terrible night since the baby had missed his mother, soon she prepared the breakfast of the little one.

For consequence, the others had not closed their eyes also. They got up exhausted and irritated, however, nobody dared to complain or to begin a possible "friendly discussion" on the presence of the new member of the house. Nobody, except Marguerite.

"What a night! That explains why the ape men had abandoned these little 'thing', he only knows how to cry. You are not going to keep that creature, are you?" She asked while bit an apple, faking indifference.

Veronica washed some dishes and when she heard the heiress, she turned immediately with the eyes full of fury and sorrow. - "I'll just repeat what I already said before: the treehouse is MY home and now it's Tommy's home too. If you aren't satisfied, go to live in another place, I am sure that you will find much more silent places."

"Veronica, don't you see the mistake that you're doing? That little monster will grow and to eat us, listen what I say!"

The young jungle woman just ignored everything what Marguerite said, until that she got more irritated, she throw the apple on the table and left loosening fire from the eyes. She passed by Roxton, that arrived in the kitchen, and she almost dropped him.

"Ohh, take it easy, Marguerite!"

"Go to hell you too!"

"Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed..."

Challenger, Summerllee and Ned didn't paid attention, their attention was on Veronica. Seated to the table, they follow each movement of the woman and Tommy. Ned began:

"Veronica, I don't agree the way Marguerite spoke to you. By the way, you know that she speaks too much and she isn't delicate with the words, but... deeply she can have a certain reason..."

"About what? What part? About Tommy be different? Or that I should be left him to die in the jungle, as the ape men did? Wouldn't this make us wilder than they are?"

"I just think..."

"Tommy's mother died, Ned. I will have to take care of him...!"

"Unacceptable! An ape baby with us? You need to review!" - Challenger interfered.

"So begin to accept. All of you! Tommy will be here because now he is my responsibility and don't worry, he will stay just with me!" - She dried the tears and went to her room, taking the baby, leaving behind a perplexed group.