Chapter 18: Walking and Questions

So far all the boys had been doing was walking. Walking and walking. Tyson was still up a ways staying close to Jasmen, the wrath of Kai still fresh in his mind. The others were still following at a leisurely pace but were quickly growing tired of their never ending journey.

"Left here guys." Max said turning. Kai was ignoring Tyson's mental signals and Rei just wasn't concentrating, he was tired and was becoming cranky. At the next right Rei began to growl deep in his throat reflecting the mood he was in. After two more lefts and another right Kai watched with amusement as Rei's pupils slit and he came to an abrupt halt.

'If I were you two I'd put up a shield.' Rei thought with a quick glance at Max and Kai.

'A shield? Rei you never taught me anything like th..'

'WHERE THE HELL ARE WE GOING?!' Rei screamed, his entire face turning red with concentration, as everyone's head filled with sharp pains while the rolling sound of thunder sounded in the clear blue sky.

'Ouch.' Max and Tyson thought simultaneously.

'Something you want to say Rei?' Was Jasmens calm reply.

'I believe he just said it.' Kai replied icily. 'And we all agree. We're tired, worn out from the flight and all this pointless walking and now we're all frustrated beyond belief!' Kai claimed as he, Rei and Max all turned around another corner to come face to face with Tyson and Jasmen. Tyson was holding his head and the lingering flashes of pain faded.

"We'll it's not like I was about to start training you in the middle of the city!" Jasmen replied dramatically spreading her arms out for effect. "If you had all been paying attention instead of thinking about what a horrible and cruel person I was, you would have noticed that I've moved us to a more secluded area. One," She said turning her back to them and continuing to walk away. "That won't be disturbed by others."

"AH!" Rei screeched reaching up to pull out his hair. "This is the sickest and most twisted game of follow the leader I've ever seen!"

"Don't you mean participated in?" Tyson volunteered. One look at Rei and Tyson knew that Kai was sadistic when getting back at him but Rei, Rei was just dangerous. So with a hiss from Rei as he lunged forward, Tyson once again ran to keep up with Jasmen. Unfortunately for Rei and his plans of mutilating Tyson's face with his frustration, Max grabbed him for behind and was holding him in place until he started to calm down. "Alright Max you can let me go now, I'm not going to kill the least not for now anyway."

"That's all we can ask for Rei." Max smiled finally releasing him. "Don't worry maybe one of these days his body will recognize it has a brain and use it."

"Oh he knows he has a brain, I'm sure he just tunes it out purposefully." Rei said as they continued walking once again. "Or scarier yet, maybe he's like a super genius and is so smart that he acts dumb!"

'And you guys call me the idiot.' Tyson commented catching the ending of their discussion. Tyson would have continued to point out their flaws but a warning hiss from Rei sounded in his head and he immediately shut up and turned his attention to the woman he had be walking beside for the past half hour.

"So," he started shoving his hands in his pockets. "Why are we walking to this place anyway? I'm sure you know how far of a walk it is, why not just take a taxi cab?" Jasmen turned to the boy and raised a slender dark eye brow.

"Good question, I must say I was worried I was going to get asked something stupid like why is the sky blue? Or why can't we see air?"

"Hey those are great questions!" Tyson paused and starred at Jasmen.

"Oh don't be serious!" She exclaimed glancing at him. "You really want me to answer those? I just said that those are stupid!"

"Yeah but now I'm curious." Tyson stated innocently.

"Yeah well I'm not answering my own questions..." She shot Tyson a cold glare when she heard his intake of breath, knowing his intention to repeat the questions from his own mouth. "Now as for your first question I have no problem answering it. I live in the forests, off the lands in the parries, in the jungles of the south and roam the deserts of Egypt. Nature is my home by instinct and should I be given a chance to chose between it and technology, nature will always win out." She finished with a smile.

"So you're not against technology?" Jasmen laughed at the question.

"Of course not! When I'm traveling in the cities I would be lost without a GPS system, I love those things! Also without a cell phone how would I get in contact with my family or friends?" She added flashing Tyson her shiny very expensive looking Motorola. "Besides after being on a plane all this time and being as tired as you all are the fresh air will do you good. Fresh air naturally wakes you up and the walking is a good warm up to get your blood flow up and circulation moving."

"Wow you sure know a lot." Tyson commented.

"Yeah well when you've been around as long as I have you tend to pick up on these things." Jasmen noticed Tyson shift besides her as though he were pondering something. "You know Tyson, you 4 can ask me anything in the world and yes that includes stupid questions...don't even think about repeated those two from earlier, and I would answer them to the best of my knowledge. I am your teacher after all." She finished with a warm smile.

"Well it's just, this is going to seem really rude, but I was wondering just how old you are?" Tyson finished blushing with embarrassment over asking something so personal of a complete stranger.

"Well, considering I can manipulate my appearance it's a fair question that you'd want to know just how old I really am. Actually why don't you guess, this could be fun."




"Whoa big jump, but no, higher."

"Now I'm just getting scared," He stated looking up and down Jasmens form another time. She looked no older that 22 with long black hair that was loosely tied in a braid, but her eyes spoke of so much wisdom. "it's a trick, it must be. 100."

"Very good, you sized up my appearance and made a good judgement call, but still you are off by a lot." Jasmen thought for a moment. "How about a quick training exercise in sizing up your opponent? I want you to read my aura."

"Aura?" Tyson questioned.

"Yes Aura." Jasmen repeated. "I want you to look at my aura to see my wisdom, experience, skill and mostly age. The older you are the longer and brighter your aura will be. But you have to focus. For now it will take you much time and effort but later on with my training you will be able to judge a warriors aura in a matter of seconds." Jasmen turned to Tyson with pride glowing in her eyes. "That will be the day you will be able to answer that question for yourself, and it will be the day that I know you are all ready."

"Ready for what?" Tyson questioned with wariness. Would they really be ready? How much training would really be enough, and most importantly, would they ever really be able to finish the training? Darkness has always surrounded the Bladebreakers, that has always been evident, but would the time ever come when the force opposing them would be too great?

"You will see; when the time comes young one, this I promise you." With that they left the last of the city behind them and headed out on a dirt road. "Our destination is a little piece of land I own out side of Osaka, about 2 hours walking from here and we'll reach our destination." With this she chuckled. "Just in time for dinner!"

"Whoop!" Tyson cheered.


An hour into the change of scenery Kai, Rei and Max quickened their pace to match that of Tyson and Jasmens. They had been listening to the conversation the two had been having earlier and slowing going over it again and again in their heads. Well they had been for the first 15 minutes and then gave up on trying to answer questions with more questions, well all except Kai. Kai was the kind of person who had to know everything about anything. It wasn't his fault; it was just the way he was raised to be. In his mind power and strength came from knowledge, so the more you knew about something the easier it was to understand its strengths and weaknesses and work out a strategy. So far he did not like Jasmen. Tyson had warmed up to her while Rei and Max were keeping their finally decisions on her until they had had time to get to know her better. As far as Kai was considered she knew everything about them while he knew nothing of her and until he had found her weakness he would never be able to fully trust her and her judgements.

"Are we there yet?" Rei asked for the 4th time.

"No Rei, but why don't we just enjoy the view?" Jasmen smiled as she glanced at him. Kai and Rei were walking on her left with Rei closest to her while Max and Tyson were on her Right with Tyson beside her arm.

"You said that last time!" Rei snarled, seriously pissed off.

"What's the matter with you Rei, you've started to become more annoying that Tyson this past 15minutes?" Max commented leaning forward to glance at Rei.

"It's okay Max, it's just the rain. The electricity is building up in the sky and Rei can sense it, remember cats hate water."

"I do not hate water!" Rei claimed. "I just hate when it's falling from the sky."

"And how does that make a difference?" Tyson added.

"Because! I don't know where it's coming from, I can't escape it and it's just suddenly everywhere!" Rei cried out dramatically throwing his arms over his head to keep off invisible raindrops.

"Well it still looks clear to me." Max commented looking at the slightly over cast sky.

"Well it's been building for the last few hours," Jasmen paused shooting Rei a glance, "Which would explain his fits." Rei grumbled at this comment but did not deny it. As the atmospheric pressure had been building he had known that they were running out of time and he wanted to make sure that they were under cover when the first drops started their assault on the ground below. But just as he finished this thought a low rumble was heard off in the distance. Somehow he just knew that he was going to end up wet.


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