Dear Tugger,

I think everyone is wondering about this. Maybe Munku knows about the time I had a stillborn. He had to have been suspicious, cause you didn't tell him. He had to have been suspicious, like you. Maybe he even thought that I had run off with another tom. We both know that was the result of the first time we, uh, went past fun and games. Um, you're starting to act like you care more about this Demeter issue than just being with me. I think you need to get your mind off this and onto me. We should set aside a weekend. :)

Love ya a whole heck of a lot,


A/N: I hope you had a good holiday, no matter which one you celebrate. Unless it hasn't come yet, then I hope you have a good holiday. I know I had fun this year!

Krissy-Lids: I took the quiz on your updated site. I was Misto. Heehee! I agree with you. That's Bompa though….

Jemima-luvah: Thanks for calling today. I was actually about to embark on learning to do my own hair. You saved me from making my mother proud! Just kidding. Anyway, if you hadn't called I probably wouldn't be putting this up. I'll leave you a review with your password, ok? Ok. Now you conquered Forewarned! And Tugger! Hooray!

Bompalynx: I'm pretty sure it was to Six Flags. We didn't start writing the first one until after the papers were signed, right? I think so. Sorry for the language. I'll try better next time. Yay you got your story up! Or Jemima-luvah did, but whatever. It's still up!