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Blood becomes life, becomes fire, becomes air, becomes water, becomes wind, becomes earth, becomes lightning, becomes light, becomes darkness, becomes death, and death, in turn, becomes life once again. So is the endless cycle, the spiral in which no living being can escape, thought many have tried.

Blood is the first, the liquid of the body that sustains the second, life. That which is circulated throughout the body, picking up all which is noticed by the body. This blood circulates, also, through the mind, absorbing memories, thoughts, and feelings that are relinquished to the earth through a cut in the flesh. Merely by blood, by thoughts, by being, all things can be accomplished.

Blood is life, blood keeps life, but blood can also take life. The living blood of a dead god is poisonous to dragons, phoenixes, and unicorns alike. In turn, the blood of a dragon is coursing with magic, magic that can be made fatal to any creature. The blood of a phoenix, though, if mixed in the right potion, can also kill any and all who drink it. However, the blood of a unicorn is so pure, that it can sustain immortality in a being for a period of time, though with a high price.

Life is the second, and life is everything, in life all elements connect and are connected, they are—

"Hey Raaaaaveeeeen!" It never failed, never. Settle down with a book, any book, and you were bound to be interrupted.

"What?!" Raven demanded through the door.

"We have a moooovie I think you'll liiiiiiike." Beast Boy called.

Raven sighed, marked her place, and got up to go see what Beast Boy could possibly think she would enjoy. She opened the door and was instantly bombarded with both Beast Boy and Cyborge in her face. "It's da baddest most bomb diggidy sweet movie in existence!" Cyborge exclaimed.

"Not even out in the movies, and yet we got it on DVD yo!" BB exclaimed, showing her a plane black DVD case.

"What?" Raven cocked an eyebrow, not at all impressed by their praise. They had the same enthusiasm for Stink Ball, and while it was rather fun when she had complete control over the ball, the actual game itself was stupid.

"It's the scariest, the funniest, the slap-you-in-the-face goriest movie eva!" Cyborge exclaimed.

"Arf, arf, arf, aroooooo!" BB called, half turning into a dog. Raven had the distinct urge to morph him into a cat, but resisted. She wasn't exactly suppose to use the powers she had gained through Malchior. No one else had said this to her, however, she'd made that rule herself, but that was probably because no one else knew she had kept the spells after resealing Malchior.

"But what is it?" Raven asked, still completely unimpressed.

"Dude, weren't you listening? It's a movie, a mooooovie! A horror movie, get it?" BB exclaimed, morphing back.

Raven leered at him.

"Okay, okay, so we don't exactly know what it is, yet, but we paid 30 bucks for it so it has ta be good!" Beast Boy insisted.

Raven's door slid closed.

"Aw, come on Rae, pleeeeeeeeease?" BB exclaimed as they continued to knock on her door.

"Yeah, none of the others will watch it with us!" Cyborge exclaimed.

"I wonder why." Raven called back. She floated over to her bed and sat down, reopening her book while pointedly ignoring the begging of the two boys.

Life is the second, and life is everything, in life all elements connect and are connected, they are all a part of the spiral of reality, the ring of infinity that will continue until one day too much energy is lost in the void and everything shall finally end with death.

The elements of life are—

Knock, knock, knock. Raven's eye twitched with each knock. Maybe if I ignore them they'll go away. She thought. Knock, knock, knock. Raven slammed her book shut (after marking her place of course) and levitated it back into its spot on one of her bookshelves while she walked over to her door. "What?" She questioned blandly.

It was Starfire this time.

"Pleasant day to you Raven! I was wondering if you would like to come with me to the mall of shopping so that we may indulge ourselves in the pastime of teen females that is called 'girl time'!" She said, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

Again? Raven thought. There seemed to be a pattern growing here. Ever since Malchior the other Titans had been making sure to include her, whether she wanted it or not, especially during her usual withdrawing periods. She wasn't getting depressed or anything, she just needed nice, long periods of time where she was alone to meditate and read her books. "Starfire, I really would like to—"

"I knew you might say no, but guess what! I found this place I know you'll really, really like! It's dark and has books and dark clothing, and candles, and stuff Robin told me was for an earth form of magic called witchcraft. Even Beast Boy agrees that you would like it! It even has a café where you can sit down and just read." Starfire said.

Now Raven was interested. But what was the point of buying more books if she couldn't even read the ones she had without being interrupted somehow. Perhaps she could figure something out, though reading in the living room was hardly peaceful. "Alright, I'll go with you." Raven said after thinking it over.

"Hooray! We shall have much fun! I have long wished to discover the joys of reading this world's literature, but do not know what to pick for there is so much." Starfire rambled as Raven walked down the hall with her in the direction of the exit.

"Why go shopping when you can watch an extra sweet movie with your two favorite guys?!" Beast Boy popped up with Cyborge close behind.

"Two? More like one." Raven raised an eyebrow and looked at them, "And where is Robin?" She asked.

"Oh, das mean Rae, das below da belt, yo." Cyborge booed as the two girls proceeded to leave them behind, Starfire giggling uncontrollably and Raven, as usual, not even giving her own joke a smirk.

Curse me now, this demon blood

Curse me too, oh shining flood

Leave me broken in the rain

My white silk, to me is shame

Fill the earth with star-filled light

Falling from the moonless night

Waste away, my golden hair

A rusted cup for me to—

"Raven, might I ask a question?" Starfire spoke, for the 5th time.

"Go ahead." Raven sighed, looking up from her poetry, grudgingly.

"Is it customary to wear black in places like this?" She asked, "And do all of earth's books portray such dark and gloomy aspects of life?"

"In stores like these, the answer is yes to both questions." Raven answered. It was true, Starfire, while she fit in perfectly in other places, stuck out like a soar thumb here. The entire place was filled with black attire, dark unnaturally colored hair, and pale skin. Starfire's entire appearance, however, was as preppy as Raven was gothic. And the store itself was bleak as well. With dim lights, dark wall paper with gothic designs, carpet with gothic designs and dark colors, and everything gothic, it was not the sort of place you'd find someone like Starfire, trying to read the (very gothic) books they had on the shelves. It was also very different here because, while on the usual school campus Starfire would have boys staring at her and stepping away from Raven, it was the other way around. Well, actually, while the guys were checking Raven out, everyone else was glaring at Starfire for daring to enter their sanctum. Raven made a mental note to never allow Starfire back in this shop, while she would probably be coming here quite often now that she had discovered it.

After Starfire gave her 'Oh' and went back to trying to enjoy reading the depressing book, Raven looked back down at the poetry she was trying to read.

Waste away, my golden hair

A rusted cup for me to bear

A shining stream of bloody tears

Continues flowing despite the years

Wounds of heart that never close

Round about the soul it goes

Chained, imprisoned in furious blood

Shackled, abandoned in pitiless mud

Let me out, cries the demon's son

His words unheard, his power undone


"Starfire, if you aren't enjoying yourself why don't you go on to the mall? I'll be fine by myself." Raven interrupted.

"Oh, well, alright. I shall see you later today. Perhaps tomorrow you will accompany me to the place of healthy hair and colored nails." Starfire said, getting up to put the book back.

You and what army? Raven wanted to say, but she fought it back and said, "Yeah, maybe." Without much enthusiasm. She turned the page of her book.

Gone with the grave, my auburn hair

Gone with the grave, my bright green eyes

Gone with the grave, my face once fair

Gone with the grave, my seductive lies

A burning veil for my prideful sin

A hollow well for my impure mind

A blazing ring for my hated kin

A cool oasis for me, death is kind

I don't deserve this timeless peace

I don't deserve this free forgiveness

I don't deserve this golden piece

I don't deserve this holy bri—

Raven looked up, but not because of someone interrupting her, again, but because of what she was currently hearing playing in the background. It was a song, a song by a band she had never heard before, which wasn't surprising considering even their alternative style was dark and different. The music was rock music alright, but the lead singer had the voice style of someone from the opera, though it was much more bearable since she wasn't singing impossibly high notes. Raven listened closely to the lyrics as they played.

Leave me be
And cease to tell me how to feel
To grieve, to shield myself from evil
Leave me be
Od of lies is killing me
Till love do me part

Raven stood up and walked over to the front desk of the store. "Excuse me." She said.

The woman looked up from adjusting her eye makeup, "Can I help you?" She asked in a low voice.

"Who is singing the song currently playing?" Raven asked, her voice, as usual, not betraying any of her interest.

"That would be Nightwish. This particular song is called Romanticide, from their newest album Once. You can find all their albums over there." She said, jerking her thumb to where the shelves of CDs were kept.

Nightwish had 6 entire albums. Raven picked out Once first, then, after checking to make sure she had enough money left over from the CD and book, bought Oceanborn and Wishmaster as well.

(A/N: Nightwish rules! :) )

"What?" Raven cocked an eyebrow. She had just gotten back from Alabaster's, the place Starfire had found for her, and everyone was giving her nervous looks.

"Uh, Raven, er…" Beast Boy began nervously.

"Now, don't fly off the hook or anything but uh…" Cyborge said.

Robin rolled his eyes, "There's been a break in, it happened while you, Starfire, and I were all out and these two were watching their movie. And, well, the only place they entered was your room." He said.

Raven's eyes widened and her hair began to fly, "They what?" She asked, slowly and smoothly. She set her bag down on the coffee table and flew up, phasing through the ceiling and walls until she got to her room. Black smoke began to emit from her as she saw what happened.

Her books had been taken out of the shelves and thrown onto the ground, as if whoever had broken in was looking for something. Her drawers were all upturned, clothes were everywhere, her jewelry boxes, candles, and even her bedsheets had been gone through. She unlocked the door to the large closet where she kept all of her spell and potion ingredients, and found that all the cupboards, drawers, and even the containers for the potions had been searched, in spite of the locked door.

But the thing was, nothing had been stolen, just searched.

Raven came out, thoroughly steamed. "They went into my room, no one should ever come into my room." She said. Beast Boy stopped in mid-step, and decided not to go in with Robin and Starfire.

"There's blood on the window, Raven, was that door locked?" Robin asked, inspecting the shattered glass. Raven nodded. "Our culprit looks like they could go through walls, but not in a hurry." He assessed. "The alarm sounded after I knocked on your door, but remembered Beast Boy and Cyborge said you and Star went out." He told her. "Unfortunately, I didn't hear the glass break over the alarm, and it wasn't until I got to the control room that we found out it was your room that had been breached."

"Even though the alarm only sounded when the dude was trying to get out fast." Beast Boy said, still lingering by the door.

Raven frowned as she fingered her bloodstained curtains. They'd ripped with the glass as well, meaning she'd need to get new ones. And she'd just spent all her pocket money on those books and Nightwish CDs too.

"Oh what a horrible thing to happen, dear Raven! I shall insist upon helping you clean up as the sworn duty of a fellow girl!" Starfire exclaimed. Robin and Raven looked at each other.

"Uh, is it just me, or has Star been reading a little too many girl bonding magazines?" Beast Boy asked in an undertone.

"No." Raven said flatly, causing Starfire to falter in the air. "I can search for clues more efficiently if I do it alone." She raised her hands to the window. They emitted the black light, and then the glass, also, emitted black, including what was outside. She put the broken glass back into their places on the window and removed the cracks. That, at least, she could fix so long as she had all the pieces. Fabric, on the other hand, was a different matter altogether.

"Alright, if you find anything make sure you tell us." Robin said, walking out of the room.

"Are you sure you do not require any assistance?" Starfire asked.

"Yes. And if I do need some help, I'll be sure to tell you." Raven assured, irritation becoming apparent in her voice.

"Very well, friend Raven." Starfire said before leaving the room as well.

When the door was closed Raven summoned her shopping bag into her hand before anyone (couchBeastBoycough) could poke their noses into it. Raven pulled out Once and, removing the classical CD already in there, put it in her (rather dusty) stereo system. She then put the classical CD back into its case and the case into the CD holders (which had been completely ignored, actually).

Raven sat cross-legged in the air and began to go through her books first, making sure to mend bent pages, or torn pages, while she placed them back into their order. Spell books went into one set of shelves, story books into another, and poetry into the last. She looked through them all, most seemed as though they'd been glanced at and then tossed aside in a hurry, some looked like they'd actually been opened. Nothing, however, had been stolen.

The clothes that littered her floor looked like they had merely been tossed aside in order to search better within her clothing closet and drawers. Most of her clothes just needed to be straightened out in their respective places in her drawers and on their hangers. Her underwear drawer, she noticed, had hardly been touched. Actually it looked like this person had opened it, and then closed it right back up as nothing was a miss. Of all the things for a burglar to have it would be decency, too bad her overall décor wasn't enough to scare them off. If anything it'd tell them that she wasn't going to tolerate someone going through her stuff.

Her jewelry, also, had only been gone through. None of it was stolen, she made sure of that. She found nothing missing at all, she even noticed some articles she'd forgotten she had. That wasn't surprising, however, since she hardly ever wore anything but her costume on a regular basis.

Again, her potion stuffs had been looked through, but nothing stolen. All she had to do was straighten it out a bit. Her stuff, stuff, had just been looked through, nothing taken, nothing given much consideration. Raven checked the secret room behind the black angel tapestry, where she kept things she'd rather not have.

Like Malchior's book.

Nothing in there had even been touched, she could tell because of the dust she had been purposely having accumulate in there, seemed whoever it was didn't know about this place. A good thing too, if she was right, their culprit was most likely after something in here.

"Did you find anything?" Robin asked when Raven came into the living room.

"Nothing was stolen, whoever it was, was searching for something specific, probably something I have hidden, or something I don't have at all." Raven answered.

"We also know that they can go through walls, but have to concentrate to do it." Robin said.

"Whatever it is they were after, they seemed pretty certain Raven had it." Beast Boy said.

"Or they're just very thorough about their work, Raven do you—"


"It never fails." Raven said with a sigh.

"We'll have to descuss this later. Titans, lets go!" Robin said.

"Whooo! I am pooped!" Cyborge exclaimed, practically falling onto the couch. Beast Boy turned into a cat and curled up on top of him. "Get off me, man, that's sick!" Cyborge exclaimed, shoving the kitten BB off him.

"It's not sick, I'm a cat!" He exclaimed.

"It is too late for more arguing. If you do not cease soon, I will sing the Baled of Eternal Irritation used to torment prisoners of war." Starfire said. Cyborge and Beast Boy both gave her wide-eyed looks of shock.

"When Starfire starts making threats it really is time to go to bed." Raven said.

"Agreed." Robin yawned.

Raven didn't bother to phase through the walls, instead she just walked. This particular emergency had required more tireless effort than actual power. There had been a rock concort going on and their biggest concern was keeping the people from panicking and hurting themselves (and each other) during the attack. This was best handled with Raven's empathic abilities, as well as telekinetics. Therefore, she should be the one complaining the most about being tired.

Half way up the stairs Raven looked down, and found one of Starfire's magazines, entitled "Girl Friends". Raven cocked an eyebrow, but a few glances through refuted any suspicions she might have been getting. There was nothing lesbian, just friendship and such. "Choosing your friends wisely", "Keeping in touch with far away friends", "What to get your girl friend", "100 ways to get closer to your friend", stuff like that. Very Starfire.

Raven rolled up the magazine and continued to her room, she'd give it back to Starfire in the morning. For now, better she had it than one of the guys. There was no telling what they'd do with it.

Raven entered her room and locked the door, as she usually did, and went into her closet. It wasn't as big as the one she kept her magical items and ingredients in, but it was big enough for her to change in. And she preferred to change in some small, closed in space. There was less chance of someone peeping, or walking in on her while she was doing it. Her nightgown was black, and very long. It was a little form-fitting, but she didn't mind. The fabric was comfortable, and she liked the silver pentacle it had on the chest. She liked the way she looked in it, but wouldn't be caught dead wearing it out in public.

She left her closet, throwing the clothes she had worn down the laundry shoot for the automatic washer to have completely clean the next morning, and then went over to her bed. She arranged her pillows up and switched on her lamp. She summoned her new poetry book from its new place on her shelves and then made the stereo restart her new CD.

It was a pleasant combination, if rather confusing to keep up with. It was like she was both listening and reading poetry at the same time. Upon listening closely to Nightwish's lyrics, there was no doubt she'd have to buy their other CDs as well, if only to have a proper collection. She would listen to the other CDs tomorrow, right now Once was very good.

Raven glanced up for a moment, but then looked back down at her book. A moment later she yawned and closed it, levitating it back onto its shelf, and then reaching over to turn off her lamp. She then laid down in her bed, her music playing in the background, the moonlight shining through her window and onto her bed, painting an even more peaceful portrait.

Moments passed, and then a shadow moved slightly in the room. "Azrath, Metriom, Zynthos!" Raven was suddenly sitting straight up in her bed, her eyes filled with white lightening, her hands glowing a black even darker than the night, and the shadowy figure was suddenly bound with a rope of black light turned to matter. "No one comes into, nor defiles, my room without suffering the consequences." She said. As if her voice didn't scare the figure enough, she was now floating in the air before the one who had broken into her room, the force of the energy surrounding her was causing her skirt and flared sleeves to flow about her form, black lightening crackling from her hands and all about the room.

"I can quite understand that, believe me I had no intention of 'defiling' your room in the least." Said a pained, British accent. "But, you see, I had little choice in the matter. If you'll just let me explain." That voice, she knew that voice!

Raven relinquished the power she had summoned, including the rope that was binding the figure, and turned on the little-used lights. White hair, black body suit, armor, a scarf over half his face, and those crystal blue eyes she knew so well, yet didn't at the same time. "Rorek?!" She gasped.

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