The Flea started to make armpit noises instead singing

The Flea started to make armpit noises instead singing.

"FLEA STOP MAKING ARMPIT NOISES OR I'LL SHAVE YOUR MASK OFF!" screamed Megawatt with an anger vein.

"The Flea thought you're going to shave the Flea's mask off if he did not stop singing." said the Flea.


"Megawatt." said Zero Kelvin.

"Megawatt." he said again.

"MEGAWATT!" yelled Zero Kelvin.

"WHAT?!" asked Megawatt angrily.

"YOU'RE STEPPING ON MY TOE!" yelled Zero Kelvin with a little anger vein.


"Sorry." said Flea, Zero Kelvin, and Megawatt as chibis and scared.

"Hmph." said Cindy who then reads her horror novel.

"Why aren't you eating your food?" asked Electricity to La Piñata.

"I really don't like airline food much." La Piñata replied.

Suddenly the mascaritas heard Flea scream "YIPPIEYEAH!"

The Flea was running around the airplane because he is hyper after the airline food he ate.

"Flea you're embarrassing us." said Fiery Ruby.

Then everyone except Fiery Ruby nods in agreement.

Then the Flea stopped running.

"Uh oh cheesy fries." he said.

"Does anyone have Lysol in here?" asked Electricity while plugging her nose.

"Eww!" screamed Fiery Ruby.

Megawatt coughs then his lightbulb cracks.

"MAN THAT'S NASTY!" yelled Zero Kelvin with his hoodie covering his nose.

"GRUESO!" screamed La Piñata.

"Snowpea!" screamed Snowpea.

"FLEA!" yelled Rikochet, Buena Girl, and Cindy in unison.

"At least we have three hours left." said the Flea.

"Three hours later." said FNFSB.

Finally fresh air!" exclaimed La Piñata.

"Time to get our SUITCASES!" said Megawatt while his eyes are bulging like he is in an anime seeing Pulgita picking up their suitcases.

"Now we need to get to the station." said Rikochet.

"How do we get the station though?" asked Buena Girl.

"Maybe that double decker bus will take us." Zero Kelvin said sarcastically.

"Good idea!" replied Rikochet.

The mascaritas except Zero Kelvin ran to the double decker bus.

"Hey! wait for me!!" exclaimed Zero Kelvin while running after the mascaritas.

"That bus looks cute." said Fiery Ruby.

"I know." said Electricity.

"Where are you going to?" asked the driver.

"The station with the 9 and 3/4." said Buena Girl.

The double decker bus reached to the station .

"Hey I don't see 9 and 3/4 anywhere!" exclaimed Rikochet.

"If your having trouble seeing it use the Flea's binoculars!" said Flea while holding a disgusting pair of binoculars.

"Ehh no thanks." replied Rikochet.

"Are you having trouble finding 9 and 3/4?" asked a boy with black hair , green eyes , and round glasses.

"Yeah and who are you?" asked Rikochet.

"I'm Harry." said the boy.

"And what's your name?" he asked.

"Rikochet ." said Rikochet.

"Rik, we couldn't find it." said Buena Girl.

"Who are they?" asked Harry.

"They are Buena Girl, Flea, Fiery Ruby, Zero Kelvin, Megawatt, Electricity, La Piñata, Pulgita, Snowpea, and Cindy." he replied.

"And you guys Harry is going to show where 9 and 3/4 is." Rikochet added.

"Follow me." said Harry.

Harry and the mascaritas went through a brick wall.

" Hi Harry!" said a brown haired girl and a red head boy in unison.

"Hi." replied Harry.

"Hi and who are they?" asked the red head boy.

"They are Rikochet, Buena Girl, Flea, Fiery Ruby, Megawatt, Electricity, Zero Kelvin, La Piñata, Pulgita, Cindy, and Snowpea." said Harry.

" You guys this Ron and Hermione." he said.

" Hi Harry Buttpipe." said a blonde haired boy.

"Leave us alone you shit!" yelled Harry.

Then Draco sees to Zero Kelvin.

" Wow she's hot!" thought Draco then he walked over to Zero Kelvin.

"Hey girl do you want to go out with me?" he asked.

"I'm a guy." Zero Kelvin said.

"But still do you go out with me?" asked Draco while touching Zero Kelvin's long legs and then rubbing his chest.

Then Zero Kelvin jump kicks Draco.

"Woah didn't know he was that strong." said Ron.

"Yeah." said Hermione and Harry in unison.

Then everyone got on the train.

"Oooh, a flying train!" said Fiery Ruby.

"F...f.f.flying train?!" said Megawatt in shock.

"Don't worry the doors are locked Meg." said Electricity.

"Okay." said Megawatt slightly nervous.

Then Megawatt's owl comforts him.

Zero Kelvin is staring at La Piñata.

"Her eyes are so gorgeous." thought Zero Kelvin while looking at La Piñata's green eyes.

"Do you want something?" asked La Piñata.

"Um no." said Zero Kelvin while blushing.

"Oh okay." she said.

"Yay! we are finally here!!" exclaimed Fiery Ruby.

Everyone got out of the train.

"Woah this place is so big, isn't it?" said Megawatt to Zero Kelvin nervously.

Zero Kelvin just stood there with his eyes now two golden stars.

Then Electricity saw a seven foot figure then she fainted.

"Electricity?!" exclaimed Megawatt.

"Oh she must be scared seeing me." said the figure while he was holding Electricity.

"WOW I thought Zero Kelvin was the giant here." said Flea.

"DO NOT INSULT ME BEING SIX FEET TALL FLEA!" yelled Zero Kelvin with an anger vein.

"Wow fourteen years old and six foot.." said Hermione.

"I thought he was a basketball player or a model when I first saw him." whispered Ron.

"Wow son your almost tall as me with that fuzzymabober on your head." said Hagrid.

Zero Kelvin turns into an anime chibi with sparkly eyes with tears in his eyes.

"There there." said Megawatt while petting Zero on the head.

"WAH why does people have to insult my height?" said said Zero while a chibi then sobbing.

La Piñata sweatdrops because of all whats happening.