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"Chenille, just listen to me!" yelled John as the baby screamed. She turned to face him, with tears running down her cheeks.


"Chenille, I've been forming a plan in my mind, if you would just hear me out!"

"What is it?" she asked wearily as she quieted the baby.

"I've got a plan for the three of us—and we'll all be happy in the days to come." John took a small ring box out of his pocket and held it out to his girlfriend. "Marry me, Chenille." Chenille looked shocked, but before she could say a word, he rushed on. "Marry me, and we'll move out to the country with little David. We'll buy a hog farm, and raise okra, and maybe some beans! How does that sound?"

"Oh, John, it sounds wonderful! I've always wanted little David to grow up among the pigs. And I love okra."

Just then Mama Jean, Chenille's grandmother, came into the room break dancing and singing "It's Getting Hot in Here", but John and Chenille paid no attention. They were daydreaming about the okra. And the beans, too, of course. Chenille would write a book, Little House on the Hog Farm, and make all of their city friends aware of the joys of pigs.

Mama Jean's bra hit John in the face and abruptly woke the couple up from their daydream. "Mama Jean! What are you doing?" demanded Chenille.

"I'm practicin' for my show at the farming convention," replied Mama Jean, sheepishly redressing. "Do you like it?"

Chenille and John did not have time to answer, for at that moment who should walk in but Sarah and Derek. "Guess what, everyone?" Sarah chirped. "I'm dropping out of Julliard, and Derek is dropping out of Georgetown! We're both going to buy a hog farm right next to Chenille and John's. Won't that be fun?"

Everyone started daydreaming about hog farms with okra, and maybe some beans—that is, everyone except Mama Jean, who began practicing her dance again.

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