My first fanfic of my favourite pairing, Touya and Yuki. I was thinking of just keeping it a one-shot, but then decided I might as well also do a part from Yuki's P.O.V as well. No Yaoi, or even Shounen-ai in this piece, but I probably will write some of that later. This piece is on my take about how the two met. Please R&R and let me know what you think!

Touya's POV

"Late again, kaijuu?"

"I'm not a monster!"

I smirked as my sister, glaring daggers at me, trampled down the stairs and stapped on her pink rollerblades. Her face had been glowing when she had taken them, brand new, from the box. It had been my Christmas present to her, and so they were still relatively unscratched. She had picked rollerblading up quickly, for a kaijuu.

"Alright, let's go."

I got on my bike and rode down the street and Sakura, wobbling a bit, sped after me, waving goodbye to Otousan.

"Onii-chan, wait up!"

I grinned again, but slowed down as I saw the cherry blossom tree in the distance. It was like good luck, seeing it on the way to school. I had missed it during the holidays. It was as familiar to me as home. Come to think of it, didn't I have a dream- but no, the faint image in my head was gone as quickly as it had come.

I slowed down further as I neared an unfamiliar sight. It was another high school student. I hadn't seen him before... or-

He looked at me, and I looked at him, and my bike trailed to a stop. I suppose I was staring. Time didn't slow down, or even stop - it was simply no longer there. For a moment, just one moment, I saw a swoop of graceful white wings and an icy blue gaze. Then this flash vanished, and it was just a normal high school student, cheerful smile aimed at me.

Was I being rude? I extended my hand.

"Good morning. I'm Kinomoto Touya. And this is my sister, Sakura."

The kaijuu came to a stop behind me at that moment, so I couldn't have been staring for so long - a couple of seconds, at most. Sakura peeked out from behind me and stuttered out a greeting before turning pinker than the cherry blossoms.

"Good morning Kinomoto-san. My name is Tsukishiro Yukito. Pleased to meet you."

He took my offered hand, still smiling.

"Please, just call me Touya", I surprised myself by saying. That wasn't like me... was it?

"To-ya", he said, as if trying the name out. He pronounced the name a little differently than other people did, but I decided quickly that I rather liked the change."Then you can call me Yuki!"

I couldn't help but smile back at him – his cheerfulness was infectious. It wasn't just the friendliness though. There was, even then, something about him that made me want to protect him. He was small, pale, almost fragile in appearance, yet I instinctively knew that he was not weak. He was so pure and open – innocent – yet I sensed an underlying strength... I was staring again. I had learned a while ago not to stare when things appeared before my eyes - things nobody else could see. But this was different somehow. He put me in mind of the sun, with his ready smile and warm greeting, but somehow, he reminded me also of the moon...

We went to school together that morning, and the morning after that.

And that was how it all started.

That was the day I met Yuki.