Harvard University
By KarahBella

Disclaimer: Character's do not belong to me. They belong to Amy Sherman-Palladino and people affiliated with her.

Pairings: Rory/Tristan, Lorelai/Christopher

Rating: Possibly M

Summary: The night before Rory leaves for Harvard, Dean and her break up because they think that with Dean going to Chicago College it would be too hard for them to keep dating, so they decide being friends is better. Lorelai and Christopher are glad that their only kid is about to realize her dream of going to Harvard and they throw a Going-Away-Party for her. In addition, Rory is friends with Paris, Louise and Madeline. Rory and Dean don't get back together when they break up.

Author's Note: I don't like Jess so he never really came to Stars Hollow. In my world when he left the first time he never came back at Sookie's wedding so the kiss with him and Rory never happened but the car accident did happen and Dean made her a new car after beating Jess up.

Chapter 1: The Party:

Eighteen-year-old Lorelai (Rory) Leigh Gilmore was glad to be going to Harvard for her continued education. The only thing she hated was that her boyfriend of two years, Dean Forester, would be going to college in Chicago and things would change between them. Rory was sitting at her regular table in Luke's when Dean walked up to her.

"Hello, Rory," Dean said.

"Hi, Dean. Are you ready for college?" Rory asked, "It's only a few days away."

"As ready as I'll ever be. I'm just not ready for you to be a thousand miles away," Dean replied.

"Yeah, the distance will be tough," Rory said in a slightly unsure tone. "So, what time is the party tonight?" Dean asked.

"7:00. Dad and Mom want you and Lane there earlier though. I don't know why, they just do," Rory replied.

"How much earlier do they want us there?" Dean asked.

"About ten minutes," Rory replied.

"Ok, tell them I'll be there. Now I have to get to my last day at Doose's. I swear, Taylor freaked when I told him that today would be my last day," Dean said.

"Well, now he has to find someone else to do your job," Rory said, "See you later, Dean."

"See you then," Dean said before walking out the door of Luke's Diner.

Rory walked home but stopped off at Kim's Antiques to tell Lane about being there earlier than 7 pm.

"Ok. I'll let my mom know," Lane said.

"Where is she?" Rory asked.

"She's in Hartford. There was an antiques sale she wanted to go to so she made me work until she gets back," Lane replied.

That night the party got off to a great start. Even Paris, Louise and Madeline were there.

"I guess I'll probably see you at Harvard, so this isn't really a good-bye party for us," Paris said.

"Maybe we will see each other. I got into the advanced freshman class, so I'll be taking different classes at different times than you," Rory said.

"How'd you get into the advanced freshman class? That is like the hardest program at Harvard to get into!" Paris said.

"I applied for it and got in," Rory said.

"Cool," Louise said.

"That is really cool," Madeline agreed.

'And people wonder why they didn't get into an Ivy League school!' Rory thought.

"No wonder you two are going to community college!" Paris exclaimed.

"Actually, Dad threatened to buy Yale and close it if I didn't get in," Louise said," Plus, everyone knows I have enough extra circulars to get in."

"Didn't anyone tell you that those aren't enough, Louise?" Rory asked.

"I know that, but the dean of admissions freaked when Dad said that! It was so funny!" Louise replied.

'They'll never learn,' Rory thought.

"What about you, Maddy?" Paris asked.

"I'm still going to community college after I re-do senior year," Madeline replied.

"Are you kidding?" Rory asked incredulously.

"Since our grades came back. I just told everyone I'd passed," Madeline replied and shrugged it off.

"But we saw your grades; you could've gone to community college," Rory said.

"I bribed Headmaster Charleston into giving me really great grades so everyone would think I passed; I didn't want you to think I was dumb," Madeline said, not showing any signs of embarrassment.

Suddenly, Dean walked up behind Rory and scared her.

"Hey Rory, I have to talk to you, privately. Could we go outside?" Dean asked.

"Sure, see you guys later," Rory said to the girls before walking outside with Dean. "What did you want to talk about?"

"Well I was thinking, and maybe we should go our own separate ways for college. We can still e-mail each other and stuff, but I think if we did it as friends it would be easier with me in Chicago and you in Boston. I really don't want to do this, Ror, but it feels like the right thing to do." Dean replied, "Please, just remember that I love you."

Rory just stood there very shocked and sad. Finally, she broke the agonizing silence: "I guess… You will still visit when you can, won't you?"

"Of course! I would never think of not coming to see you! Things may have changed, but it doesn't mean that what we feel for each other will change," Dean reassured her.

They stayed outside for a while, and then they went into the house. After everyone left the party, Rory hid in her room until Lorelai noticed that she was not in the living room or the kitchen.

"Rory, Hun, what's wrong?" Lorelai asked, walking into the room.

"Dean broke up with me," Rory replied crying.

"Aw hun, what for?" Lorelai asked, concerned.

"Because he thinks nine-hundred and eighty miles would complicate things," Rory replied.

Lorelai tried to comfort her daughter but finally realized that it would be no help, so she left the room to give Rory some alone time. Rory walked over to her laptop and logged onto MSN Messenger. As soon as she was online, an IM popped up.

Dean Stars Hollow: I really am sorry, Ror. I just felt like I had to do it. I couldn't stand being almost a thousand miles away and not seeing you everyday like I have for the past two years.

Leigh: I know. I just never thought it would happen.

Dean Stars Hollow: We will be together again some day, Ror, I know it.

Leigh: Sure.

Dean Stars Hollow: You still want me to drive you to Boston on Saturday?

Leigh: Sure.

Dean Stars Hollow: k good. Well, Clara wants me to help her with her summer school project.

Leigh: Tell her I said hi. Dean Stars Hollow if offline and cannont recieve any messages.

Rory signed off, turned her computer off, and got ready for bed.


"Hello," Rory said as she answered the phone.

"Hey, Ror, what's up?" Lane asked.

"Well it's been a long day and I have a lot to tell you. Can it wait until tomorrow? I kind of just want to go to bed right now," Rory replied, sounding exhausted.

"Ok, I understand. Later, Rory," Lane said comfortingly before hanging up.

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