Chapter 14: Spring Break Crazy:

Rory stood in her room staring at the calendar that had the days marked off until Spring Break and when she'd see Tristan again. Since seeing him the weekend of Valentine's Day she hadn't had time to see him again and he hadn't had time to come to see her either.

'Maybe him deciding to transfer is a good thing.' She thought missing him and wishing he was here now holding her. Lately the stress of school and her dad's parent's reaction to the sex of the baby were wearing on her. Tristan was the only thing that kept her sane. Rory's laptop made a ding sound telling her she had an IM so she walked over there and saw Tristan was online.

ET: So are you looking forward to a week with yours truly in paradise, baby?

Leigh: Oh yes so much. I miss you so much, Tris.

ET: Two more days then we have a whole week together.

Leigh: I'm counting the days. So what are we going to do in Hawaii?

ET: Making up for all the lost time.

Leigh: Sounds good. Tris, call me. I hate this IMing thing.

ET: Okay. One second, babe.

Leigh is offline and cannot receive any messages.

ET is offline and cannot receive any messages.

A little more than one second later Rory's phone rang and she jumped up to answer it.

"Hey." She said knowing it was Tristan.

"Hey, baby." Tristan said.

"I miss you so much it hurts, Tris." Rory confessed. She hated the way things were. She sometimes found her self thinking that maybe having a relationship with someone who was three states away.

"Same here, Ror. It is complete torture no being able to see you at all." Tristan said knowing the fact that he would be at Harvard next year was a good thing.

"I wish these last two days would just come and get over with already." Rory remarked.

"So do I but we don't want to end up rushing it." Tristan said.

The two talked for a long time and Rory ended up falling asleep while on the phone with Tristan. Paris found her like that when she came back from her late night class and hung up the phone for Rory.

Two days later Tristan showed up to fly to Hawaii with his girlfriend. Paris, Jamie, Alicia, Jason and some of Tristan's friends were also coming. As soon as Rory saw Tristan she ran up to him and he wrapped his arms around her never wanting to let go. He was really beginning to hate the little time they got to spend together with a passion.

'Well we have a whole week together right now. And then only a couple months left of school before Summer when I can see her anytime I want.' He thought pulling her closer and tightening his hold on her.

Rory was thinking almost the same thing as she rested her head on him. Three months of dating and already she could see herself spending the rest of her life with him. She wanted to tell him she'd been thinking that but didn't know if it would scare him away so she hadn't said anything about it. The group of ten people hopped on Tristan's family's private jet to fly to Hawaii. They were staying in Lahania, Maui at the beach house his parents had there.

Once they got there the got in the rented limo and drove to the house and all got settled in. Rory knocked on Tristan's bedroom door after unpacking all her stuff in the room she and Paris were sharing with Alicia. Jason was stuck with Tristan's friend's Steven and Mark while their respective girlfriends Anna and Hayley were sharing a room also. Tristan answered the knock on his door and invited Rory in. As soon as the door was shut behind her Tristan had her pinned against the door and kissed her. Rory wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back while she started to play with his hair in the back.

"Baby, you are the best thing that ever happened to me." He told her when they broke the kiss to get some air. He still had her trapped between the door and him and wrapped his arms around her.

"Good to know." Rory said, "'Cause I like being with you."

Meanwhile Jamie, Paris, Alicia, Jason, Anna, Hayley, Steven and Mark where sitting in the living room talking.

"So where are Rory and Tristan?" Hayley asked.

"Probably making out in his room. I swear those too are like Siamese twins only attached at the mouth and not related in anyway." Paris replied.

"When ever they are together they aren't too far away from each other. They'll probably be together forever." Alicia said having witnessed some of the Rory and Tristan togetherness.

"So do you think they'll show up anytime soon?" Anna asked.

"It's highly unlikely." Jamie replied.

"It's highly unlikely we'll see very much of them this week. I think they have the whole week planned for just them time." Paris added.

About an hour later Tristan and Rory came out of his bedroom and joined the rest of the gang who were watching TV. They headed for the only empty furniture in the room: the love seat. The rest of the gang watched them the whole time. They all ended up watching some movie on TV that none of them knew anything about and went to bed early. Rory ended up sleeping in Tristan's room giving Alicia and Paris the room to themselves. Rory was sitting on the bed when Tristan came in from the bathroom and slid up next to her pulling her into his arms and kissing her.

"You know no matter how hard this whole distance thing has been, having you as my girlfriend has been the best thing ever." Tristan told her when he broke the kiss.

"Tris, you're really coming to Harvard next year right?" She asked making sure. Rory had been thinking about it a lot since he told her when she saw him on Valentine's Day.

"It was officially official yesterday when I registered my classes online." Tristan replied.

'I really don't want this week to end.' Rory thought sadly even though it was just beginning. The end of Spring Break meant distance between her and Tristan again. She curled up to him and then said "So what classes will you be taking?"

"Same one's I'm taking at Princeton." He replied looking down at her. Tristan was leaning on his arm beside Rory playing with her hair. He loved this girl in away that he didn't think was possible.

"Well that's descriptive, babe." She told him jokingly.

"You are the writer in the couple, Ror." Tristan said to her.

They talked a little while longer before they both fell asleep. The next morning Tristan woke up way before Rory having some last minute plans to make for their first full day in Hawaii. He had from when they ate breakfast out to when they got back to the house completely planned.

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