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Summary: "In other news, an attempted assassination on Inu Yasha Takahashi, the youngest of the Takahashi brothers, failed earlier this afternoon. According to witnesses, Mr. Takahashi's life was saved by the famous tabloid reported of the Morning Scoop,' Kagome Higurashi."

In a city where nothing is what it seems…

"Old Miko, did you see the news…yes it looks like our best assassin has been shot."

"Take care of it."

A young girl walks the streets of Tokyo with one goal in mind.

"My father was the best assassin there was, Miroku, and I have trouble believing he's dead, but I know better than to believe that he is the one that is trying to kill Inu Yasha!"

"What do you intend to do?"

"Naraku is responsible for my family's death and my father's predicament…I can't let him get away with it."

Now with an unlikely ally…

"I don't care what you look like, Inu Yasha. What I love is in here." She finished placing her index finger over his heart.

She will face the government, the police and International Business. . . . . .

Beautiful Miscommunications

Chapter 1: Reporters Beware

It was a beautiful sunny day as the autumn breeze ruffled the leaves of the Tokyo's Business District. The tall buildings stood rigidly tall, like samurais marching towards battle. Their steel and glass armor, though elegant, stroke fear in the hearts of their competitors. In the heart of this district, the tallest and most formidable building stood: the lord of all the samurai buildings. It stood on a wide street with a large waterfall-like fountain set in the center of the front "courtyard," as the owners refer to it. Though the block was not small, it was the only building on it, reaching from one end to the other before stretching one hundred and fifteen floors into the sky. Though it was trimmed with golden edges, the tinted glass windows gave it an ominous aura. A combination of gardens and benches were placed alongside the building, to soften its hard look, while providing a beautiful area to hold press conferences. This might explain the small group of cameras and reporters had gathered by the entrance, even though none had been announced. They waited impatiently in front of Japan's most elite international conglomerate.

Full Moon Enterprises had been around in one shape or another for over three hundred years. Owned by Japan's most renowned socialites, the company was always under the scrutiny of the public and governmental eyes. The mass of reporters were buzzing with anticipation, with the exception of one woman. It was rare to see the two Takahashi brothers making a public appearance, much less at the company headquarters. Rumors had it that Sesshomaru Takahashi, who had never shown anything but extreme distaste for his father's mistress, had finally conceded on giving his illegitimate half-brother a share of the company.

But, she did have the inside scoop. The fiery blue-eye journalist knew the visit was directed towards her morning report, where she had bashed, as professionally as possible, the younger Takahashi brother. The young bar owner had made the mistake of throwing her and her friends out of his bar on the basis that they weren't his type' of clients. She smirked, thinking of the negative press the elder brother, Sesshomaru, had to filter through after she declared his brother's prejudice against humans. Being a completely youkai managed corporation serving a market of primarily human consumers, Full Moon Enterprises had to maintain a human-friendly image. She looked around at her colleagues; they were afternoon reporters. Most of them had most likely missed the morning gossip. She rolled her eyes. They were probably the only ones in Tokyo that hadn't heard.

The front doors swung open and the two brothers marched outside, leaving the youkai bodyguard escort inside to provide a softer image. They were like two sides of a mirror: both with long satin-like silver hair and golden eyes. Both were tall and well built, with handsome faces and strong jaw lines. Both stood tall, imposing their stature, but they were complete opposites. Sesshomaru was dressed in a three piece silver silk suit, and an air to match. Though he was classified as one of Japan's sexiest men, he had a feminine quality in the excessive grace he held as he walked. Some ventured to say that he didn't walk, but floated on air. His pointy nose and thin lips added to his look of superiority, making the common man hate his guts. He raised an elegant eyebrow in displeasure as the mass of reporters rushed towards them.

Inu Yasha, the younger brother, on the other hand, slipped his hands into his famed, one of a kind leather jacket. He scratched the back of his jean covered calve with his black construction boots before Kehing' at the masses. With an annoyed look, mussed hair and a glare that could wilt a rose, he followed his brother's lead. The reporters stared at the back of his jacket as he passed. It was no secrete the jacket had been custom made for him by his father. Why Takahashi senior would have the back spray painted with a picture of a pair of red demonic eyes looking through a blazing fire with the words "Hell Raiser" surrounding it, they could not fathom.

But, reporters were seldom smart. It went along with their lack of good self-preservation instincts. If they were smart, they wouldn't have bothered to show up. It was obvious that after the wench of the morning show insulted him, he wouldn't be too thrilled to see her colleagues. But, the stupid bees were here, buzzing about something unimportant. He tuned them out, still angry that he had been brought in to be scolded by his brother. He wasn't a child, and if it wasn't because Sesshomaru controlled the amount of money he received monthly from his trust, he would have told the older male to go to hell. Damn, mortgage payments! Why did he have to go and open a bar for? Why try to build something for himself? Things always backfired.

Inu Yasha felt his anger increase as he recognized the light scent of jasmine, embers and something sacred. She was here. The bitch was here! He slowed his pace as his golden eyes scanned the crowd, searching for the newest thorn in his side. Sesshomaru didn't have time to react. When he realized his brother was no longer following him, she was already in front of him, tape record rolling, and dozens of news cameras observing. She was the staple of cool reporters. She wore a short black skirt and a white cotton shirt trimmed with black lace. Her heels were sensible as her black trench coat expose her bare caves to the world. With lose wavy hair and black frame glasses, she was armed and ready.

"Mr. Takahashi, what do you say to the rumors that you are ill-equipped to take your place in your father's company because you are a self-loathing hanyou?" Three hundred years of peaceful youkai and human relations went down the drain.

"You mother fucking bitch!" The young reporter fell backwards as Inu Yasha lounged at her. He never touched her. His brother restrained him before he could actually hurt Japan's sweetheart. Out of all the reporters to piss off in the city, his brother had chosen the one the entire nation woke up with every morning. He pulled his brother away, moving him towards the limo as the younger male screamed every profanity ever invented and even added a few new ones to the list. The reporters chased after the two males: this had turned out to be a bigger piece than expected.

Kagome stood up. The young reporter smiled and listened to the tape. The background noise would be easy to eliminate. She pulled out her cell phone and speed dialed her contact. "I got it…no, just a little bruise. I'll bring it over now." Slipping the tape recorder into her trench coat pocket, she noticed the crowd had prevented the brother's from reaching the limo. They had barely moved two feet. It looked like Sesshomaru was going to have to give a statement after all. This would be interesting.

Her silver-blue eyes left the older brother and followed the other, as he pushed his way through the crowd. His silver hair flowing in the air as a red dot danced on the back of his head. Red dot? Kagome screamed as she pushed through reporters and cameramen calling out to the young hanyou. He moved his ear towards her as he felt her push him to the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The crowd began to scream and disperse, trying to point their cameras at the shooter. Sesshomaru turned towards where his brother laid, reporter draped across his body. His bodyguards were rushing out of the building pointing their guns in every direction, trying to secure their boss.

"What's the big idea, bitch?" Inu Yasha growled as he pushed her off him. He was surprised at the dead weight she had become. "Bitch?" He asked again as the scent of blood…her blood, reached his nostrils. He looked at the pale face with eyes softly shut and a small frown on her lips. She looked like she was sleeping, and if it hadn't been for the blood pooling below her, he would have believed it.

"In other news, an attempted assassination on Inu Yasha Takahashi, the youngest of the Takahashi brothers, failed earlier this afternoon. According to witnesses, Mr. Takahashi's life was saved by the famous tabloid reported of the 'Morning Scoop,' Kagome Higurashi."

A young man with short black hair sat up to attention as the television screen changed to show images of the earlier commotion. The apartment was dark as the light from the screen eerily illuminated his face. The man nervously tied his hair to the nape of his neck as the camera caught a glimpse of the fallen girl. All color flushed from his face as he pulled out his cell phone. The image changed as the local street reporter summarized the event.

"Old miko, have you seen the news? Our best assassin is down…I'm on my way."

His violate eyes flashed as he grabbed his jean jacket and left his studio. Things were about to get complicated.

"I'm not over-reacting!" Inu Yasha growled into his cell phone. His brother could be so unreasonable at times. "She is out of surgery, but they won't let me see her…Well if the bullets didn't hit any major organs, why are they taking so many precautions? It was practically a flesh wound!" Inu Yasha growled as his eyes flashed red. "I know she isn't a demon! How the hell will I prevent her from resting? She hasn't regained consciousness yet! Look, I just want to see her! Will you call in that favor or not? Fine, fuck you too!" Inu Yasha angrily flipped his phone closed as an old woman looked at him disapprovingly.

"Such language." She complained before crossing the street. He banged his fist against the concrete wall of the hospital. It cracked under pressure, though it didn't help him feel better. He flexed his hand as it began to hurt. They had forced him to use his phone outside after they refused to allow him to see her. She may be a bitch, but she had saved his life. She had taken three bullets for him. Hell, not even Sango, who was paid to do that, had ever taken so many. Granted, she usually did a good job of deflecting them, but the point was that the wench had sacrificed herself for him.

He smirked, remembering the first time he had seen her in person…He had seen her many times before in the morning. Not that he would ever admit to it, but he would stay up after closing his bar to see her on TV. That was how this morning he realized the gorgeous brunet that waltzed into his bar last Friday night had been her. She had looked so good: long shapely legs, short leather skirt, see-through mesh silver top with a matching bra and a hip-length leather coat. With a pair of stilettos, and curly hair, she walked in laughing with her girls. Everyone with demon blood in his bar turned towards her.

Since he had opened his bar so that hanyous and lower demons that felt rejected or persecuted in social places had a place to feel welcomed, he had been surprised to see a group of ningen women walk in. Had he read the newspaper, he would have realized that his bar had gotten an incredible review and declared one of the spots to be.

All he noticed was the light scent of jasmine filtering through the stench of cigarettes and cheap liquor. He ran his eyes lazily up and down her body thinking of what fun they would have that night. Inu Yasha had learned long ago that relationships required communication, something he always screwed up, but one night stands only required screwing. Something he was really good at.

Then, it hit him. The scent of holiness she was emitting. The damn bitch was a miko, and making his regulars quite nervous. Though he was disappointed, he proceeded with the task of informing her that she was not welcomed there because she was insulting his regulars with her scent. Did I mention he isn't good at communication?

The argument was almost immediate. Her friends tried to drag her out before she killed the young bartender. She screamed, insulted and argued with him. Her eyes blazing, her cheeks rosy, her hair crazy…Kami, he still didn't know how he kept himself from pushing her against the wall and taking her. Her friends finally convinced her to leave, but not before she promised he would regret kicking her out.

"I'm an idiot!" he surmised as he headed back into the hospital, no longer interested in the slightly busy street. Maybe he could scare a nurse into letting him into the room…

"Out of all the women in Tokyo to piss off, I had to pick her!" He shoved his hands in his Hell Raiser' jacket and smirk. She was a fun woman to annoy.

The forty-fourth floor of Tokyo Central Hospital was buzzing with excitement. The floor, which was usually exclusively used to house the wealthiest of clients, was now home to Japan's most famous reporter, Kagome Higurashi. And, even with the police guard and the annoyed captain roaming in front of her door, the nurses were milking every moment of it.

The young reported still had not regained consciousness, though it wasn't surprising. She did take three bullets for that ruffian… that very handsome ruffian. A few nurses had started a running bet of how long it would take for those two to get together. They definitely had chemistry. After Kagome's morning report, telling the nation how she had been mistreated because of her human roots by a hanyou, they were ready to lynch him. But, then, the loving and forgiving journalist had taken three bullets for the bigot, and he had refused to leave her side, spending the morning and most of the afternoon worrying over her.

It was decided that he was just a confused young man unsure how to deal with his attraction to Japan's sweetheart, and she was too nice to ditch him. Yes, it was almost unanimous, by the end of the year, Inu Yasha Takahashi and Kagome Higurashi would be the most sought after couple.

The one person that did not agree was a flea…a demonic flea that is. Captain Myoga of the Tokyo Police Department had been investigating the Higurashis since before the birth of Kagome. Her father had been the one man he failed to bring in, but it looked like that was about to change. He was back in town, and apparently, accidentally shot his daughter instead of his target. He moved towards the girl's room, scratching his bald head. She would persecute him in public for his accusations. She had always defended her father's innocence, especially after his suspicious death eight years ago.

But, now, he had proof. In the rush, he had left part of his weapon on the roof. A gun that had no serial number or manufacturer, it was simply known as the Higurashi Special, and only one of them existed in the world. He sighed as he noticed the guard by her bed falling asleep. He was sure Higurashi senior would make an appearance. She was, after all, the only living relative he had left.

Myoga hopped towards the nurses' station for another cup of bad coffee. He was sure that the man would wait until dark, when there would be less people to fool.

Kagome groaned as she fluttered her eyes open. Her whole body was in pain. She hadn't felt this bad since three years ago…when that school building had fallen on her head. She heard the buzzing and beeping of machines as she tried to ascertain her location. The room was a typical hospital room, with a nicer bed and view. She touched her blanket…real cashmere? She noticed a back door and fresh flowers…Where was she? Looking down at her wrist, she examined her ID bracelet. Tokyo Central…did they know yet she was injured? They would be mad she hadn't gotten the tape to him in time. Why was every nerve ending in her body telling she was in danger?

Muffled voices filtered through the open front door, where a police officer sat sleeping. She wasn't handcuffed…so why was he here? Inu Yasha…that's right. She must have gotten hit. She was sure her name must have sent some red flags. The voices got louder as she struggled to make out the words.

"I want to see my sister… Souta Higurashi." She looked out the door and saw a tall man with a long black braid trying to talk to one of the nurses. There seemed to be a couple of police officers keeping the man from her room.

"Souta?" She repeated the name…it had been a long time she had said it. Not since his funeral, over decade ago. Kagome sat up, wincing in pain before turning off the heart monitor, yanking off the wires and removing the respirator. She took slightly more care in removing the IV before trying to stand. The tile floor was cold beneath her bare feet as she tied the back of her green hospital gown. By the draft she felt, she knew she was open to the world. She was dizzy and drowsy from the anesthesia, but she forced herself to concentrate. The nurse was talking to a doctor and he seemed fine with the idea of her brother seeing her, as long as he went in alone. His companion could stay in the waiting room. Her legs were shaky, but the adrenaline in her system was pumping. She fell to her knees before the sleeping cop…He would get a rude awakening.

Carefully unlatching his gun and removing it, she rushed out the back way on unsteady feet. The corridor was deserted as she passed by the waiting room door. There only seemed to be carts carrying trays with leftover food and boxes of fresh linens by the walls. But, to her relief, there was also an elevator at the end of the hall. If she could only make it there before they discovered her missing, she might have a chance. She forced her aching legs to carry her forward as the sounds of commotion reached her ears. Somehow, she managed to start to run as gun shots rang through the hall ways. The police must have seen their weapons.

"I got her!" Someone screamed behind her as the elevator door rang.

"Just a few more feet…" she thought frantically. She heard a gun being fired at her. She stumbled towards the ground before regaining her footing. The elevator seemed to be moving away from her. The doors began to open, as she turned and shot blindly behind her. The purifying bullet left her gun as it found its way to the fat bald youkai down the hall. She turned just in time to fall into someone's arms. They fell backwards into the elevator as the door began to close. An inhuman scream was heard, followed by gunshots: The closing metal doors shielding the majority of them.

Inu Yasha was shocked, to say the least. How often do you get knocked to the ground by a beautiful woman, just before bullets come flying at you, not once, but twice in the same day? Never. He sniffed the air…Jasmine, embers and that holier than though purity. His arms tightened around the woman as he pulled them into a standing position. The elevator had started to move towards the lobby. She stood before him, slightly shaking, wearing only a green hospital gown. Had he been any bit the social butterfly, or witty antisocial fly, this would have been the moment for a good come on line, but he was neither.

"What was all that about, bitch?" Kagome's eyes flashed in anger as she recognized the voice. Pushing away from him, she raised the gun with shaky hands, pulled back on the safety and said,

"Your pants!" Inu Yasha raised his eyebrow in confusion as she pointed the revolver at him.

"What kind of joke is this?" She moved the gun slightly left and fired a warning shot, surprisingly accurate considering she was beginning fall into a cold sweat. Inu Yasha's right ear flattened against his head as the combination of the air displacement and sound assaulted it.

"No joke…take off your pants." Deciding not to argue with the emotionally unstable woman holding a gun to his head, he carefully removed his pants, grateful he had opted for clean underwear that morning. He tossed them towards her as she instructed him to turn around. He could hear her moving, and when he turned his head towards her, she lifted the gun towards his face.

"Your jacket!" She demanded as she tightened his belt around her waist, creating a new hole.

"What? No way!" He started to turn but the cold metal by his neck stopped him.

"Give me the jacket!" Her voice cracked as her mouth became dry. The elevator began to spin. She had to hurry.

"But…it's my favorite." He complained as he wondered if he could outmaneuver her in the small of a space. He heard the click of the safety. He would get her later for this. He handed her the jacket as they reached the lobby. Before he could react, she had disappeared into a crowd of security men that were rushing towards the forty-fourth floor. This was going to be a long day.

Sesshomaru stepped out of his limo across the street from Tokyo Central Hospital. He had a simple mission in mind: hurt brother, make sure girl is alive. He hadn't planned on coming this early, but his brother's belly aching and the never ending mob of reporters asking stupid questions prompted him to seek the sanctuary of this fine establishment. He headed towards the crosswalk, preferring not to risk the temperamental six lanes of bidirectional traffic. While he waited patiently for the light to change, he noticed a young brunet stumbling out of the hospital with unflattering pants and a jacket just like his brother's exclusive, one of a kind, hell-raisers biker jacket. Interesting…

A cab made a sudden u-turn, causing a traffic jam. It then crossed two lanes of traffic in order to stop in front of the girl, who somehow managed to crawl into the back seat. The car peeled away running the red light…very interesting. He turned to cross the street as he saw his brother run out of the hospital wearing nothing but his white boxers, red t-shirt and black boots…too damn interesting! Now, only to see his brother try to ride his bike home in that attire…Life had its rewards.

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