This story takes place right about after RE3:Nemesis and right about after StarGate SG-1's episode Resurrection. I love that ep. because it was was indeed very REliesque if you will.
In that episode SG-1 and a FBI agent investigating a massacre at a building that turns out to be a lab run by a rogue NID cell (And obvioulsly run by a yet unknown source of corporate funding)

Anyway after more digging the SGC finds out an NID/Umbrella connection (it turns out Dr Keffler was actually dispatched by Umbrella to work at the lab at NID's Bequest) and that they continued their experiments off-world in the planet designated as SR6-742. Recruiting former members of STARS Jill Valentine and the genomically enhanced Wesker(Sorry no pics available if anybody knows of a good no-CG please pic of Wesker please let me know), Taggin along its Carla Gibson a former SG-6 member that for a while had the unpleasant experience of being a Goa'uld host until she was rescued by SG-18 and freed from the simbiont by the Tokra. Together with SG-12 they go to this world. Only to find that both NID and umbrella had expanded their research and attempted to recombine Goa'uld DNA with T-virus infected tissue, The result Fully sentient Lickers.
As usual they found too late about the enormity of their mistake and the whole crew paid with their lives, those that were not completely consumed turned off-course into zombies that now run amok in the clandestine off-world facility.

Its this concocted team's mission to evaluate and erradicate the threat before the Goa''uld or other of Earth's enemy's get ahold of the facility and the T-Virus

Resident Evil and characters are TM of CapCom StarGate SG-1 and characters are TM of MGM/UA and Gecko productions
Chapter 1: Irony
U.S Colorado, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, SGC
Jill Valentine though that she had seen all possible horrors that life could throw at her. The T-virus infestation of Raccoon city that left it as the valley of the undead. The mutated monstrosities that Umbrella unleashed like lickers and the almost unstoppable Nemesis. That's what she had though up until now as she read the debriefing report on the Goa'uld and what the SGC had been fighting against up until now. She had a hard time wrapping her head around the idea that out there were even bigger nightmares that she though possible. It was enough to live off-Prozac for the rest of her natural life.
Her thoughts were interrupted as the elevator door opened to reveal the main chamber of the SGC deep in the Cheyenne Mountain facility. She was met by 2 guards and a balding man whom she recognized from her debriefing earlier as the one in charge of the facility Gen. Hammond. She greeted him "Gen. Hammond I presume?"
"A pleasure to finally meet you miss Valentine, please this way" they proceed to the briefing room as they enter the room she finds no other than Wesker himself sitting at the opposite end of the table in the room. She screamed at him. "Wesker! What the hell are you doing here!" "Same as you sugar plum, working for Uncle Sam"
"General what is the meaning of this?"
Gen. Hammond responded calmly "Would you please sit Ms Valentine."
"General this man is a mercenary, he can't possibly be trusted!"
"This mission will require of Mr. Wesker's expertise as well as yours."
"You mean his abilities. Sir with all due respect what about your resident alien instead?"
Wesker fumbled "That's discrimination plain and simple, you can't stand anybody that has been genetically enhanced."
"No! I can't stand you!"
Hammond cut them off "That will be all from the 2 of you. Mr. Wesker you have been given a good deal so I suggest you abide by it. Ms Valentine as a civilian and because of your experience you've been given extraordinary clearance to information that most people in this planet don't know about. The stake's here are the survival of the planet and mankind itself so I suggest you set aside your differences. Have I made myself clear?"
They both respond in unison "Yes sir..."
"And regarding Teal'c our resident alien does have a name, he is assigned to a mission with SG-1 regarding the AsGard and their problem with the replicators"
Jill responded "I did not meant disrespect sir..."
"Duly noted, shall we go on?"
They both nodded so Hammond went on "A few months ago teammates of SG-1 were dispatched to aid the FBI in an investigation dealing with a clandestine lab that NID was operating. The scientist running the facility Dr. Keffler had actually succeeded in creating a Human/Goa'uld hybrid. The Hybrid had killed the workers at the facility and only Keffler was found alive along with his creation. She had been altered to reach maturity prematurely so even though she was 2 years old she had the physical appearance of a 21-year-old. Also because she was a hybrid she had all the knowledge of her Goa'uld genetic donor"
Wesker interjected "That's very interesting General, but what does it have to do with us?"
"Further investigation of the incident led us to find a connection between the NID and the Umbrella Corporation."
Jill contracted in her chair at the mention of the alleged connection, she knew that Umbrella had people within the government but didn't knew how deep it went and now it was all unraveling like an unfolding scroll. "It all makes sense now, General could somebody within the NID could have enough clout to procure the nuke that destroyed Raccoon City?"
"There's no solid proof, but there is one man that is closely related to them and could have pulled it off. Senator Kinsey, Chairman of the Arms Appropriations committee and our number one pain in the ass if you will."
"That sick bastard, what else?"
"Ms Valentine I sympathize with what you went through. Really, I do! But right now this situation takes precedence. Understand?"
"I do sir. But I guess I should not be surprised. A rogue government agency working together with a multinational corporation with no scruples."
"Indeed it should not be! Ms Valentine. Well back to the topic, It seems that the NID & Umbrella continued their experiment off world the planet where they ran the lab is designated as PS4-742. We don't know the extent of their work over there. It will be your job and that of SG-12 to recon the area determine the threat level and eradicate it before the Goa'uld or others get the chance to acquire it."
Wesker again interjects "So what kind of heat are we gonna be packing for this mission in order to eradicate whatever went on over there?"
"For that It might be better for someone else with more experience on the subject. Come in Major Carter"
Major Carter entered the briefing room carrying an odd device which she placed on the table "Major this is Ms Valentine and Mr. Wesker they are the specialists that are going to deal with the off-World NID/Umbrella lab."
Major Carter saluted Ms Valentine "Nice to meet you Ms Valentine. I've heard a lot about you."
"Likewise Mayor, Likewise"
Carter then directed her attention at Wesker "Albert Wesker, have I got it right?"
"I take it you have heard about me as well."
"Oh yes! Plenty!"
Hammond cut in "Now that we are done with the introductions shall we go on"
Carter went on to explain what she had brought to the table "This is a Naquadah bomb its to be used in case the self destruct unit in the facility has been disabled beyond repair and only if."
Wesker interjected "Just how powerful is this gizmo here?"
"This gizmo as Mr. Wesker put it has the nominal maximum yield of 2 megatons."
"That thing is a nuke then?"
"It has that kind of a maximum yield yes, but its not a fission or fusion based device."
Wesker again cuts in "I'm sorry I kind of lost you in the fisie or fuzzy device, could tell us that again, only in English this time"
Ms Valentine also added "I hate to admit it! But I'm with Mr. Wesker here Major, so please do try again."
A third voice not heard before came across the room "She has that effect on people sometimes!" they all turned to see Colonel O'Neal as he entered the room. He went on "So what I've missed so far"
Hammond responded "Not much Colonel, please take a seat"