Title: Earthquake

By: Kibethan

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Summary: When an earthquake occurs in Japan and Yuki is in America, how will Yuki and Shuichi cope with being away from each other during this time, and will Shuichi even survive long enough to be able to be with Yuki again?


Yuki sat in the airport waiting room. He was damn bored in his gray suit and deep blue tie. His legs were crossed, helping to support the newspaper that he was currently reading. His eye's scanned over the pages, learning that the Yankee's once again were going towards winning the World Series.

"We will now start boarding for Nippon Airlines flight 433 to Tokyo, Japan. Will all first class passengers, and anyone boarding with a child please make their way to the gate."

Yuki put down the newspaper, deciding that he could leave it for the next poor fellow who has to wait at the airport to read. He walked over to the gate and handed the agent his ticket. His ticket went through the machine and popped out the other end. He grabbed it, and then made his way down the jet way.

Once he got the end and into his seat, and flight attendant came by quickly and asked him if she could get him anything to drink. Yuki gave her a once over and decided that Shuichi was definitely cuter, even though she was pretty cute. He also decided that it was entirely too early in the flight (they hadn't even taken off yet!) for a drink.

"No, thank you."

"Of course, Sir, if there is something else I can get you, please feel free to call me over. My name is Yumiko." Yuki just gave her his customary cold stare and she sauntered away. He was happy, however, that he hadn't been recognized as 'Yuki Eiri' the author. He didn't think he could handle lots of fan girls (and in some case, guys) coming up to him and asking him for his autograph.

Slowly but surely all of the other passengers on the flight filed onto the plane. He began to wish that he had kept the newspaper to hide his face behind so that nobody would recognize him. But, since he hadn't kept the newspaper, he opted to instead look out the itty-bitty window of the plane. There wasn't a whole lot to see out there, but he thought that it was better to look at what was out there instead of looking at the people that were on the flight. He certainly hoped that nobody could recognize him if they couldn't see his face. He stared out the window until all of the other passengers had passed by him.

Once everybody was on, he sighed in relief.

"We will begin the takeoff procedures in a few minutes, please make yourselves comfortable," a voice informed over the P.A. system.

Well, a few minutes passed. And then another few minutes. And then another few minutes passed. Yuki furrowed his brow. Another few minutes passed. He looked at his watch. It was 7:30. The flight was supposed to have left thirty minutes ago.

'I'll give it another fifteen minutes, and then I'm asking what's going on,' he thought.

Twenty minutes later, he was searching for the flight attendant who'd called herself "Yumiko". Where the hell was she? He'd been in his seat for over an hour, and they were still sitting at the gate! Finally, he spotted her in the very front of the plane. He excused himself from his seat and made his way to talk to her.

"Excuse me, Yumiko, was it? Why haven't we taken off yet? This flight is going to arrive late in Japan!" His normal abnormally calm face was beginning to break as he began to rant to the flight attendant.

"I'm sorry Sir, but if you'd please return to your seat, the pilot will be announcing shortly why we have yet to take off yet." Yuki grumbled but went back to sitting down in the airplane seat. He was certainly glad that he had opted for the first class seating; he didn't know if he'd be able to take if it he had been stuck in the coach class seats for that long. Judging by the noise that was coming from coach, he figured out that they were getting pretty restless trying to figure out what was taking so long. The flight attendants that were back there were having a hard time keeping the people on board calm.

Yuki sat in his seat and dragged out his laptop. He figured that as long as they weren't taking off or landing, he might as well use it. This could be the only quality writing time that he got for a while, considering that he figured that the second that he got home Shuichi would be all over him, asking him how his trip was and telling him how much he loved him.

His thoughts digressed to Shuichi as they had so many times in the amount of time that he'd been gone in America. He thought about his pink hair, his obsession with Strawberry Pocky, and the way his smile brightened the room. Yet, as he thought about Shuichi, he couldn't help feel that something was wrong with the singer, like something had happened. He had been feeling that way for maybe an hour, which was why he was especially anxious to get back to Japan to check on him. It was probably nothing, but he couldn't help worrying.

When he thought about how he wanted to get back to Japan really fast he thought about how it had been way longer than the "shortly" that Yumiko had said it would take for the pilot to announce what was taking so long. He put his laptop down and was about to stand up, when he heard the P.A. system on button.

"I'm terribly sorry, ladies and gentlemen for the long delay. As it turns out, we will not be flying to Tokyo or anywhere in Japan today. An earthquake occurred in Tokyo about an hour and a half ago, and we were just waiting for information about how much damage there was at the airport. I'm sorry to report that it was a fairly substantial earthquake and that the airport's runways were damaged in it, so we will not be able to fly to Japan tonight. If you would so kindly grab your belongings and exit the plane, there are people waiting outside the gate with more information. The people will also have vouchers for a free night's stay at a nearby hotel until we get further information on when the runways will be repaired. Thank you very much for your patience and we thank you again for choosing Nippon Airlines."

Yuki sat in his seat, stunned. All the people around him started grabbing their things to exit the plane, while speculating about how bad the earthquake had been.

An earthquake that was strong enough to damage an airport runway? Weren't runways built to withstand large earthquakes? How strong was that earthquake for it to be able to badly damage the airport runways? If it were strong enough to damage the runways, wouldn't it be able to badly damage other things too, such as buildings?

A million questions ran through his head, but even through all the questions that were running through his head. One question kept coming back to his mind again and again.

What if Shuichi had been hurt?

End Prologue

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