Title: Earthquake

By: Kibethan, who has a feeling that she's going to get some flames for this...she's prepared though with flame retardent clothing!

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Summary: When an earthquake occurs in Japan and Yuki is in America, how will Yuki and Shuichi cope with being away from each other during this time, and will Shuichi even survive long enough to be able to be with Yuki again?

Half-warning: Hm...no swearing, I think, in this chapter.

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Next, he saw something that made his heart almost stop. The ledge that Shuichi and Tohma were both holding on to was starting to crumble.

Yuki looked around for something, anything, which would help him. He spotted a rope close by. He quickly ran and got it. He got back on his stomach and started to put the rope into the crack.

Shuichi and Tohma were far enough apart that they wouldn't both be able to grab onto the rope at the same time. Fear was evident in their eyes as they realized that Yuki would only be able to save one of them and that the other one would fall down deeper in the crevasse.

It was up to Yuki to choose who would live.

Tohma and Shuichi both wondered…whom would Yuki choose?

Chapter 15

Yuki rapidly looked back and forth between the two males. His mind reeled frantically as he tried to figure out which one to save. He didn't have any time to decide. The clock was ticking and if he didn't decide soon, both of them would die. Not being able to save one was hard enough, but if they both died Yuki didn't know how he'd handle it.

Finally, in a very uncharacteristic moment, Yuki let his heart decide whom to save. His eyes were practically closed as he moved the rope over to the person that he would be pulling up. He felt the weight of the person he was going to save come onto the rope, and it almost slipped out of his hands. Yuki grabbed on harder to the rope; the rough twine digging into his hands. He could feel the blood dripping out of his hands, but he dare not let go.

Nobody heard the scream of the person who had not been chosen falling into the crevasse, for the simple fact that he hadn't screamed. As soon as he had seen that Yuki had chosen the other person, he gave up and just let go, letting himself just fall into the dark hole.

Yuki very gently began to drag the rope up, thankful that the person on the other end was helping to pull their weight a little bit. Every so often, he'd come to a place where there weren't any ledges for the other person to put their feet and he'd have to call on his special reserves of strength to drag the other person up.

Man, were his arms going to hurt in the morning.

He kept on pulling at very slow pace. He wanted to move faster, but his arm strength would not allow him the luxury of going faster and getting it over with. He kept on pulling. He kept a strict hold on the rope, and took a look over the ledge to see how much farther he had to pull. Bad idea. His spirits were horribly damaged when he realized that he had only got a very short distance and there was still a very long distance to go. He hadn't realized how far down that the two males really had been.

Figuring that there was a chance that the rope that he was holding might not hold up (after all, he didn't know where it came from), he stepped back and continued his task of pulling the male up. Centimeter by centimeter, inch by inch, agonizingly slowly, Yuki was pulling up the other male.

The friction on the rope caused by Yuki pulled a heavy object out of a deep hole caused the twine to start to fray. Yuki noticed but tried not to pay any attention to it. All of his energy was focused on getting Shuichi out of the crevasse.

That's right. Shuichi. Yuki had gone with his heart, and it had said to choose Shuichi. At the moment Yuki felt incredibly guilty for not choosing Tohma, but what was he going to do? He didn't exactly have the time to be feeling guilty. After he got Shuichi up, that's when he'd let the depression set in. He couldn't afford to feel guilty at the moment or else he might lose his concentration and drop Shuichi. He set his mind to believe that it had only been Shuichi in the crevasse and that he only had to save one person.

It worked and soon Shuichi was moving closer and closer to the top. He could almost reach up and grab the ledge. It was only about four inches above his hand.

Yuki felt the rope start to fray more beneath his hands, as the tension got tighter towards the top of the ledge. It was fraying so much that it was at the point at which it could no longer be ignored. If Yuki didn't do something about it, it was not going to end well.

Instead of trying to continue pulling up on the rope -which would most likely make the rope break- he just held the rope in place. Slowly, he started walking himself on his stomach to the edge of the ledge, holding the rope still. Once he got to the edge he looked down. Shuichi was looking up at him wide eyes. Using all the strength that he possibly had, he continued to the rope in one place with one hand; while the other hand reached down to grab one of Shuichi's.

His arm reached where Shuichi's wrist was and he grabbed on tight.

"Shuichi! Grab my hand!" Shuichi heard the words, but it was obvious that his terror stricken mind wasn't registering what was being said to him. He cocked his head and gave Yuki a blank look. "My hand! My hand! Grab my hand!" Still, Shuichi just stared up with him with a cocked head and wide blank eyes. Yuki groaned in annoyance as he tried to hold the rope up. He had a tight grip on Shuichi's wrist, but he would feel a lot better if Shuichi had a tight grip on his wrist. That way, there was a better chance that Shuichi wouldn't just slip out of his grip.

His mind tried to think of ways to make Shuichi understand him, but he was coming up with no ideas. His arms were throbbing and his shoulders felt like they were just shy of popping out of their sockets completely. All in all, his upper body was in massive pain. He couldn't give up though. Since Shuichi was being very unresponsive to his calls, he would just have to trust himself that his grip was tight enough. Holding onto Shuichi's right wrist with a death grip, he let go of the rope and grabbed onto the wrist with his other hand.

When Shuichi felt the rope go slack, he gave a start. He then felt Yuki's wrist around his own and using his own brain, determined that it might be a wise idea to grab on. After all, Yuki's hands were currently the only things that were keeping Shuichi from falling back down into the dark crevasse with Tohma.

Yuki gave a quiet whoop when he finally felt Shuichi grab onto him. Now the only thing he needed to do was pull the boy up. Unfortunately, the position he was currently in (lying on his stomach with his arms hanging over the side) was a very difficult position to be in when you wanted to pull something up.

Usually, when put in that kind of position, you use one hand to pull up, and the other to help pull yourself up. Yuki didn't have that luxury, however, since he had to use both hands to make sure that Shuichi didn't fall down.

He didn't have to get Shuichi all the way up, only about four inches, after that Shuichi would be able to reach the ledge and get out practically all on his own. Unfortunately, pulling up a dead weight is harder than it seems. People, when dead weights, seem to weigh a lot more than they actually do. Yuki was thanking his lucky stars that Shuichi was quite thin and therefore relatively lighter than he could have been.

Taking a deep breath and exhaling a few times, Yuki prepared himself to use the final amount of strength that his arms had. His arms had begged and pleaded with him for several minutes to just let go, or take a break and then keep going. It hadn't worked and now they were threatening to go on strike if the pain continued.

"Brat, I'm going to count to three. On the three, be prepared to grab the ledge, okay?" Shuichi nodded. "One…two…three!" With a single burst of energy, Yuki lifted Shuichi just high enough to grab onto the ledge. In the burst of energy, he managed to blow out the last of the strength in his arms, and they just fell limply in front of him.

Shuichi had managed to grab onto the ledge and was now waiting for Yuki to get out of the way so he could pull himself up. Yuki rolled to the side, and Shuichi –with his last bit of arm strength- pulled himself out of the crevasse. He lied down next to Yuki.

For the next few minutes they just lay there, panting heavily. Shuichi put his head on Yuki's shoulder. Yuki was way too tired to push him off. Besides, he wasn't sure if he'd want to push him off. After what he had just went through, Shuichi was definitely going to stay closer to him than ever before.

"Thank you, Yuki, for choosing me," Shuichi murmured into Yuki's ears. Yuki's eyes shot open. He had completely forgotten about Tohma! He had needed to block his mind about Tohma while he was rescuing Shuichi, but now that Shuichi was safe, his mind flooded with the realization that Tohma was most likely dead.

Yuki rolled back onto him stomach, looking down into the crevasse to see where Tohma had been.


Tohma was no longer there. Seeing as it was beginning to get light out, he probably hadn't been there for quite a long time. It had taken hours to get Shuichi out of the crack.

Guilt flooded through Yuki's system as he realized that he hadn't even seen when Tohma had fallen. He hadn't even said, "I'm sorry" to him when he had picked Shuichi. Not like it would have mattered. It would've been like saying "I'm sorry" when you were about to kill someone. And that's how Yuki felt. He felt like he had just killed someone. Tears should have filled his eyes, but strangely enough they didn't. His emotions just weren't working right.

Shuichi had already fallen asleep next to him, most likely from all the excitement and the near death experience.

From pure exhaustion, Yuki fell asleep beside him.

An angelic voice was heard in his head. "You chose correctly, you chose correctly," it said to him over and over again, as if on repeat. Yuki turned towards the voice to see who was saying it, but, as always, it seemed as if the voice didn't come from anywhere. The voice seemed somewhat familiar, but he just couldn't figure out who it was. Oh well…Shuichi was safe, and that's all the matters.

"Are you sure that's all that matters?" a cruel mocking voice said. "What about Tohma? You killed your own brother-in-law! What will Mika, your own sister, think? Murderer! Murderer! Murderer!" The mocking voice chanted in his head. Slowly, it was beginning to drown out the voice that was telling him that he had done a good job. Soon, the angelic voice was no longer heard, and all that Yuki could hear was "Murderer! Murderer!"

He shook his head back and forth, trying to dispel the bad dream. It wasn't working. The voice taunted him, telling him that he had done the wrong thing. That he was a murderer. Of course, this he already knew, but now he had murdered his own brother-in-law!

Yuki was plagued by the nightmare the entire time he was asleep. His conscious wasn't even giving him the relief of waking himself up. He finally woke up when he felt Shuichi shaking him.

"Yuki! Yuki wake up! We need to get back to the house." Yuki's eyes shot open. He looked at Shuichi, who was peering down at him, and nodded.

Standing up slowly, he started walking towards his house with Shuichi. His arms still hung limply at his sides, his arms were not going to be able to move for quite a while. There was dried blood on the inside of his and Shuichi's palms from the twine rope.

They got to the house and were greeted with everybody –including the kids- asking them were they had been. Yuki and Shuichi just brushed off their questions and walked into the living room. It was still the only part of the house that was even remotely organized.

K instantly noticed that they were lacking someone.

"Where's Tohma?" he asked. Their grave looks told him immediately where Tohma was. "What happened?" he asked.

Yuki grunted and Shuichi just murmured. It was quite obvious that they didn't want to talk about it. Everyone had figured out that Tohma was dead, and the children started crying from the loss of yet another person. Most of the adults moved to comfort them, but they were a little lackluster themselves.

One of the doctors noticed the blood on Yuki and Shuichi's hands and got some bandaged to wrap it up. While he was at it, he pulled out a needle and some thread from a pocket and –after telling Shuichi that it was going to hurt- began to patch him up.

Yuki's jaw dropped. The doctor had had thread the entire time! Tohma's death really had been pointless. Feeling worse than he had ever felt in almost his entire life, Yuki closed off his emotions completely. It was a pointless death that had been his entire fault. From now on, he wasn't going to show any emotions. If he did, he didn't think that he'd be able to take the guilt.

Shuichi looked at the battle that looked like was going on in Yuki's mind. He wondered what the blond was thinking. Shuichi could tell that Yuki thought that he had killed Tohma –seeing him tossing and turning in the night saying "I'm not a murderer" had been proof enough of that- and he hoped that Yuki wasn't thinking of doing anything stupid.

Well…it didn't matter. Shuichi would be there to protect him, and he'd stand by him, no matter what.

That was his plan anyway.

End Chapter 15

End Story

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