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1:32 p.m. – Clover's Mansion

It was a hot and beautiful Friday afternoon and Clover was out relaxing by her pool. She wore her one-piece pink bathing suit and a red flower mesh was tied around her waist (from season 2's "Boy Bands will be Boy Bands"). She was also waiting for Alex, Sam, Brittney and me to show up because she invited the girls and I over for a sleepover for the weekend. It was well over 92 degrees and there was no cloud at all in the sky.

"Geez, where are those slackers?" Clover said to herself as she stood up from relaxing on her beach chair. She climbed up her diving board and dove into the pool, withstanding the fact that she had waited patiently for the past 20 minutes.

Swimming free as a bird, Clover slowly untied her mesh that was around her waist and let it floating in the pool, seeing as she was the only one at her house because her mom, Stella was out of the house until Monday afternoon.

5 minutes later, Sam, Alex, Brittney and I arrived at Clover's house in Sam's car.

Clover, spotting the 4 of us pull up to her house, swam to an edge of her pool as we waltzed to her pool. "Where were you guys? I was starting to think you had forgotten or something," Clover said to us.

"Sorry we were late, Clover. Sam was busy finding her clothes for our sleepover," Alex said. She wore her 2-piece green starfish bathing suit (from season 1's "Eraser" and season 2's "Boy Bands will be Boy Bands").

Sam wore her light pink bathing suit with her sides showing (from season 2's "Here Comes the Sun"). Brittney wore a plain one-piece blue bathing suit, and I wore my blue and white Mach 1 Yamaha T-shirt with Heath Voss' last name on the back and underneath it was a 28, and I wore my blue and black swim shorts.

"Last one in is a rotten egg," Sam joked as she made a beeline for Clover's pool.

"Hey wait up, Sammy," Alex said as the rest of us sped to jump in Clover's pool.

Sam had made it in first, Brittney was second, I was 3rd, and Alex was last.

"Now this is what I call a real comforting way to spend our weekend together," Sam said as she started doing backstrokes around the pool.

The rest of us swam different styles.

About 2 hours later, Sam, Brittney, Alex and I climbed out of the pool and dried off.

"Where are you girls going?" Clover asked, swimming to an edge of her pool.

"We're taking a break, Clover," Brittney said. "Besides, Sam told me that Mathew is a great singer and I want to hear a sample from him, and he accepted," she added as she wrapped her towel around her body. Alex, Sam and I did the same thing.

"Wanna join, Clover?" Alex asked.

"No thanks, Alex. I'll come in later." Clover said as she continued swimming.

"Okay, suit yourself, Clover," I said as I put my t-shirt back on.

The girls and I went into Clover's house, leaving Clover all alone in her pool.

All alone, Clover climbed up her diving board and dove back into the pool once again. She slowly brushed her hands across the straps of her bathing suit while she was still underwater. She was still swimming like a mermaid as she let the water run around her body.

About 10 minutes later, Clover climbed out of her pool, dried off, and went back inside her house to change her clothes. When she came back down, she noticed that Brittney was smiling very widely as she listened to me singing "Please Don't Make Me Cry," and "Red Red Wine," which were both killer hits by the music band, UB-40. (A/n: UB-40 was in concert in Hawaii in August, and I went there with my mom, and sister. Everyone there was standing up and dancing, as well as me.)

Clover wore her dark purple shirt and long green pants. Sam wore her dark green short shirt, and long green pants. Alex wore her green and white t-shirt and pants, and a teddy bear was around her back. Brittney was wearing her blue suede shirt, and long blue jeans, and I wore black pants, and a gold Motorsports Outlet Honda T-shirt with Jean-Sebastien-Roy's last name on the back and underneath it was a 67.

"Let's see what's on TV." Clover suggested.

Sam picked up the remote control as we all sat on Clover's couch while she flipped through the channels finding their favorite TV show they were watching in season 2's "Zooney World." "Oh boy, I was hoping that this would air again," Sam said in excitement.

Brittney and I hadn't seen it before, so we sat down and decided to see how it was like.

During the program, there was a guy that was going down in flames because he had dandruff. (A/n: If you've seen that episode, you know how it was before Normy turned off the TV.)

As tears formed in Sam's, Clover's and Alex's eyes, while they watched the program, Brittney and I completely frowned and crossed our arms just above our stomachs, frowning in sarcasm as we looked at each other.

"Are they always like this around this show?" Brittney asked.

"Believe me, they are. And it drives me completely cuckoo. Please get us to WOOHP for another mission," I said in disbelief.

Brittney sighed as well.

All of a sudden, just before the program came to a close, Clover's couch flipped over with all 5 of us sitting on it. We all screamed until we landed on a comfort in WOOHP.

"Hello, spies," Jerry greeted.

"Hey, Jerr. Perfect timing. Brittney and I were about to really get annoyed if we had to watch that disgusting program the girls and I were watching," I said in relief.

"Hey, it's not disgusting, Mathew," Alex snapped.

"Maybe for you 3, but to me and Brittney, it is," I snapped back.

"Okay, onto the mission before things start to get a little frisky. It appears that competitors that enter the Tour de France seem to be disappearing. Here's a sample," Jerry said as he pressed a button on his remote control that showed how competitors that came around the first turn into a very thick fog, but would not come out after the exit of the turn.

"And you want us to find out who or what is behind this," Sam guessed.

"Correct again, Sam. And now for the gadgets: today you'll be equipped with your heat sensor 6000 motion detector sunglasses, jet pack backpacks, ear ring communicators, laser lipsticks and chapstick, cashmere biker outfits, and your climb-anything-dirt-bikes." Jerry explained.

"I'm guessing our first stop is the Tour de France?" Clover asked.

"That's right, Clover. You 5 will posting as journalists on what's causing these strange happenings. Ta-ta ladies, and Mathew too," Jerry said as he held a remote control consisting of a single button behind his back, pressed the button, and we dropped down from his office.

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