Important A/N

This series of drabbles will have various styles, genres and pairings. Really, its just for me to experiement new styles, pairings, or ramble on something or the other, so some of them will probably suck as I try my luck at new things. Request pairings if you dare, but no yaoi.

Constructive critcism and comments greatly appreciated; flaming are fine too but remember, I've already warned you.


The prodigal son.

That would be him.

My little brother, full of sweet raw hatred and misguided righteousness. My living legacy, reminding all who see him of who I am and what I do. What I have done.

Pathetic, really, when he turned traitor for my sake. But what did it matter, when he would be forgiven for whatever little crimes he might commit, because everyone thought he could still be saved. Because whatever he did would always be forgiven, pitied, excused- never fully blamed on him, oh no- for my sea of red would always stain over his. I made sure of that.

He was the prodigal son, after all. The one who could still come home to them, after his dirty work was done.

And when he finally comes, I would be the first to welcome him home- the poor, tortured heir of his clan of one. And like him, I would be able to go to mine.

Sweet, foolish salvation of the last of the Uchihas.

He can be our beginning, and I...

I can be the end.




Brothers till the end